White in Black – Lalique

After witnessing the sculptural work of Lalique in The Ritz Rivoli Bar and the renowned Savoy hotel in London, I quickly became an avid enthusiast of their work. I became even more intrigued with the intricate craftsmanship of this chic French glassmaker whilst studying interior design a few years back. I enjoyed delving into the history of founder René-Jules Lalique, his creations and all his heirs who carried on his esteemed artistic legacy.

René-Jules Lalique (photo from Lalique.com)

Originally starting in 1855 as a jewellery-making apprentice, it wasn’t long before René-Jules Lalique became an expert in the field. As his reputation grew so did his creativity and he began to experiment with glass objects which soon became his forte. In 1907 he partnered up with renowned perfumer François Coty, designing exquisite perfume bottles which took the perfume sector by storm. Fast forward to 1992 and the granddaughter of Rene Lalique, Marie-Claude launched Lalique Parfums and the rest you could say is history.

I must say until now I have mostly gravitated towards the interior design aspect of Lalique, but as I have developed into a fragrance aficionado, it has been such a reward to discover the captivating world of Lalique Parfums. Their current fragrance White in Black is geared towards a new generation “who’s not afraid to break the codes of classic masculinity”. It strays away from the intricately designed glass bottles of the past, housed in a slick matt black bottle and crowned with a solid silver cap. I particularly love the inclusion of white chalk included within the box, allowing the wearer to express their individuality by drawing or writing on the body of the bottle. This strong stand out design is sure to capture the attention of the contemporary man

White in Black is certainly not one for holding back, and inside its slick black exterior is an enticing elixir, designed to make an impression from the moment you spray it on the skin. On the initial application, the fragrance ignites my senses, projecting an uplifting fusion of Grapefruit and Bergamot which initially took me by surprise. Although these robust notes start to dissipate, they continue to resonate in the background whilst the most captivating spicy concoction reveals itself. This tantalising combination is instantly compelling, made more so by a seductive trail of Vanilla that begins to make an appearance. It discretely weaves its way through the spice, softening its intensity whilst creating the perfect juxtaposition between powerful and gentle.

As the initial citrus vibes disperse even further, the balsamic notes of White Cedarwood strengthen to introduce a cool aromatic freshness. This is contradicted by the continual warmth of the Vanilla, gradually enveloping the skin with a veil of sumptuous sweetness. Fortunately, this does not become too cloying, instead revealing a smooth encompassing aspect to the scent whilst still allowing those beautiful spicy undertones to undulate from the skin. Even though the scent takes on a seductive quality a constant underlying energy bubbles to the surface, thanks to the cheerful uplifting note of Pink Peppercorn. This combination of warm and cool notes allow the scent to constantly rise and fall between light and dark nuances. A beautiful richness ensues as a billowing trail of incense interlaces its way through a spicy, woody and sweet addition of Patchouli oil and Tolu Balsam. Whilst the fragrance has an undeniable intensity, it somehow manages to restrain itself, exuding elegant masculinity without being domineering.

After intertwining its way all through the fragrance the Vanilla begins to settle, blanketing the skin with a soft powdery sweetness. Despite the Vanilla and continuing spice, there is always an undeniable freshness. This cool slant works its way down the spine of the fragrance right until the very end. It almost feels as if the fresh notes have been encapsulated within a rich seductive shroud, both working in tandem and each appearing at just the right moment in time. This fragrance is perfect going into the autumn/winter months and its versatility means it can be worn at any time of the day. Whether spraying on for work or diffusing over the skin for an evening out, this magnetically powerful yet unobtrusive fragrance is certainly going to turn a few heads.

Fragrance Notes:
Top – Grapefruit, Incense and Bergamot
Heart – Patchouli Oil, Tolu Balsam, Ambroxan, Vanilla and White Cedarwood
Base – Cardamom Oil, Elemi Oil, Lavandin and Pink Peppercorn

Blu Blazer Guy Rating:
Presentation 4/5
Sillage 4/5
Projection 4/5
Longevity 4/5

Concentration: Eau de Parfum
Available from Lalique, £81 for 125ml

(PR Sample)

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