Winter Skincare Regime with Deciem

As seasons change it’s not only your wardrobe that needs adjusting but your skincare regime too. Now that winter has arrived, the dip in temperature and spending time in central heating plays havoc on your skin. Personally I tend to suffer with increased dryness, therefore by adjusting my skincare products accordingly and sticking to a specific skin care routine, I can help protect and nourish the skin in preparation for the winter months ahead.

For an affordable and effective range of products I can always rely on the fantastic Deciem – The Abnormal Beauty Company. This umbrella of beauty brands started in 2013 and since then have taken the beauty world by storm with their ever growing portfolio. I have been using the following skincare regime for a few weeks now and I am loving the benefits that they are providing my skin. I thought I would share my regime with you, even if you don’t suffer from dryness, these products also help with numerous other skin conditions and types.

Step 1 – Niod Sanskrit Saponins

When cleansing my face I look for something that nourishes the skin without drying it out and  Sanskrit Saponins does just that. This unusual yet effective cleanser is a pH-balanced suspension of Amino acid, Arginine and Saponins from Ayurvedic plants. I especially love its creamy texture which is targeted to remove build-up and impurities from the skin. After cleansing, I feel it thoroughly decongests my pores leaving it fresh and radiant. 

Step 2 – Hylamide SubQ Mist

I am a huge fan of facial mists and this multi-depth toning treatment mist is perfect for dehydrated skin. Its fine droplets drench the skin with lightweight hydration and adds an instant boost of freshness in preparation for further products. The inclusion of Green tea Polyphenols, Golden Eye Grass Root and Tasmanian Pepperberry also help with issues of inflammation and redness. For those of you who have sensitive skin, this product is particularly good for that. Using this facial mist is my favourite part of my regime as it feels like I’m giving my skin a big drink and wakening it up to start of the day. 

Step 3 – Hylamide SubQ

With five-forms of hyaluronic compounds and a plethora of skin loving ingredients, this serum is a powerhouse for tackling problems with hydration, fine lines and textural damage. I have used a few hyaluronic serums before, which seem to leave a sticky/thick residue, however this sinks beautifully into the skin leaving it refreshed and instantly hydrated. Only few drops are needed in the morning and night, therefore this product lasts a long time.

Step 4 – Hylamide SubQ Eyes

There is nothing I dislike more than an eye serum that only sits on the surface of the skin, leaving a powdery residue. Luckily SubQ Eyes instantly sinks into the skin and keeps the eye area hydrated throughout the day. This little bottle of magic helps with dark circles, puffiness, lifts the eye lids for a more awakened look and includes a peptide complex with anti-ageing properties. It is definitely one of my favourites from the range. 

Step 5 – Hylamide C25

Although I use a Vitamin C serum throughout the year I like to up-the-ante closer to winter. As skin becomes dry, it looses its radiance and brightness, so a good Vitamin C helps inject life back into it. C25 is a concentrated stable 25% ethylated Vitamin C booster that on application, provides an immediate boost of radiance and provides antioxidant protection from external factors throughout the day.

Step 6 – Hylamide Booster – Glow

I’ve always been an advocate for self-tanning but not everyone’s skin can handle the DHA that’s included in most self-tanners. This serum has new technology that encourages a natural looking golden glow to the skin without the use of DHA’s. I apply this on top of my C25 Vitamin C which provides my skin with lovely colour without being overly ‘fake’ looking. I sometimes combine it with my moisturiser to add a more subtle glow. 

Step 7 – The Ordinary Natural Moisturising Factors + HA

Moisturising is key to concluding the routine as it helps keep the outer layers of the skin hydrated and encapsulates all the other products that I have previously applied. I simply love this moisturiser as its non-greasy texture contains a multitude of Amino acids and Hyaluronic acid which protect the skin and provides instant hydration. 

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