My name is Scott and I stay in the capital city of Scotland, Edinburgh. Why the Blu Blazer Guy you may ask?! Well from as far back as anyone can remember, a blue blazer has certainly been a staple part of my wardrobe and it’s always my go to for a smart casual look. However, this blog isn’t about the Blu blazer itself, it’s about the guy inside the blazer and the things he gets up to whether here or abroad. 
For me this blog allows me to share my experiences with you so that perhaps one day you can experience them yourself. Sharing is caring after all and there is nothing more fulfilling when someone gives me positive feedback on something that I have showed them through my blog. 
I don’t label myself as an expert on the subjects I write about. My lifestyle blog is a fun, no nonsense, straight to the point information source for you to enjoy and share. So if you are ever in Edinburgh or just want some recommendations don’t hesitate to give the Blu Blazer Guy a shout! 
Enjoy the blog! 

Foodie Festival


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