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If you have seen my social media recently then you will have noticed some exciting news. I am now part of the amazing New York City-based Guild Magazine.

Guild magazine’s first issue launched on 5th July 2018 and it’s Editor in Chief, Jose Morales describes it as a magazine “Designed to serve as a reliable and trusted voice for professionals and up-and-comers in the fields of photography, fashion, arts, travel and food. A no-boundaries platform for individuals not afraid to push the limits of their expertise, while setting new standards in their professions, and art”.

Photo by BlueAngel Photography New York

In a twist of fate a few years back I met Jose Morales, a creative individual full of passion for all things photography. Through him, I then met the lovely Luis DeJesus and together they were a force to be reckoned with. In their combined creativity an idea came to life and that idea was Guild magazine. They assembled a team, got their heads together and delved full force into creating a high-quality magazine that contained something for everyone. I have now been blogging for over five years and It was through my blog and social media that I was able to meet these inspiring individuals, Jose therefore kindly asked me to take part in his amazing project as UK Travel/Culture Director which of course I immediately accepted.

Photo by BlueAngel Photography New York

Although I knew that the team behind the magazine were extremely talented it took me by surprise when the first issue launched at the beginning of this month. The quality, content and design immediately impressed me and I was glad to be part of such a creative group. The aptly named inauguration issue was embellished with four commemorative covers shot by the talented BlueAngel Photography, each showcasing the high level of quality that is present throughout the magazine.

Guild Magazine Cover – Photo by BlueAngel Photography New York

Being from the City of Edinburgh I thought It was only fitting that I wrote about this in the first issue. Along with the beautifully artistic photos captured by blue angel photography I wanted to encapsulate the historic charm that oozes from every cobbled street here and showcase what a unique and charming city that it is. So if you’re are thinking about coming to Edinburgh then head to the article and get all the information you need to get the most out of your experience.

Edinburgh Castle – Photo by BlueAngel Photography New York

If travel is your thing then you can also read articles on the other amazing destinations featured such as Lisbon, Israel, Budapest and Milan. The magazine is also crammed full of glossy informative articles on other areas such as Fashion, art and food so there is a part of the magazine to capture the imagination of anyone.

This is only the beginning of Guild so if you want to support the journey then head to Guild magazine is available in premium print (table-book quality) and digital versions and keep up to date by visiting the website or the numerous social media platforms detailed below.

Contact Details / Social Media

Guild Magazine

BlueAngel Photography New York LLC

New York, NY, 10036

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