Fragrance Discovery Sets

Choosing the perfect fragrance can sometimes be quite overwhelming, although I do hope my reviews help with that situation 😉 With so many fragrances on the market and limited access to stores to test them (due to current restrictions, how can you be certain that you’re selecting the right fragrance before splashing that well-earned cash? The answer to this can be found in discovery sets. Discovery sets are offered by many fragrance houses, each containing an array of small fragrance samples from the range. It’s the perfect way to explore the selection of fragrances on offer, get a sense of the brand and choose your favourite scent. As fragrance is such a personal choice it can also be a good gift, so that the recipient can choose their very own favourite.

Here are my list of my BluBlazerGuy top favourite discovery sets; 

The Spirit of Dubai by Nabeel – First Generation Fragrances

An ultra-luxe fragrance brand who’s exquisite scents are inspired by different attributes of the city of Dubai

Presented in 3ml vials wrapped with satin scrolls, the eight fragrances are housed in a monogrammed golden box enveloped on the outside with the finest black velvet. Each scroll opens to reveal the notes and the story behind each of the fragrances.

£100 – 8 x 3ml

Fragrance du Bois 

Crafted in France, Fragrance Du Bois is a range of niche luxury fragrances that specialise in the use of Oud. Their ethos is that they only use the finest raw materials that are sustainably sourced, protecting our planet and giving back to rural communities.

You can read my review on their stunning scent Oud Bleu in my previous blog post. Their discovery set offers 10 iconic unisex fragrances in 2ml vials housed in a beautifully presented box.

£95  – 10 x 2ml

Masque Milano – Opera Collection 

The wonderful fragrance house Masque Milano was created in 2013 by Allesandro & Riccardo who shared many similar interests. They sought out to create a range of fragrances to showcase Italian artistry and its many facets. I have attended a few online live fragrance releases with them this year and their enthusiasm and creativity is highly infectious. The discovery set includes 12 vials of their Opera Collection, housed in a slick black box lined with a vibrant red velvet.

83 Euros – 12 x 2ml

Fort & Manlé

Fort & Manle is an Australian independent artisanal perfume house by renowned perfumer, Rasei Fort. The collection is a creation of fragrances with luxurious compositions that blend the contemporary world with ‘old-world’ sensibilities. Samples of each fragrance can be purchased for around £4 but if you want to experience the whole collection, the high-quality discovery set is a great way to explore them.

£40 – 10 x 1.5ml

Testament London 

Testament London is a fragrance house that creates imaginative scents boasting a minimum of 30% perfume concentration and high-quality ingredients. If you’re looking for unique and long-lasting scents then this exceptional range is a perfect choice. Their discovery set is very affordable and each of the fragrances are housed in slick 5ml atomisers. Look out for No Privacy which is a personal favourite of mine, so much so, that I reviewed it previously. Click here for my previous post.

£45 – 6 x 5ml

2787 Perfumes 

2787 Perfumes based in Barcelona are a contemporary fragrance house who invest in high-quality ingredients. With scrupulous research and expert traditional craftsmanship by local Barcelona artisans, each of their fragrances are individual and unique. From their range, Hashtag is one of my favourites due to its fresh yet complex composition. The simple contemporary discovery set contains all six fragrance and the cost is reimbursed against the purchase of a full bottle.

£35 – 6 x 2ml

Fo’ah Perfumes

FO’AH perfumes is a relatively new fragrance house launched in 2018 with a range described as ‘perfumes with a soul’.

Founders Emilie Dewell from France and Abdulla Al-Masaood from the Abu Dhabi have cleverly combined their cultural backgrounds to create a fragrance range that incorporates the art of French perfumery and the exotic traditions and influences of the Middle East. This elegant set contains five spray samples and if you make a purchase of a full bottle within three months you will get a €30 discount on-line.

23 Euros – 5 x 2.75ml 

Maison Crivelli

I first discovered this contemporary haute parfumerie on a visit to Paris and all I can say was it was love at first smell. Founded by Parisian born Thibaud Crivelli, all of his creations are inspired by real-life experiences and transformed into multi-sensory works of fragrant art. I can honestly say that there isn’t one of their fragrances that I haven’t liked. Their new deluxe sample set is a fantastic way to experience each of these creations and the amount can be redeemed against a 100ml bottle.

36 Euros – 8 x 1.5ml

Mille Centum – Montecristo Deleggend

This unique Swedish fragrance house first surprised me with their stunning timeless fragrance, Montecristo Deleggend with its fresh and woody composition. The house only intended to create one scent inspired by The Count of Montecristo, but soon they set out to create further fragrances representing his alter ego. There are now three in the range which can all be explored in a small but beautifully constructed discovery set.

25 Euros – 3 x 2ml

Perris Monte Carlo 

Based in the opulent surroundings of Monte Carlo is the renowned fragrance house: Perris Monte Carlo, headed by creative director, Gian Luca Perris. Gian is the second generation of the Perris family to delve into the world of luxury perfumes. Gian took a more thoughtful approach when creating Perris Monte Carlo and wanted to explore the core values of the fragrance industry.

By combining methods of extraction that respected the traditional elements of scents, together with modern innovation, Perris Monte Carlo have created a collection of perfumes that are both unique and luxurious.

£22.50 – 8  x 2ml

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