Rook Perfumes

Rook Perfumes

It comes as no surprise that fragrance plays a huge part in my life. I discovered Rook Perfumes in 2018 and I immediately gravitated towards their fragrances due to their unusual scents and intriguing notes. For me, fragrances mark moments in life thus with only one spray, they have the power to transport you back to that very moment. When Perfumer for Rook Perfumes Nadeem Crowe (pictured below) said “People go on holiday and fall in love with a place, they buy a fridge magnet to remember the trip, I buy a fragrance” I immediately resonated with him. On each vacation I drive my partner crazy, perusing the perfumeries and trying to find the exact scent that will remind me of our time in that destination.

Image by Rankin Photography Ltd

Nadeem Crowe, the man behind these impressive and unique scents also has a career in emergency medicine and acting. These two careers have contributed to the production of these fragrances due to their scientific and theatrical backgrounds. After a complete re-brand and re-launch of Rook Perfumes in February 2020, I was once again captivated by the new contemporary look and range of luxury fragrances. At the core of the brand is the simple yet impactful triangle not only representing the top, middle and base notes of a fragrance but also the balance of Nadeem’s career in performing, perfumery and medicine.



The first of the fragrances I am going to talk about is my absolute favourite called Forest. I am a nature guy at heart so this is what initially attracted me to this scent. However as soon as I spritzed it upon my skin, it immediately transported me to a moment in my childhood. Each year I would visit the Scottish highlands with my family, going for long walks and playing in the forests. With just one spray it felt as if I was standing there looking up at the towering trees and inhaling the fresh pine-scented air. It’s a beautiful green, woody notes are both uplifting and comforting, transporting me directly into nature. This is much needed due to our current situation.


Forest – Image by Rankin Photography Ltd.


Top – Cypress & Pine,

Middle – Black Pepper, incense and green notes

Base – Patchouli, Cedar and white musk

Blu Blazer Guy Rating: 4.5/5



Undergrowth again exudes a stunning range of natural and uplifting notes that at first glance I didn’t think I would like, but it completely took me by surprise. On the initial spray, you get a hit of refreshing garden mint and grass. It somehow reminds me of a lush green garden after the rain, where the sun slowly warming the soil and the aroma scents the air.  As the mint dies down the rich woodiness of the vetiver and earthiness of orris really comes through, which settles beautifully on the skin. Again, if you need a hit of nature, I would definitely recommend this as I can imagine it being a refreshing scent in the summer months.


Undergrowth – Image by Rankin Photography Ltd.


Top – Soil, Garden Mint, Grass

Middle – Green notes, mandarin, orris

Base – Vetiver, patchouli and white musk

Blu Blazer Guy Rating: 4/5



This scent wasn’t my favourite fragrance in the group, however I understand completely why others would like it. For me, It’s quite a daring combination and I am usually quite safe with my fragrance choices so it’s all down to personal choice. Rook is impactful from the first spray and is described as “strong and phenolic with a big puff of smokey firewood and birch tar”. Even though these notes are not my personal choice, this fragrance makes a good evening scent with great longevity due to its unique ingredients. I find it too overwhelming for my liking and prefer a fresher scent but if you’re an adventurous individual who’s looking to turn heads then this is definitely for you.


Rook – Image by Rankin Photography Ltd.


Top – Birch tar, tobacco

Middle – Castoreum, cardamom, ginger, civet, agarwood

Base– Incense, ambrette, ambergris, guaiac wood and musk

Blu Blazer Guy Rating: 3/5

What I truly love about this fragrance house is all the scents are unique and interesting. I am so thankful that due to the power of social media I was able to connect with this forward thinking brand. Like all small businesses and perfume houses it is a very difficult time at the moment, therefore it is very important to support them in any way we can. So why not play your part and treat yourself to a luxury fragrance from Rook Perfumes. In addition, I would like to take this opportunity to thank Dr Nadeem Crowe and all his NHS colleagues for everything that they are doing at this time.


Nadia Banaisa – Founder of Les Soeurs de Noe

Nadia Banaisa – Founder of Les Soeurs de Noe

In celebration of National Fragrance Week (16th – 22nd March), I caught up with founder of Les Soeurs de Noe. This luxury niche fragrance house was born and created in Brussels, Paris and New York and inspired by Nadia’s childhood memories of travel, people and cultures. Le Soeurs de Noe launched in 2019 at London’s exclusive Liberty Department Store and as soon as I saw the gorgeous packaging and ingredients, I couldn’t wait to try them. I immediately fell in love with the unique and stunning fragrance notes and I had to reach out to Nadia to find out more about the inspiration and creation of this wonderful fragrance house.

Can you tell me a little bit about yourself and did you have any experience with the creation of fragrances before?

I was born and raised in Belgium with two cultures, Belgian and Moroccan. I travelled to Morocco many times from birth to visit my grandfather, and I have many memories of smells associated with those trips. His beautiful garden in Tangier was surrounded by Olive and Fig trees and I remember the scent of jasmine growing in his garden and the beautiful scent of orange blossom inside the house.

The intense colours of Morocco, as well as all the sweet smells have developed an indelible bond between my memories, emotions and fragrances. These memories were my introduction and my fascination with fragrances. I had no experience in the creation of fragrances but I‘m still training my nose every day and I have learned this new language of communication with my perfumers. I really love the way we work together.

What inspired you to create this luxurious range of fragrances? 

All the memories of my childhood inspired me but also the relationship to cultures, nature, people and many places around the world are a huge source of inspiration.

Where did the name Les Soeurs de Noe come from?

I have two daughters ‘Yara and Nahla’ and one Son ‘Noe’. My nostalgia for the past has been revived by the birth of my children. Thanks to them I found the strength to realise my dream by creating les Soeurs de Noe. This is why I dedicated the name to them. ‘The Sisters of Noe’.

Nadia at Liberty London

To bring your fragrances to life you chose master perfumers Jerome Epinette (known for the likes of Floral Street) and Pierre Wulff (who has worked with Byredo). What made you choose these individuals to create your vision? 

I was introduced to Jerome Epinette and Pierre Wulff by my designer Pierre Dinand who’s a close friend of Pierre Wulff during a trip in New York. We had a dinner and we got to know each other, started talking and we decided to work together. I really love their work. They are very talented and immensely creative perfumers.

I really developed a strong friendship with both of them. There is a dialogue and an understanding with Jerome and Pierre. We sit together and I am trying to get them to feel my emotions. The brief could be very visual or based on words, raw materials, music, a place, poetry, images,…

What captured my eye at first was the stunning packaging and bottle and the striking blue cap, how did the design come about? 

I worked with the designer Pierre Dinand and immediately fell in love with his work. He created the perfect association with luxury and craftsmanship. I wanted a round bottle to reflect the cultural diversity, the softness and the generosity of Les Soeurs de Noe. Its geometric motifs evoke all of the stories at the origin of Les Soeurs de Noe but also each person’s story. I wanted to use a new colour code in the luxury world for the cap and the packaging. Pierre and his wife Danielle came to visit me in Brussels for Christmas a few years ago. Danielle was wearing a magnificent necklace with a blue pearl. I loved it and this was my inspiration for the Colours of Les Soeurs de Noe. I was informed by Pierre Dinand that this necklace was part of a selection of jewellery that was proposed to Yves Saint Laurent by Pierre Dinand for their Opium project in 1977. In spite of its originality and beauty it was not selected by YSL. Now, more than forty years later, Les Soeurs de Noe is bringing it into the limelight.

A few of the fragrances are connected to the orient, where did this inspiration come from? 

I travelled a lot with my parents during my childhood and I was fascinated by different cultures and people I met. Being multicultural, I am sensitive to cultural diversity and I try to consider that very much in the creation of my fragrances. Les Soeurs de Noe explores this indefectible bond between the Orient and the West, establishing links between both regions’ heritage and cultural richness.

One of my favourites is Oud Rose as it has that perfect balance between Oud and Rose that I have been searching for, so thank you! Did the perfumers manage to encapsulate your memories perfectly first time or were there a few changes along the way?

Thank you very much Scott! The creation of each fragrance is unique and an emotional process. I focused on the feeling that the scent should evoke and worked with Jerome and Pierre to create it, we did several changes to get the final one.

Photo by Ahmed Bahhodh

Apart from your own range, do you have your own particular favourite fragrance and what do you look for in a scent when purchasing one? 

I always tried to find the fragrance that I am comfortable with physically. It is really important to know who you are. It’s subjective. One of my favourite fragrance is Chergui by‘Serge Lutens’. It takes me back to my earliest scent memory in Morocco with my grandfather. I remember the chergui wind blowing in his garden and all the smells associated with it.

Can we expect any further beautiful creations from the Les Soeurs de Noe range? 

We really want to grow slowly and create a truly unique fragrance experience. Now, we are working on new scents that will launch in the future.

Finally, can you sum up your perfumes in three words? 

Authenticity (quality, creativeness), respect (people and environment) and sharing.

Head to my latest video to find out more about each of the fragrances.

Miller Harris – Perfumer London

Miller Harris – Perfumer London

“Miller Harris tells contemporary urban stories through complex fragrances. We start with nature – with distinct greens and woods, with carefully sourced floral notes, iris from Florence, French violet leaf, jasmine from Egypt, Tunisian orange flower – but we frame these precious botanicals in complex and unconventional ways.”

From their description above its evident that London perfumer Miller Harris sources only the best ingredients to create each and every one of their luxury fragrances and products.  Founded by Lyn Harris in 2000, after years of training in prestigious French perfume schools, the brand has grown from strength to strength creating over fifty fragrances so far, putting British perfumery firmly on the map.

I first discovered Miller Harris in a London airport while waiting on a connecting flight and was immediately drawn to their unique selection of fragrances. While I perused the extensive range, the Miller Harris ambassador recounted the story behind each of scents making them even more captivating, and it is from that moment that I was completely hooked.


I love how the packaging exudes a perfect balance between contemporary and classical – some bottles delicately dispersed with floral designs and others with a more modern twist. Having explained my adoration for unique fragrances in my previous post , Miller Harris is another brand that has certainly caught my eye. Their high quality, finely sourced ingredients are combined to create a beautiful range of scents most of which can be worn by all genders  – another important aspect that I love in a fragrance.

The first fragrance I immediately fell in love with was Étui Noir. This scent is described “like a well-worn leather jacket” so you can imagine the depth of notes used in order to portray this description. Starting off with citrus and pepper notes, it soon melts into a luxuriously sweet and smoky combination with lasting impressions of leather.


This warming scent emanates opulence and is perfect for for those days when you want a rich and enveloping scent. One of the best things though is its longevity, allowing you to spray it on the body and truly experience it’s fascinating notes as it slowly radiates off the skin throughout the day.

If you are looking for the perfect unisex summer fragrance, look no further than ‘DANCE amongst the lace’ which has just launched in 2019. Part of the Forage Collection of perfumes, it centres itself around the uniquely fresh scent of cow parsley, otherwise known as Queen Anne’s lace. It combines a crisp and invigorating duo of minty notes blended with mouthwatering lime and zesty verbena, together with a lush base of vetiver and moss. Other notes include red berry, cardamom, spearmint, peppermint, bergamot, fennel, angelica root, geranium, blackcurrant, sandalwood, musk and myrrh.

This fragrance is like nothing I have smelt before, the initial citrusy explosion soon settles to reveal an unusual green earthy scent. For me the refreshing mint notes really shine through, radiating from the skin throughout the whole day. It has fantastic longevity and even on the recent warm days I could still smell the scent hours later. I am a huge fan of Miller Harris and always look forward to seeing what they come up with next. This is another winner from this fantastic British fragrance house.

Another firm favorite of mine is Tea Tonique which is inspired by a trip to a tea plantation. As soon as you spray this one onto the skin it has an immediate uplifting effect, perfect on days when you need that little boost of energy. Miller Harris describes this as “early morning mist rolling over rows of neatly planted shrubs, bringing with it a sparkling and refreshing zest from the crisp leaves. Tea Tonique captivates the senses, an infusion of Italian bergamot and floral earl grey, the earthy intensity of maté, and the smoky facets of birch. The cooling spice of nutmeg provides contrast to this delicate and uplifting perfume.” It comes in a whole range of additional products such as hand wash and lotion, a range that truly adds a spring to your step.


For more information and to check out their fantastic range visit

  • Étui Noir – from £75.00
  • DANCE amongst the lace – from £95.00
  • Tea Tonique – from £75.00
  • Tea Tonique Hand Lotion – £18.00
  • Tea Tonique Hand Wash – £18.00

National Fragrance Week – Luxury & Niche Fragrances

National Fragrance Week – Luxury & Niche Fragrances

Coco Chanel Said “No elegance is possible without perfume. It is the unseen, unforgettable, ultimate accessory.”

When choosing a fragrance, we all seek to find a specific scent that accentuates and reflects our own personalities. However, in a vast and ever growing fragrance market, it is a tad difficult to find a scent that is unique to you. In such a market it is difficult to find a fragrance that no one else is wearing and like clothes, we all long for something different that portrays our individuality.

If like me, you sometimes crave a fragrance that is a little bit different then this is where the niche and luxury fragrance market come into play. There are a selection of brands appearing on the market that provide certain exclusivity, allowing you to choose a fragrance that has high quality ingredients and stunning packaging. Some people often disregarded these brands for the fear that they would not like them once they arrive. Luckily more fragrance companies are producing discovery sets, allowing you to purchase a range of samples so that you can experience the scent before you choose the one you prefer.

For National Fragrance Week, I recently sought out some niche and luxury brands and had the chance to enjoy their range of fragrances. Here are the selections that caught my eye (and nose):

IDEO Parfumeurs

This unique brand originates from the centre of the Mediterranean, from the beautiful city of Beirut in Lebanon. Taking advantage of this fantastic location, IDEO has created a range of fragrances that take influence from the Middle East, Europe, Africa and Asia. Founded by Antoine and Ludmila Bitar, they have crafted a beautiful selection of unisex perfumes that not only bring together the energy of Beirut but also explore its many contradictive facets. Therefore each fragrance exudes a timeless elegance with a touch of originality and a splash of freedom just like the city it come from.

Head to my Facebook or IGTV IDEO Parfumeurs video where I talk about my favourite scent in the collection, Prison Blues.

GALLIVANT – Fragrance for Urban Explorers

You know how much I love travel and fragrances! This brand manages to ingeniously combine both of my passions. Gallivant is a small independent perfume house in London created and founded by Nick Steward where each fragrance is inspired by a selection of cities from around the world. By using natural ingredients that are hand crafted in France and England, Gallivant have produced a range of high quality yet unique unisex fragrances.

Head to my Facebook or IGTV Gallivant video where I talk about my favourite scent in the collection, London.


When I first heard of this fragrance house I was immediately fascinated by its unusual story. Founded in 2013 by Victor Wong this Canadian based company has produced a quirky range that has been lovingly inspired by the animal kingdom. Each scent captures a unique eccentricity and personality of a particular animal. What they have ended up with is a vast array of cleverly constructed perfumes that are truly unique and fun to explore.

Head to my Facebook or IGTV ZOOLOGIST video to discover my favourite scent in the collection, Elephant.

M.INT – That Which Triggers Emotions

With a tagline of “That which triggers emotions”, I was immediately intrigued by what this brand had to offer. Their website provided a contemporary and artistic vibe providing a current slant on a perfume house that I had not seen before. Launched in 2016, M.INT released a range of 20 unisex fragrances, each created by renowned perfumers all over the world. Although each of the fragrances has their own unique personality, the collection comes together perfectly, creating a wardrobe of luxurious fragrances. The packaging is slick and modern and houses a bottle that is completely unique and the vast array of choice means you won’t be stuck for choice.

Head to my Facebook or IGTV M.INT Parfume video where I talk about my favourite scent in the collection, Azure Haze.


Founded by Imogen Russon-Taylor; Kingdom Scotland is the very first Scottish fragrance house capturing the very essence of the beautiful country it originates from. The fragrance collection made its debut in 2018 with the first three expertly crafted scents; Metamorphic, Albaura and Portal. After working a lustrous career in the aromatic world of Scotch whisky, Imogen already understood the complexities of creating a product that consisted of a variety of notes and distinguished ingredients. Seeing the connection between the sensory experience of whisky and perfume, she used this powerful knowledge to shape her vision of Kingdom Scotland. Through in-depth research, she began to develop further knowledge into the Scottish history of perfume, unearthing historic records detailing stories that fed her inspiration. After finding a perfumer who perfectly matched her vision, Kingdom Scotland was born. Imogen has created a beautiful collection of unisex fragrances that capture the imagination and transport you to the natural landscapes of Scotland.

Head to my Facebook or IGTV Kingdom Scotland video to see more about my favourite scent in the range, Portal.

Perris Monte Carlo – Italy Collection

Perris Monte Carlo – Italy Collection

Based in the opulent surroundings of Monte Carlo is the renowned fragrance house: Perris Monte Carlo, headed by creative director, Gian Luca Perris. Gian is the second generation of the Perris family to delve into the world of luxury perfumes.

Gian took a more thoughtful approach when creating Perris Monte Carlo and wanted to explore the core values of the fragrance industry. He was successful in this by constructing a range of fragrances that focused more on the scents themselves rather than the marketing of the brand name. This approach allowed them to seek out the most premium raw materials from around the world and create a collection of perfumes that are both unique and luxurious. By combining methods of extraction that respected the traditional elements of scents, together with modern innovation, Perris Monte Carlo are truly bringing back the art of perfumery.


From the first moment I discovered this brand, I was immediately enthralled by their use of finely sourced natural materials. Their black collection manages to take you on a whirlwind tour of the world with just a single spray. Within this collection, my favourite is Cacao Azteque fragrance. This is the perfect scent to allow you to escape the cold winter days of Scotland.  With a spicy opening of black pepper, pink pepper and cardamom the senses become truly heightened. Before long it takes you on a sweet and delicious journey, transforming into a rich and delectable aroma that drifts of the skin.

Photo by Anna Gianuzzi & Stefano Marino

Before I drift off completely, I am here to talk about their newest collection – The Italy Collection which pays tribute to the citrus essences of Southern Italy. These three new fragrances manage to encapsulate this part of the world by creatively capturing the warmth of the sun, the characteristics of citrus and natural ingredients from the Italian countryside in every bottle.

Mandarino di Sicilia

Imagine pulling a mandarin fresh from the tree and peeling its skin as the oil of the zest spritz into the air and envelopes your senses. This is what I get when I first spray this fragrance. Usually, I am not keen on fragrances that are overly fruity but the citrus and green qualities of the bitter orange and petitgrain help to balance out the fruitiness of the mandarin. The addition of floral notes at its core brings this fragrance to a whole new level, striking a perfect balance between masculine and feminine. This highly energetic infusion was my favorite in the collection, due to the complex notes derived from different varieties of mandarin.

Bergamotto Di Calabria

Bergamot is the main composition of this fragrance giving it an immediate spicy yet sweet beginning and Perris uses a particular type of bergamot from the Calabria region of Italy. In order to capture its essence, Perris manually remove the pulp from the fruit, leaving the rind to be compressed on a natural sponge. Due to its persistent and energetic character, the combination of bitter orange and lemon notes of this essence make this a common top note ingredient for many fragrances. Perris has managed to enrich this ingredient by delicately combining it with orange blossom, neroli and jasmine, adding a delicate floral touch. The addition of sandalwood and musk means that it settles to a lovely creamy and woody scent. I especially enjoyed this in the morning as the Bergamot was very uplifting and I particularly loved the addition of neroli as it’s one of my favorite notes in any fragrance.

Cedro di Diamante

The Diamante citron (Cedro di Diamante) is a large citrus fruit named after the Calabrian town of Diamante where most of the cultivation of this fruit takes place. Perris Monte Carlo encapsulates the sparkling zesty nature of this, creating a scent that is infused with a mix of citrus, floral and spices. Here I feel Perris Monte Carlo have created a multifaceted fragrance which develops into a more masculine aroma.

I usually tend to stay away from citrus based fragrances due to their short longevity and simple characteristics. However, Perris Monte Carlo have managed to develop a new collection that adds a more complex and intricate dimension to these natural citrus characteristics. Their use of high quality and luxury ingredients have created a group of fragrances that are truly uplifting and luxurious; a perfect addition to anyone’s fragrance collection!

Head to my IGTV to see more.


Acqua di Parma – Italian Fragrance

Acqua di Parma – Italian Fragrance

As a lover of travel, Italy has always held a special place in my heart. From the first moment I stepped into this country I was immediately enchanted by it. The Italian culture, food, people, as well as its stunning natural Italian beauty captivated me. When I discovered the luxury Italian fragrance house; Acqua di Parma, it wasn’t surprising that I instantaneously felt a connection to it. Their fragrances seem to capture the very essence of what this country is about, evoking special memories for me.

The story of Acqua di Parma began in 1916 in the old heart of Parma where skilled perfumers created a unique fragrance. Here the very first Italian cologne was born – Colonia Acqua di Parma. With its contemporary scent and classic bottle, it no surprise that they caught the attention of elite individuals around the world and quickly became recognised as an iconic fragrance. Hollywood actors and international celebrities discovered this sophisticated scent whilst purchasing custom-made suits by Italian tailors where this scent was delicately sprayed inside the garments.

Despite ever-changing trends, Aqua di Parma’s renowned reputation, unique history and quality of its fragrances have ensured that it still stands out as an icon within an extremely crowded market. Over the years they have added to their extensive range, tailoring it to the more modern audience, yet still harnessing their traditional charm.

Not only have they added new interpretations of their traditional Colonia, they have also introduced a Blu Mediterraneo Range, which is inspired by exclusive and natural locations along the Italian Mediterranean. Furthermore, Aqua di Parma also venture outside Italy to source international ingredients and scents hence launching their exotic Ingredient Collection.

From all Aqua di Parma’s ranges I have chosen my favourite scents. Here are my Blublazerguy recommendations:

Colonia Collection

Colonia Assoluta

You cannot help but fall in love with the original Colonia and certainly understand why it became so prevalent. Colonia Assoluta is a different interpretation with the same classic undertones. Although it still contains citrus notes, this fragrance tends to lean towards floral with the addition of orange blossom and jasmine. The ingredients seem to blend beautifully together to create a vibrant, yet balanced fragrance as the dry down softens into a lovely warm and woody aroma.

Colonia Pura

I do love a crisp, clean fragrance and Colonia Pura certainly has these attributes. This interpretation is a fresher approach that lifts the classic Colonia into a more contemporary genre. Again, it opens with the typical citrus accord but on a much lighter level. The introduction of coriander brings a cool sharpness to it before the beautiful floral notes of jasmine and narcissus kick in. As soon as it settles the patchouli and musk provide a sensual masculinity that emit softly from the skin.

Blu Mediterraneo Collection

Fico di Amalfi

With just one spritz of this scent I feel like I am instantly transported to the shores of the Amalfi Coast. It immediately conjures up images of looking out towards the azure sea under a sun-drenched fig tree, whilst a soft summer breeze delicately passes through its leaves, cascading its aroma all around. For me this fragrance immediately brings a sense of calm and tranquillity. Its warm, sweet and woody scent radiates off the skin throughout the day providing gentle reminders of sun-soaked days on this stunning area of the Italian coast.

Cedro di Taormina

Taormina is a quaint hillside town in Sicily with spectacular views across the Ionian Sea. This fragrance encompasses the essence of this beautiful area combining the lush nature, rugged coast and the volcanic rock formations of nearby Mount Etna. For me this fragrance incorporates all that I love in a scent. When sprayed, it has an immediate invigorating aroma, full of energy and sunshine presumably from inclusion cedar and petit grain in its top notes. Although it also contains basil in its top notes, its green and spicy aroma lingers allowing it to intertwine skilfully with lavender and black pepper, delicately settling into a soft spicy scent.

Ingredient Collection

Colonia Oud

I have been obsessed with the exotic scent of Oud ever since I visited the middle east. Its soft, smoky and alluring scent would trail the atmosphere. Some people may find Oud to be overpowering when added to fragrances, however Acqua di Parma has managed to strike a lovely balance between its original Colonia with the addition of the Agarwood. This fragrance is very refined, masculine and elegant. Although I would usually wear oud fragrances in the evening, the addition of citrus notes means I have the versatility of wearing this fragrance at any time.

Acqua Di Parma is much more than a simple fragrance brand, it is the true spirit of Italy captured in a bottle. A timeless classic that has stood the test of time with each new additional fragrance forging the brand forward yet still managing to hold on to its traditional core. The brand now has a presence in thirty-nine countries across the world, with its characteristic yellow boxes dominating the fragrance shelves of the most luxurious department stores. All these scents are a fantastic addition to anyone’s fragrance collection, and I cannot wait to see what Acqua di Parma release in the future.



Maison Francis Kurkdjian Paris – Luxury Perfume House

Maison Francis Kurkdjian Paris – Luxury Perfume House

My first experience of Maison Francis Kurkdjian was in one of London’s prestigious department stores. This range of fragrances immediately caught my eye as their vessels exuded an alluring understated luxury. With a vast range to choose from, I soon worked my way through them, treating my senses to a complex range of undeniably beautiful scents that I hadn’t experienced before. I immediately sought to increase my knowledge of this brand and the people behind the collection. I was surprised to learn that Francis Kurkdjian had been involved in some of the most renowned fragrances for numerous houses such as Acqua di Parma, Elie Saab and Burberry to name but a few.

Maison Francis Kurkdjian was co-created in 2009 by perfumer Francis Kurkdjian and businessman Marc Chaya, with the sole aim of bringing back the genuine creativity of the perfumer to the forefront. Under their vision, it has gained precedence in the luxury fragrance world where they have now showcased a superior range of perfumes in an astounding 300 locations worldwide.

From the age of thirteen, Francis Kurkdjian recognised his profound interest in the fragrance world and in 1990 he entered the International Perfumery School in France. With his first fragrance creation being the well-known Le Male by Jean Paul Gaultier, he soon became one of the worlds most renowned perfumers. In 2001 he opened his own made-to-order bespoke perfume workshop atelier before co-creating the infamous Maison Francis Kurkdjian with Marc Chaya.

CEO and Co-Creator Marc Chaya had a diverse business background due to his education in economics and business. While working for Ernest and Young he met Francis Kurkdjian by chance and it was here that a special friendship was struck. He was immediately captivated by the true talent of Francis Kurkdjian and it was this attraction that sparked the idea of a new luxury Parisian fragrance house and Maison Francis Kurkdjian was born.

With such an extensive range to choose from it is very difficult to pinpoint my favourite however, here is Blublazerguy’s top five recommendations that truly showcase this luxurious fragrance house;

Aqua Universalis

This was the first fragrance that I purchased from MFK range and it continues to be my absolute favourite. For me, it immediately evokes the memory of a relaxing walk on the island of Mykonos, where residents would hang freshly laundered sheets high above the small white cobbled streets. As the sun shines down and the wind blows from the Aegean Sea the smell of freshly washed linen wafts through the streets immediately uplifting my spirit. This fragrance is like a breath of fresh air, with every spray being a unique and addictive experience.


Notes:  Bergamot from Calabria, Lemon from Sicily, Lily of the Valley, Mock Orange Blossom and light Musky Woods.

Petit Matin

Inspired by an early morning walk through the streets of Paris, this fragrance has a beautifully refreshing incandescent beginning. I Imagine myself stopping to enjoy a flaky pastry sitting al fresco outside a beautiful corner café with delicate flowers spilling majestically from the windowsills. The coolness of the morning dissipates, and the early sun begins to rise, slowly warming the air and releasing the delicate blend of floral and sweetness all around.  This is without a doubt a refreshing yet warming fragrance that truly allows you to feel like you can embrace the day.

Notes: Litsea Cubeba from Indonesia, Lemon from Calabria, Hawthorn and Lavandin from Provence with musky Amber notes.

Grand Soir

Francis Kurkdjian created this fragrance to be reminiscent of a night in the city of Light and I truly believe that he has captured this perfectly. Paris is one of my favourite cities and for me exudes a luxury that you can’t find anywhere else in the world. Grand Soir instantly transports me to those memories of elegant evenings in Paris, a fragrance that is refined and distinguished yet contains a hidden element of excitement. After the initial top notes dissipate the fragrance transcends into a sweet, deep and mesmerising scent that you will truly be infatuated with.


Notes: Benzoin from Siam, Tonka Bean from Brazil and Cistus Labdanum from Spain.

Masculin Pluriel

Masculin Pluriel reminds me of a classic men’s cologne with a unique and contemporary twist.  This woody aromatic blend conveys an abundance of masculine notes, the highlight being the classic Fougère (fern-like) accord. I feel this fragrance compliments a tailored suit and a crisp white shirt. A suave and classy fragrance that is perfect for any modern gentlemen with an all year-round versatility.

Notes: Lavender absolute from Provence, Cedar Wood from Virginia, Patchouli from Indonesia and Vetiver from Haiti.

Amyris Homme

This alluring fragrance has an underlying gentle energy that permeates from the skin throughout the day. With one spray, this scent instantly lifts my spirits with the warmth of a tranquil sunset filled with natural empowerment enveloping me in aura of calmness. I especially enjoy the dry down which has a beautifully creamy warmth to it. If you love a woody, aromatic and fresh fragrance then this is for you.


Notes: Rosemary from Morocco, Mandarin from Sicily, Amyris from Jamaica, Iris from Florence and Tonka Bean absolute from Brazil.

Maison Francis Kurkdjian are truly an outstanding brand. The depth in which they go in order to create an exquisite fragrance is both impressive and artistic. The quality of ingredients, the longevity and their ability to create a complex wardrobe of fragrances is truly admirable. The below quote from Marc Chaya resonates well with me and I look forward to enjoying many more of their future creations.

“Our Vision is to be the most luxurious contemporary fragrance house, where luxury lies in the extraordinary: extraordinary creativity, extraordinary craft and extraordinary customer experience. Our mission is to bring joy to our customers by creating an uplifting journey through fragrances.”

Marc Chaya, CEO and co-creator

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Teatro Fragranze Uniche – Luxury Italian Home Fragrance

Teatro Fragranze Uniche – Luxury Italian Home Fragrance

Most of you may know that I am absolutely obsessed with fragrances. For me, fragrances play an integral part of my identity, allowing me to express how I feel and highlight aspects of my personality. Fragrances have the power to change our mood, boost the spirit and evoke old memories. Not only do fragrances allow me to personally smell good but using certain scents within my home to express my individuality is also important to me. Whether it be a candle, diffuser or a new room spray, I have tried them all. However not many have stood out or passed the longevity test, until now at least.

I first discovered Teatro Fragranze Uniche through the lovely Anna Dengina, the exclusive UK distributor. We met in Edinburgh and it was instantly evident that she had a real passion for home fragrances. Whilst travelling to Italy, she became infatuated by an alluring fragrance that laced the air of her hotel. After careful research she immediately sought out this brand. Its luxurious style and its tempting fragrance instantly captivated her. So much so that she had to bring it to U.K for everyone to experience.

Teatro Fragranze Uniche was created by a small group of woman in Florence. They worked with selected perfumers, designers and Florentine artisans to produce an Italian-made range of exquisite home fragrance products. With their in-depth knowledge of artisan perfumes and their ability to keep up with current trends, their products provide a refined slant to the home fragrance market.

Their innovative and creative energy has allowed them to produce a large range of diffusers, candles and room sprays which are all intertwined with a delightful blend of surprisingly unique fragrances.


As with all Teatro Fragranze Uniche products, their candles are made using only natural essential oils and are poured into eco-friendly glass vessels. So not only are you getting a fantastic quality candle, you can be assured that you are helping the environment at the same time.

My favourite has to be Speziato Fiorentino (Florentine Spices). The fragrance contains a balance of citrus notes with spices and white musk, perfect for this time of the year due to its warming notes!


How many times have you bought a diffuser only to bring it home and the fragrance is either synthetic or underwhelming. You certainly won’t find that with Teatro’s range. These come in a variety of sizes which make them perfect for any home, hotel or business. Having recently had a trip to the Middle East where I became a lover of Oud, Teatro’s Incenso Imperiale (Imperial Oud) does not disappoint. The strong notes of Oud and Incense are cleverly balanced out with wood notes and Tonka bean, taking you on a smokey yet sweet journey. What I adored about this product is that it doesn’t matter what size of diffuser you get, even the small size fills the room with its striking scent.

Room Sprays

With a strong aroma of tobacco delicately intertwined with cloves and sweetened with vanilla beans, their fragrance spray ’Tabacco 1815’ from their luxury collection, is to die for. At first, I was a little apprehensive regarding the mention of tobacco as it can often be very heavy, however it’s not until you spray it that you immediately fall in love with it. Available in 50ml and 100ml this spray has a lasting effect in the air and adds another dimension to your candles and diffusers.


Teatro’s home fragrance range has become so renowned, that they have now launched a perfume for the skin based on their most popular fragrance, Tobacco 1815. I’m not really a big lover of when fragrances for the home are made into a wearable fragrance, however, this certainly took me by surprise. Their Tobacco fragrance is spicy, smokey and sweet and lasts a long time on your skin, what more can you ask for?

Also available in sets

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