Fragrance Du Bois – Oud Bleu Intense

Crafted in France, Fragrance Du Bois is a range of niche luxury fragrances that specialise in the use of Oud. This exquisite natural ingredient is renowned for being an opulent addition to any fragrance, enhancing its longevity and adding a depth and complexity that is second to none. Fragrance Du Bois’s ethos is that it only uses the finest raw materials that are sustainably sourced, protecting our planet and giving back to rural communities. Each fragrance is created by an array of esteemed perfumers from around the world, adding their own unique stories, memories and creativity whilst maintaining that Fragrance Du Bois essence.

My first introduction to Fragrance Du Bois was Oud Bleu Intense, one of the seven perfumes from the Shades Du Bois collection. This collection is said to ‘capture the diversity of a voyage of discovery across the seven seas in reach of the finest essences from the furthest corners of the globe’.

The first thing I have to remark upon is their extremely beautiful presentation which highlights the fact that you have purchased a truly special product. The soft-touch black box embossed with the Fragrance Du Bois gold metal logo is lined with an opulent red material and on opening, it feels as if you’re opening a luxurious piece of fine jewellery or watch.

The bottle itself is solid and distinguished, crowned with a gold top and encircled with a jewel-like appearance. A certificate detailing the origins of the Oud, and an Oud chip from the plantation it was taken from, is also enclosed. This unique addition certainly adds to the whole experience and is something that I have never seen before from other fragrance houses.

The initial spray of Oud Bleu Intense pleasantly surprised me as it didn’t seem to exude the ‘normal’ characteristics of Oud that I have previously experienced, which have been mostly intense, sweet and smokey. However, what I love about this fragrance house is that even though Oud runs through their range, it isn’t always the prevalent note and is included not only for its fragrance purposes but to help with longevity due to its wonderful fixative properties.

As Oud Bleu Intense hits the skin it instantly releases a fresh and uplifting hit of Mandarin. I can almost smell two sides of the fruit, its crushed segments releasing its plump juicy sweetness and the torn rind with its oil peppering the air. This sharp but sweet citrus accord is intertwined with a duo of the spicy notes from Cardamom and Nutmeg, adding a subtle woody, spicy and creamy aroma.

Unlike other marine inspired scents, instead of an expected salty accord, its heart of Frankincense and Myrrh come into play emitting a pine-like quality which is both woody yet elevating. It is here I can almost feel a fresh energy reverberate from the skin, as if a cool breeze is caressing it. Just as I revel in the coolness, it appears to warm up again, this wavering of contrasting notes is an intriguing aspect that I adore about this fragrance. 

The dry down alternates intermittently between sweet, spicy and woody notes. Oud sits quietly in the background as if almost cradling the others, allowing them to oscillate above whilst underneath it swirls its opulent rich and smoky accords. This enveloping layer of notes clings to the skin whilst maintaining an evident freshness, providing a long-lasting and elegant projection.

I thoroughly enjoyed the journey this fragrance took me on as it is so different from any other scent that I have experienced. It almost transported me directly to the seaside, a warm blanket around me, staring out towards the water as the cool ocean breeze caresses my skin. Oud plays a more supportive role here, so if you haven’t experimented with this ingredient before then this fragrance is the ideal introduction. Oud Bleu Intense is a sophisticated and delicate scent with an intriguing resinous depth, one which can be enjoyed by any gender and any time of the year. It is a fresh and comforting fragrance that resonated with me immediately and it was such a perfect introduction to this exquisite brand. It has definitely enticed me to try more from this fascinating fragrance house.

Keep your eyes peeled for my next blog post where I talk to Brand Director of Fragrance Du Bois, Nicola Parker.

Fragrance Notes:

Top – Cardamom, Nutmeg, Mandarin
Middle – Frankincense, Ciste, Myrhh Essence, Amber
Base Notes – Opoponax Resinoid, Myrhh Resinoid, Styrax, Benzoin, 100% Pure Organic Vintage Oud

Presentation 5/5
Sillage 4/5
Projection 4/5
Longevity 4/5
Fragrance Concentration: Parfum
Price: £295 for 50ml
Perfumer: Guillaume Flavigny

15 thoughts on “Fragrance Du Bois – Oud Bleu Intense

  1. Thanks Scott for the introduction to this fragrance brand. I had never heard of it and your blog has made me want to explore further. Love the bottle especially and the top and middle notes are all the festive notes I love.


  2. Wow… You just took your love of perfume to the next level! The box is stunning and your knowledge very impressive 🙂


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