Teatro Fragranze Uniche – Home Fragrance

Most of you may know that I am absolutely obsessed with fragrances. For me, fragrances play an integral part of my identity, allowing me to express how I feel and highlight aspects of my personality. Fragrances have the power to change our mood, boost the spirit and evoke old memories. Not only do fragrances allow me to personally smell good but using certain scents within my home to express my individuality is also important to me. Whether it be a candle, diffuser or a new room spray, I have tried them all. However not many have stood out or passed the longevity test, until now at least.

I first discovered Teatro Fragranze Uniche through the lovely Anna Dengina, the exclusive UK distributor. We met in Edinburgh and it was instantly evident that she had a real passion for home fragrances. Whilst travelling to Italy, she became infatuated by an alluring fragrance that laced the air of her hotel. After careful research she immediately sought out this brand. Its luxurious style and its tempting fragrance instantly captivated her. So much so that she had to bring it to U.K for everyone to experience.

Teatro Fragranze Uniche was created by a small group of woman in Florence. They worked with selected perfumers, designers and Florentine artisans to produce an Italian-made range of exquisite home fragrance products. With their in-depth knowledge of artisan perfumes and their ability to keep up with current trends, their products provide a refined slant to the home fragrance market.

Their innovative and creative energy has allowed them to produce a large range of diffusers, candles and room sprays which are all intertwined with a delightful blend of surprisingly unique fragrances.


As with all Teatro Fragranze Uniche products, their candles are made using only natural essential oils and are poured into eco-friendly glass vessels. So not only are you getting a fantastic quality candle, you can be assured that you are helping the environment at the same time.

Just in time for Christmas, they have released their stunning Christmas candle which is beautifully displayed in a deep red vessel with a golden lid. The fragrance contains a gorgeous festive amalgamation of orange, cinnamon and spices. Each hour it burns, the candle releases its spicy entrails into the air and it envelopes that true comforting festive vibe. As the flame burns and flickers, the red jar illuminates casting a stunning warming colour.


How many times have you bought a diffuser only to bring it home and the fragrance is either synthetic or underwhelming? You certainly won’t find that with Teatro’s range. These luxury diffusers come in a variety of sizes which make them perfect for any home, hotel or business.

One of my favourites in the range is Rose Oud which was released by Teatro in 2019. Anyone who follows my blog may have noticed that Rose and Oud are one of my favourite fragrance combinations. This diffuser combines Damask Rose with Pink Pepper which provides a floral yet uplifting accord. As it develops it delves into that opulent and sweet Oud which along with the sandalwood, turns into a creamy, woody and enveloping scent. What I adored about this product is that it doesn’t matter what size of diffuser you get, it manages to fill the room with its striking scent.

Room Sprays

Oro ‘Gold’ is my absolute favourite in the range and I love how it comes in the form of a luxurious room spray. Its main accord is black pepper which was an apparent method of currency back in the times of foreign trade. The fragrance contains a combination of spicy black pepper and aromatic pink pepper. This is further enhanced by a combination of cloves and sage, and citrusy burst of Calabrian bergamot. For a home fragrance it is a complex and beautiful scent. Available in 100ml this spray has a lasting effect in the air and adds another dimension to your candles and diffusers.

For more information or to buy these amazing products visit www.boutiqueofscents.com. A 10% discount of any purchase online is available using discount code: SCOTT10 (valid until 31/12/20) perfect for that special Christmas gift.

Exclusive UK distributor:
Anna Dengina

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