Blu Blazer Guy Chats With Adam Ellis – Jo Loves

Blu Blazer Guy Chats With Adam Ellis – Jo Loves

Currently we’re all going through a time where venturing outdoors and travelling has dramatically reduced. As a result, fragrances have become an important vessel in transporting us from lockdown to our favourite places. There is no better ‘fragrance maverick’ that manages to merge scents and memories together than Jo Malone CBE. Her fantastic business Jo Loves is an innovative new scent, bath, body and candle collection that is inspired by special memories and moments of travel.

Meeting Jo Malone CBE

As a lover of fragrance, candles and a huge fan of Jo Loves products I had the privilege catching up with this months ‘Chats With’ guest, Adam Ellis. Adam is the head of education and customer service experience at Jo Loves. I first bumped into Adam at ’An Evening with Jo Malone’ at Space NK Edinburgh and then again in the 42 Elizabeth Street Store in London, where his passion and dedication for the brand was so profoundly evident. His creative background in the arts allows him to tell each story of the fragrance range perfectly. Due to his close working relationship with Jo Malone and his continued dedication to the brand, I thought I would catch up with him to find out more about his career and this renowned brand.

Adam Ellis

Hi Adam, thank you so much for answering my questions today. Firstly, can I ask what your background is and how you ended up working for Jo Loves?

I’m from Swansea, South Wales and trained at Laine Theatre Arts on the 3-year Professional Musical Theatre course from 2000-2003. I was lucky enough to have a great, varied career within the entertainment industry for 13 years. Some of my highlights included Starlight Express, Chicago, Hair, Spamalot.

As I got a bit older I decided that I wanted to try something else that was a bit more stable and I actually took a job at Jo Loves as a Christmas Temp. I’ve always loved fragrances and perfumes. I love that each scent will evoke a totally different emotion or memory in everyone. I worked really hard to learn as much as I could and fast forward nearly 5 years and here I am! I’m so glad I took the leap and gave it a go.

As head of education and customer service experience you must be extremely proud to work for such an esteemed brand, what is it that you love about Jo Loves?

I am incredibly proud of the role I play within Jo Loves and don’t ever take for granted the faith that Jo has in me and my ability to tell her story and launch the brand around the world. I love that Jo Loves is pushing the boundaries with innovation. It’s not scared to be different. I also love that the brand is totally authentic and a true reflection of Jo.

At the 42 Elizabeth Street store in London Jo Loves has turned fragrance into an immersive experience through Fragrance Tapas and a Candle Shot Studio, can you describe what each experience involves and what was the inspiration behind these ideas?

Jo created Fragrance Tapas to be an immersive introduction to the brand. Jo has always loved Tapas restaurants and was inspired to create an experience that served bite-sized pieces of the brand to our consumer. It’s a complimentary experience, you get to come and sit at our bar and be taken through all of our fragrances and the story’s behind each iconic scent. It’s really fun and a real must for any fragrance lover!

The shot candle experience is so fantastic. You step inside our beautiful candle studio and create your very own bespoke candle that combines two fragrances of your choice. We are the only brand in the world who offers this experience and product. It also has a worldwide patent. Both these experiences can be booked in advance by calling the shop or dropping them an email.

42 Elizabeth Street, photo by Jo Loves

It may not be easy but if you had to choose what would be your favourite scent from Jo Loves and why? 

Such a tough one! I’d have to say Green Orange and Coriander. It’s a real soulful citrus fragrance but it also got a beautiful warmth to it. For Jo, it’s an autumn day in New York, having Sunday brunch next to a roaring log fire with a large, full-bodied red wine in hand. I cover myself in it all year round though and always have compliments when I wear it.

I met the wonderful Jo Malone CBE (and you) a few years back and heard Jo’s story behind the brand and was completely hypnotised by her creativity and tenacity, how is it working so closely with her in your job role?

Jo is incredibly hands-on with the brand which I love. We work very closely together and are often travelling to launch the brand in new territories. We have such a giggle on the road together. We work very hard when we are away but we will always reward ourselves with an in cold white wine to end the day. It’s so important to celebrate even small achievements.

I noticed that within your job role you get to travel quite a lot and Jo Loves fragrances are very much inspired by memories of travel. Where is your favourite place to visit in the world and why? 

Travel is always something I’ve enjoyed. In my acting career, I was very lucky to get to travel the world and that hasn’t changed with Jo Loves luckily. I have seen some amazing places with work, including Shanghai, NYC and all over America and the Caribbean.

Last year my husband turned 40 and we travelled to Borneo on a real adventure holiday. It was a once in a lifetime trip and seeing the wildlife where its meant to be in its natural habitat was really breath-taking, especially the Orangutan. We don’t always have such adventurous holidays but we will always spend our money on travel whenever we can.

Jo loves weaves its beautiful fragrances through a number of other items such as candles, bath and body products. Why do you think the world of fragrance is so popular and what makes Jo Loves products stand out from the crowd? 

I think fragrance is part of self-expression. It’s part of how we want the world to see us. It’s so personal and many fragrances will smell totally unique on each person.

I think Jo Loves products stand out because they have been created from a very authentic place. Each one inspired by Jo’s memories or experiences. When people hear their stories it’s hard not to relate to them.

The red dot is synonymous with Jo Loves packaging, is there any significance to this?

Jo is severely dyslexic and throughout her career has always given her seal of approval to something by Red Dotting it instead of signing it off. When Jo Loves went through a period of rebranding, Jo wanted it to have its own identity for the consumer with a recognisable logo. Jo was travelling to Shanghai as a member of the great campaign and a friend sent her a bottle of shanghai Red nail polish. She dipped a pencil into the nail polish and let a droplet fall onto the white labels in front of her – EUREKA moment the Jo Loves logo was created. Jo wants our consumer to know that every product with the Red Dot has been created by her.

Jo Loves was the first to introduce the world to The Fragrance Paintbrush concept. Being such an innovative fragrance brand, can we expect any new creative and exciting products in the future?

Jo is always working hard to push the boundaries within the fragrance world so hopefully, there will be many more exciting innovations to come! Watch this space!

Fragrance Paintbrush, photo by Jo Malone

This is more for my benefit 🙂 but when will a Jo Loves Store be opening up in Edinburgh? 🙂

Well, you can currently purchase a selection of Jo Loves from SpaceNK of George Street. We are a growing brand so hopefully, it won’t be too long until more Jo Loves boutiques start popping up around the UK and beyond.

Exciting stuff! You can read more about Jo Loves and there products on their website

Christmas Gift Guide 2019 – Candles

Christmas Gift Guide 2019 – Candles

On a cold winter’s night, there is nothing more satisfying than coming home, lighting a candle and enjoying the warm glow and fragrance. Using certain scents within my home whether it be a candle, diffuser or a new room spray, they have all got to pass the Blu Blazer Guy test; Longevity, Intensity and Quality. So here are my favourite ones that will make the perfect gift for Christmas time or simply to warm up your own home.

Acqua Di Parma – Buongiorno
£51.00 – 200g

This is one of my favourite candles simply because it brings me joy when I light it. With its bright yellow packaging and glass vessel this sunny fragrances will certainly add colour to these dark winter nights.

Exuding fresh cut grass and sun-dried linen this fresh and uplifting scent immediately transports you to a sunny morning in Italy. The candle includes notes of Italian Lemon, Mint Leaves, Rosemary, Lavandin, Jasmine, Cedarwood and Musk

Urban Apothecary – Oudh Geranium
£30.00 – 300g

You all know how much I love Oudh in a fragrance, so when I discovered this candle I was immediately captivated by it luxurious scent. It is perfect for this time of year with its smoky and aromatic woody character.

The Oudh is freshened up with the rosy tones of geranium and a beautiful blend of amber, vetiver, patchouli and praline. This candle range have such a great price point for the quality and it’s one I highly recommend.

AHLT – Fygge
£28.00 – 220g

I’ve used this both the candle and diffuser from this company and absolutely loved it. Their range of scented soy candles with luxury fragrance oils are all hand poured in London and smell simply devine.

Fygee is my favourite, blending black fig, cedar wood and tonka bean. The notes blend together beautifully to give off a rich and luxurious smell that fills the air in no time.

Kelly Hoppen Home – Scent One
£25.00 (only £15.00 as at 16/12/19)

I have been obsessed with this scent ever since I discovered Kelly Hoppen Home five years ago. It was one of those candles I had to keep buying and buying due to its unique aromatic, woody and spicy scent.

The fragrance oozes sophistication and the perfect blend of masculine and feminine notes. The notes include Patchouli, Myrrh, Clove and Violet and are perfect at any time of the year.

Tom Dixon – Elements Fire Candle
From £100

If you are looking to splash out then why not treat someone to designer Tom Dixon’s fire candle. The beautiful and luxurious deep red vessel houses an unusual scent that is strangely addictive and intoxicating.

With notes of Cypriot oil, black suede accord, guiiac, wood oil, vertiver oil, amber and musk they all blend together to create a seductively sumptuous and smoky scent.

 Jo Loves – Christmas Layered Candle

£80 – 225g

If you are looking for something a little different then why not try Jo Loves Christmas Layered Candle. Instead of one scent you are getting three festive aromas, all intertwined to ignite memories of the perfect Christmas Day.


From Pine, Sweet plum pudding and smoky log fires, this candle takes you on a festive journey of the most beautiful aromas around.

Thank you so much for reading and I have truly enjoyed sharing all my favourite products with you and hope that I have some inspired you to pick the perfect Christmas gifts. Remember to check out my previous blog posts on unisex fragrances, hotel stays, men’s skincare and alcoholic beverages. I wish you all a Merry Christmas.


Kahale London – Sustainable Luxury Candles

Kahale London – Sustainable Luxury Candles

I was immediately captivated by Kahale London by their striking monochromatic vibe. Their photos on social media were strikingly different to what I had seen before, especially for marketing a new candle and this only made me even more intrigued.

Kahale London is a new forward-thinking company creating artisan luxury candles in East London. This premium organic wax that is infused with high-quality fragranced oils in hand poured in the UK. Their containers are sleek and stylish matte black, ensuring their candles are designed to not only look great in your home but delicately lace the air with the most exquisite scents.

Their scented candles come in a signature Kahale gift box that can be reused and recycled and £3 from each candle is also given to The Childhood Trust; a charity that supports vulnerable children living in London.

I caught up with Founder Tobias Wamser to find out more about this new and fascinating home fragrance company.

What is the reasoning behind the name Kahale?

Kahale (ka-hah-lay) is Hawaiian and literally translates to house or home. However, the meaning behind it is a much deeper one and originates from the Polynesian tribes. As voyagers, they travelled the oceans to discover new islands to expand their colonies and harvest resources. While the brave men went through the perils of the sea for their people back home, they never forgot who they are and where they are from. They referred to their home island as ‘hale’.

What motivated you to create a Home Fragrance company?

We know that candles are no longer just a home decor product for women. Men are becoming more aware of the benefits of home fragrances and want to express their personality in new ways. We thought there was a gap in the market, as many other luxury candles are a spin-off of the brand’s perfumes for women and simply get re-branded to be attractive to men. But in the end, they’re just not developed as a true unisex product.

Your first fragrance candles are Peony & Oud, Turkish Fig & Vetiver and Black Pepper & Raspberry, what was the inspiration behind these scents?

In home fragrances, there are essentially four main categories of scents: Fruity, Floral, Woody and Fresh. As we decided not to have a huge portfolio of different scents, we decided to go for the one we liked the best from each category. The fragrances also represent the cultural influences that go into a Kahale candle: Oud Wood is hugely popular in the middle east and is one of the most exclusive ingredients in candle making. The Fig fragrance oil is made from Figs that are grown in Turkey, the world’s largest exporting country of the fruit. And the peppercorn is grown in Vietnam and sun-dried to develop its distinctive colour. So, all our fragrances essentially combine two ingredients: one from a distant culture and one from our home country, the UK.

What’s next for Kahale, any new scents or additional products?

We are currently developing a candle with a fresh scent and we are very excited to launch it next summer. However, we want to keep our portfolio small and we currently do not have any plans to expand into new categories such as reed diffusers. Kahale represents urban sophistication and will never be mass-produced.

Can you tell me a little background about the team at Kahale London?

We’re a group of students and had been working on a project about the home decor market together when the idea came up. Personally, I had never even considered buying a candle for myself. But the more I read about it, the more passionate I became about scented candles. So, we slowly started to develop our first scents and experimented with dozens of fragrance oils, wax blends and wicks. It’s been a long journey from the first idea to the final product. But we absolutely love it and are super proud of it.


You can Indulge in the urban sophistication of Kahale London by visiting


Teatro Fragranze Uniche – Luxury Italian Home Fragrance

Teatro Fragranze Uniche – Luxury Italian Home Fragrance

Most of you may know that I am absolutely obsessed with fragrances. For me, fragrances play an integral part of my identity, allowing me to express how I feel and highlight aspects of my personality. Fragrances have the power to change our mood, boost the spirit and evoke old memories. Not only do fragrances allow me to personally smell good but using certain scents within my home to express my individuality is also important to me. Whether it be a candle, diffuser or a new room spray, I have tried them all. However not many have stood out or passed the longevity test, until now at least.

I first discovered Teatro Fragranze Uniche through the lovely Anna Dengina, the exclusive UK distributor. We met in Edinburgh and it was instantly evident that she had a real passion for home fragrances. Whilst travelling to Italy, she became infatuated by an alluring fragrance that laced the air of her hotel. After careful research she immediately sought out this brand. Its luxurious style and its tempting fragrance instantly captivated her. So much so that she had to bring it to U.K for everyone to experience.

Teatro Fragranze Uniche was created by a small group of woman in Florence. They worked with selected perfumers, designers and Florentine artisans to produce an Italian-made range of exquisite home fragrance products. With their in-depth knowledge of artisan perfumes and their ability to keep up with current trends, their products provide a refined slant to the home fragrance market.

Their innovative and creative energy has allowed them to produce a large range of diffusers, candles and room sprays which are all intertwined with a delightful blend of surprisingly unique fragrances.


As with all Teatro Fragranze Uniche products, their candles are made using only natural essential oils and are poured into eco-friendly glass vessels. So not only are you getting a fantastic quality candle, you can be assured that you are helping the environment at the same time.

My favourite has to be Speziato Fiorentino (Florentine Spices). The fragrance contains a balance of citrus notes with spices and white musk, perfect for this time of the year due to its warming notes!


How many times have you bought a diffuser only to bring it home and the fragrance is either synthetic or underwhelming. You certainly won’t find that with Teatro’s range. These come in a variety of sizes which make them perfect for any home, hotel or business. Having recently had a trip to the Middle East where I became a lover of Oud, Teatro’s Incenso Imperiale (Imperial Oud) does not disappoint. The strong notes of Oud and Incense are cleverly balanced out with wood notes and Tonka bean, taking you on a smokey yet sweet journey. What I adored about this product is that it doesn’t matter what size of diffuser you get, even the small size fills the room with its striking scent.

Room Sprays

With a strong aroma of tobacco delicately intertwined with cloves and sweetened with vanilla beans, their fragrance spray ’Tabacco 1815’ from their luxury collection, is to die for. At first, I was a little apprehensive regarding the mention of tobacco as it can often be very heavy, however it’s not until you spray it that you immediately fall in love with it. Available in 50ml and 100ml this spray has a lasting effect in the air and adds another dimension to your candles and diffusers.


Teatro’s home fragrance range has become so renowned, that they have now launched a perfume for the skin based on their most popular fragrance, Tobacco 1815. I’m not really a big lover of when fragrances for the home are made into a wearable fragrance, however, this certainly took me by surprise. Their Tobacco fragrance is spicy, smokey and sweet and lasts a long time on your skin, what more can you ask for?

Also available in sets

For more more information or to buy these amazing products visit

A 10% discount of any purchase online is available using discount code: FESTIVE10 (valid until 31/12/18) perfect for that special Christmas gift.

Exclusive UK distributor:

Anna Dengina