Multrees Walk – Edinburgh’s Luxury Shopping Area

Multrees Walk – Edinburgh’s Luxury Shopping Area

When it comes to high-end shopping in Edinburgh, Multrees Walk is always the first place that comes to mind. This unique part of the city is located just off the prestigious St Andrews square and provides a little slice of luxury retail therapy. In true Edinburgh fashion it manages to balance an up market retail experience whilst retaining that unique friendly Scottish approach, allowing you to browse in a more relaxed pace.

Not only is Multrees Walk home to Scotlands only Harvey Nichols it also houses some exclusive brands such as French fashion house Louis Vuitton, British fashion house Burberry and most recently the flagship store of Scottish cashmere giants Johnston’s of Elgin.

Multrees Walk is a fantastic shopping area, not only for browsing the exclusive range of stores but also to take in the relaxed and stylish ambience. As a local to Edinburgh and a frequent visitor to Multrees Walk I thought I would share with you my favourite stores to visit and their fantastic range of products.

Harvey Nichols

Harvey Nichols is one of my favourites stores to visit! It provides a place where I can eat, drink and shop all under one roof as is perfect escape from Edinburgh’s renowned rainy days. As a huge fragrance lover, I of course gravitate towards their ground floor where they have a fantastic range of well known luxury scents such Creed and Maison Francis Kurkdjian as as well as some niche brands that I have included in previous blogs such as Kingdom Scotland and Ideo Parfumeurs.

Heading upstairs is their extensive range of men’s designer clothes where you can find items to suit your individual fashion style. I adore male fashion accessories so I enjoy browsing their range of bags, belts and shoes. I particularly love their range of Valentino backpacks and Christian Louboutin shoes.

The fourth floor is now home to Pad Lifestyle; a lifestyle store which sells a range of designer items for the home. Being a huge fan of Jonathan Adler I was very happy to see that they stock his range. Their range of candles are also exceptional and include the renowned Tom Dixon and L’Objet.

If you are looking for a great place to have a drink or two then head to their Forth Floor Bar which is the perfect place to unwind. They have a great selection of wines, spirits and creative cocktails and in my opinion one of the best Vesper Martinis in town.

The muted lighting, contemporary design and low key music provides a space to relax and their stunning picture windows provides a delightful view out towards the north of the city.

Louis Vuitton

French fashion house Louis Vuitton is renowned around the world, so we are very lucky to have one of their boutiques located at the entrance to Multrees Walk. I am always captivated by their unique and colourful window displays which tantalisingly draws me in every time. You can peruse their selection of bags, shoes and other leather goods or in true Blu Blazer Guy fashion head straight to their new fragrance collection (My favourite being ‘Sun Song’). What I really adore about this store is the friendly and knowledgeable staff. They seem to give off a certain pride for working for this luxury brand and can inform you about every single detail of each product.


Their Luxembourg trainer definitely caught my eye and of course it has to have a flash of blue. This comfortable trainer can be worn in both formal and casual settings and i recommend accenting it with a nice blue blazer.


Burberry has always been a favourite of brand of mine and when in need of a new jacket I visited the store to get some ideas. I was very surprised by their contemporary ranges of menswear. I have always been a big fan of their renowned range of trench coats but it wasn’t until one of their knowledgeable staff shared the story behind them that it really captivated me.

Their grey Chelsea Heritage Trench coat was my favourite due to its clean-cut silhouette and slim fit finish. Although it is a more traditional design it has been re-imagined to provide a more contemporary look.


Who doesn’t love coffee right? I am one of the many who can’t go a day without sipping on one. Working right around from Multrees Walk I am not too far from the fantastic selection of coffee’s available to buy from Nespresso. Every time I visit the store the customer service is extremely friendly and they always manage to entice me to try a new blend of coffee.

The best thing about it is that you can try any of the coffee’s before you buy, making sure you get that perfect blend to take home. You may leave with a huge caffeine high at the end but that just gives you an abundance of energy for more shopping on Multrees Walk!

Johnstons of Elgin

Luxury cashmere manufacturer Johnstons of Elgin recently launched their flagship store in Multrees Walk with their summer collection of cutting edge lightweight textiles and knit innovations. The spacious 2,000 square-foot store spans two floors which has been exceptionally designed, housing a beautiful collection of Woman’s and Men’s Clothing, scarves, accessories and home interiors. I recently attended their exclusive press launch and it was fantastic to see the faces behind the brand and to watch the passion for this new store shine through.

I especially love their Spring Summer 19’s Ischia Collection, the soft colours echo the buildings of the Italian Island and the fit and quality of each garment is second to none.

Multrees Walk

Guild Magazine Event – Edinburgh

Guild Magazine Event – Edinburgh

On Thursday 4th April, Guild Magazine held an exclusive event at Rox Jewellers on the prestigious George Street in Edinburgh. This event marked the official introduction of Guild Magazine in Europe and was attended by fifty creative and inspiring individuals in Scotland representing the world of fashion, art, travel, and food.


The event, hosted by Myself as UK Travel & Culture Director and editor Feraz Ahmed, welcomed the guests to the world of Guild Magazine.

Scott McGlashan (UK Travel & Culture Director) & Feraz Ahmed (editor)

Over delectable canapés, glasses of Moët & Chandon and cocktails served by the expert team at Rox, guests were able to meet some of the International Guild Magazine Team, who travelled from New York City for the special event. Founder & Editor-in-Chief Jose Morales, Fashion Director Luis De Jesus, Creative Arts Director Isabel Merchand, and Digital Design Consultant Robert Nunez, mingled with the guests throughout the night.

(Left to right) Fashion Director Luis De Jesus, Creative Arts Director Isabel Merchand, Digital Design Consultant Robert Nunez, Editor-in-Chief Jose Morales, UK Travel & Culture Director Scott McGlashan and Editor Feraz Ahmed at the Guild Magazine event in Edinburgh, Scotland.

After a speech by Feraz Ahmed introducing Guild Magazine and discussing its unprecedented success since its launch on August 2018, Jose Morales explained his mission for Guild Magazine: “to serve as a trusted voice for experts and professionals in the fields of fashion, art, travel, and food, by showcasing the work of people who have studied and dedicated their lives to their craft and areas of expertise, while inspiring a new generation of up-and-coming experts.” His speech was closed with a sneak peek of the next issue – The Travel Issue – highlighting an exclusive behind-the-scenes video of one of the fashion editorials featuring international supermodel, Pritika Swarup, and the covers commemorating this 3rd printed issue.

This event enabled the International Guild magazine team to truly convey the essence of what the magazine is about and highlight their passion towards it. We at Guild were overwhelmed by the positive response and forthcomingness from all those who attended.


At the end of the night, those in attendance received a deluxe gift bag with items provided by Walker Slater, Kiehl’s cosmetics, Darnley’s Gin, and Guild Magazine.

For more photos of the evening head to the events article at Guild Magazine.

Photography by Matt Maitland.



Designer Rory Hutton & The Royal Opera House

Designer Rory Hutton & The Royal Opera House

I first met Designer Rory Hutton a few years ago and I was immediately captivated by his passion for creating unique and intricately designed accessories. His distinctive range is a perfect combination of quality fabric, playful prints and artistic design, crafting a captivating collection of accessories that has captured the attention of numerous publications and stores. Rory Hutton’s products have been housed in prestigious stores such as Fortnum & Mason of Piccadilly and Brown Thomas and his work has been featured in various publications including Tatler and Marie Claire.

Rory Hutton is now excited to announce his first collaboration with the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden.

The designer is honoured to be working with this prestigious institution, which has been a rich source of inspiration to designers and artists for generations.

The Royal Opera House commissioned Rory to design an exclusive collection of prints to celebrate their forthcoming season and to coincide with the opening of their new retail store. An ROH spokesperson described the designers range:

‘From stationery to silk scarves, Rory Hutton offers an exquisite range which is the embodiment of pure poetry’

Designed exclusively for The Royal Opera House this series of linocuts illustrates some of the key composers, productions and performances that have contributed to a rich and vibrant story telling tradition, works including Mozart’s The Marriage of Figaro and Wagner’s epic cycle Der Ring Das Nibelungen. The collection also examines some of the key composer’s associated with the Royal Opera House including Giuseppe Verdi, Benjamin Britten and George Fredrick Handle. Rory describes the experience:

‘Working closely with the Royal Opera House was a fantastic opportunity to immerse myself in the world of classical music, examining the stories and symbolism associated with the performances fulfilled my musical education’.

Rory’s intricately carved lino prints were used to create an array of products including; silk pocket squares, scarves and ties, Irish linen bow ties and the designers first range of stationary. An atelier in Italy manufactured all the silk products while the socks and stationary were made in England and the Irish linen bow ties by Rory himself at his Glasgow studio.

‘It is a massive honour to be working so closely with such a prominent institution, walking through the Stage Door to attend design meetings was a thrilling experience’.

Rory’s collection is now available to view and purchase from the Royal Opera House shop and online at:

Siobhan Mackenzie x Caorunn

Siobhan Mackenzie x Caorunn


Caorunn Collaborate With Scottish Designer To Champion Craftsmanship

The premium Scottish gin Caorunn (pronounced “ka-roon”) is proud to announce a collaboration with multiple award-winning creator of cutting-edge kilts, Siobhan Mackenzie. Siobhan has created a bespoke kilt, the iconic handcrafted Scottish garment, celebrating Caorunn’s contemporary tartan which is officially registered by The Scottish Tartan Authority.

Designer, Siobhan Mackenzie

The collaboration will champion Scottish craftsmanship in which designer Siobhan Mackenzie has taken inspiration from the Scottish handcrafted gin Caorunn to create a bespoke kilt.

While the traditional kilt dates to the 1720s, Mackenzie’s extremely eye-catching, contemporary stance, sees her contrast multiple fabrics and colours, leading to unexpected style features. Chiming with her ethos, Mackenzie describes Caorunn as a particularly current brand underpinned by a strong sense of Scottish craft.

Siobhan Mackenzie says: ‘I was filled with inspiration on how to take the Caorunn tartan forward in a way which emulates the beauty aesthetic form of the Caorunn bottle. Master Distiller, Simon Buley’s attention to detail, his commitment to using the highest quality ingredients and the exquisite level of craftsmanship is what makes Caorunn.’

Proudly small batch, handcrafted premium gin distilled in the heart of the Scottish Highlands harnessing pure, natural Scottish water, and is infused with five locally foraged botanicals, being: dandelion, heather, coul bush apple, bog myrtle and rowan berries working in harmony with six traditional gin botanicals.

Caorunn is created personally, in a unique way by Gin Master, Simon Buley. Simon forages local Celtic botanicals on the hills around Balmenach Distillery and expertly oversees the infusion of Caorunn in the world’s only working Copper Berry Chamber. The slow infusion of this chamber sets Caorunn apart.

Simon Buley, Caorunn master distiller, says; “The terroir, the process and the people ensure passion, innovation and tradition are poured into every bottle of Caorunn Gin. We are proud others are able to take inspiration in what we do. I strongly believe in championing Scottish craftsmanship and Siobhan is the perfect example of what makes it so special.”

The unisex Caorunn kilt is formed of a staple black skirt replete with a swoosh of grey Caorunn tartan running through back pleats, finished with a touch of tartan on the waistband and fringe. ‘It can be taken from day to night in a heartbeat,’ says Mackenzie. ‘The daytime look may be teamed with a cashmere sweater, long riding boots and tights; for the evening, it can be paired with black heels and blouse.’ The menswear kilt, meanwhile, may be worn formally with black or grey Argyll kilt jacket and waistcoat, with black kilt socks and shoes, or casually with boots and a polo shirt or sweater.

For more information and to check out Siobhan’s amazing collection of unique kilts of men and woman head to

Contents and photography from Stellar Public Relations

Guild Magazine

Guild Magazine

If you have seen my social media recently then you will have noticed some exciting news. I am now part of the amazing New York City-based Guild Magazine.

Guild magazine’s first issue launched on 5th July 2018 and it’s Editor in Chief, Jose Morales describes it as a magazine “Designed to serve as a reliable and trusted voice for professionals and up-and-comers in the fields of photography, fashion, arts, travel and food. A no-boundaries platform for individuals not afraid to push the limits of their expertise, while setting new standards in their professions, and art”.

Photo by BlueAngel Photography New York

In a twist of fate a few years back I met Jose Morales, a creative individual full of passion for all things photography. Through him, I then met the lovely Luis DeJesus and together they were a force to be reckoned with. In their combined creativity an idea came to life and that idea was Guild magazine. They assembled a team, got their heads together and delved full force into creating a high-quality magazine that contained something for everyone. I have now been blogging for over five years and It was through my blog and social media that I was able to meet these inspiring individuals, Jose therefore kindly asked me to take part in his amazing project as UK Travel/Culture Director which of course I immediately accepted.

Photo by BlueAngel Photography New York

Although I knew that the team behind the magazine were extremely talented it took me by surprise when the first issue launched at the beginning of this month. The quality, content and design immediately impressed me and I was glad to be part of such a creative group. The aptly named inauguration issue was embellished with four commemorative covers shot by the talented BlueAngel Photography, each showcasing the high level of quality that is present throughout the magazine.

Guild Magazine Cover – Photo by BlueAngel Photography New York

Being from the City of Edinburgh I thought It was only fitting that I wrote about this in the first issue. Along with the beautifully artistic photos captured by blue angel photography I wanted to encapsulate the historic charm that oozes from every cobbled street here and showcase what a unique and charming city that it is. So if you’re are thinking about coming to Edinburgh then head to the article and get all the information you need to get the most out of your experience.

Edinburgh Castle – Photo by BlueAngel Photography New York

If travel is your thing then you can also read articles on the other amazing destinations featured such as Lisbon, Israel, Budapest and Milan. The magazine is also crammed full of glossy informative articles on other areas such as Fashion, art and food so there is a part of the magazine to capture the imagination of anyone.

This is only the beginning of Guild so if you want to support the journey then head to Guild magazine is available in premium print (table-book quality) and digital versions and keep up to date by visiting the website or the numerous social media platforms detailed below.

Contact Details / Social Media

Guild Magazine

BlueAngel Photography New York LLC

New York, NY, 10036

Rox and Hublot Watches – The Art of Fusion

Rox and Hublot Watches – The Art of Fusion

As the car slowly made its way up the long gravelled driveway, out of the darkness an impressive building that was Hopetoun House was lit up red . Stepping out , I could hear the roar from the convoy of Ferrari supercars that were halted in front of this stately home. Standing proudly in the the middle, a large sculpture in black, white and red reading ‘The Art of Fusion’.

Hopetoun House

Hublot; the luxury Swiss watch brand  were hosting a fantastic evening to celebrate their brand’s motto: The Art of fusion. The Art of Fusion Tour had already taken place in eight other countries and luckily for us, it was Edinburgh’s turn. Guests were invited to this prestigious event, which was also demonstrated the partnership between Hublot and luxury jewellers, ROX.

The sound of bagpipes welcomed me into Hopetoun House and once inside, I was treated to a champagne reception complete with scrumptious canapés. This was a fantastic opportunity to wander and admire this 17th Century home. Within each room, Hublot’s watches were displayed in all their glory. With each piece, it truly showcased how their brands motto is most defensively put into practice: fusing tradition with innovation and style.

I was honoured enough to have some time to converse with Hublot’s CEO; Ricardo Guadalupe and their brand director; Benoit Lecigne. Their excitement and enthusiasm  was so contagious that I found myself trying on my favourite timepiece. The Big Bang Blue demonstrates  a simple yet sophisticated look. This chronograph movement had a 44mm case which was was supported by a fusion of blue rubber and alligator strap. in fact, Hublot first introduced the concept The Art of Fusion with The Big Bang, by mixing materials such as gold, ceramic, carbon fibre and rubber.

Big Bang Blue Watch

As the piper escorted us to the grand ballroom for our five course gala dinner, we were greeted with beautifully decorated tables under the twinkle of the large chandeliers overhead. The menu blended both Scottish and Swiss traditions.  Having a sweet tooth myself, I especially loved the Scottish Mont Blanc; a towering dome of whisky meringue, raspberry parfait perched on a bed of oatmeal sponge.


During dinner, Pipe-Major Iain Grant recited ‘Address to a Haggis’ by Scotland’s renowned poet, Robert Burns.  As tradition permits, his knife sunk into the haggis and we toasted with a deliciously smoky whiskey. As the meal came to an end, we were treated to a performance by Scottish-born singer Lewis Capaldi.  Finishing the night off, we all rose from our seats and guided into the crisp autumn air outside. The red lit building provided a spectacular backdrop to a 16-piece pipe band filling the air with traditional Scottish pipe music. At such a moment, I felt extremely  proud to be Scottish and to be part of such an amazing event.

Hublot CEO, Ricardo Guadalupe.

So if you are looking for a gift for that special person, why not head to your nearest Rox Boutique and check out the latest stock of the Hublot watch range.