FO’AH Perfumes – Memoirs d’une Palmeraie 11

FO’AH perfumes is a relatively new fragrance house launched in 2018 with a range described as ‘perfumes with a soul’. Founders Emilie Dewell from France and Abdulla Al-Masaood from the Abu Dhabi have cleverly combined their cultural backgrounds to create a fragrance range that incorporates the art of French perfumery and the exotic traditions and influences of the Middle East.

The name FO’AH relates to the blooming of a date palm and its this ingredient which makes their fragrances so unique and intriguing. Aptly named Memoirs d’une Palmeraie (Memories of a Palm Grove), FO’AH’s first collection is formulated around an exclusive palm tree note, a new ingredient that has never been used in perfumery before.

After receiving the elegant discovery set which can be purchased from their website, I was able to experience small samples of each scent, and I must say that I was very impressed with each and every one of them. The collection consists of five uniquely numbered fragrances all exuding completely different characteristics but at their core still contain that exquisite date palm accord. Although each has its interesting aspects, I immediately gravitated towards 11 which exuded a fresh marine-like accord.

The presentation of this fragrance is like nothing I have seen before, the design and colour are crafted to embody the true spirit of the brand. Its sculptural shape is inspired by the trunk of the palm tree and the cut-glass evokes the dancing shade of the palms as the sun shimmers through its leaves. To me, its golden hue emulates that warm opulent colour of a succulent date as you tear open its sumptuous flesh.

With all the heavy smokey fragrances currently on trend, Fragrance 11 was a welcoming blast of invigorating aromas and certainly not something you would think to be associated with the Middle East, nevertheless, I was pleasantly surprised. Michel Girard, the perfumer behind this scent explained “I imagined a Palm Tree that would bloom on the seashore, its palms sprinkled with salt crystals” and this is exactly what you get. 

As you spray this fragrance, an energetic rush of Citrus lights up the senses and instantly wakens the soul. This expressive and effervescent start is laced with shards of Sichuan Pepper, sustaining that fresh theme whilst adding a stunningly spicy accent which almost tingles on the skin. It induces images of me walking along a beach with the sea air caressing against my skin, peppering it with that uplifting salty essence of the ocean.

As the heart develops, Lily of the Valley injects a delicately fresh floral note and along with the exclusive palm tree accord, it brings a slight green dewy aspect that adds that unique FO’AH twist. It is here I can almost imagine the swaying of those palm leaves in that restless ocean air. 

For me personally, the dry down is simply stunning and the projection has an undeniable tenacity, allowing you to transport yourself to that beach walk for the remainder of the day. It mellows down to an almost sensual and powdery combination, yet that Sichuan Pepper continues to lift the fragrance and uphold that spicy aroma. Musks and Amber create additional warmth and depth, but that addictive and welcoming underlying freshness is never too far away.

Overall, I was very thrilled to experience a marine/oceanic scent that had such an impressive longevity. Its fluctuating notes exuded from the skin long throughout the day, dancing between spicy and fresh notes reminiscent of the ocean breeze that it was inspired by. Fo’ah Perfumes will make a fantastic addition to anyone’s fragrance collection. Their unique palm tree accord and stand out compositions will be sure to have noses sniffing and heads turning.

Presentation 4/5
Sillage 4/5
Projection 4/5
Longevity 4/5
Fragrance Concentration: Parfum
Price: £135 for 75ml

From the 26th to 29th November Fo’ah will have a once a year Black Friday sale. Head to to take advantage of this exclusive 20% discount.

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