D’OTTO 1+7

It is fair to say that I was extremely excited when I first came across fragrance house D’OTTO. Spherical bottles of gold and black began to appear on my social media feed, instantly hooking me in with their eye-catching design and unique concept. D’OTTO meaning 8 in Italian, represents the symbol of infinity, perfectly portraying the brand’s boundless creative process. Sold exclusively in Selfridges, D’OTTO takes iconic art pieces from around the world and encapsulates their very essence in each bottle. D’OTTO introduces this as a new form of Art: The 8th Art which is liquid art. For their first collection, Perfumer Paolo Terenzi translates abstract creations into five liquid art pieces chosen for their emotional resonance and untamed creativity. In keeping with the brand’s name, the name of each fragrance amounts to 8. I immediately gravitated towards 1+7, a fougère aquatic scent translating Pollock’s Number 31.

Jackson Pollock No 31

The creative energy ebbs from every component of these fragrances, starting of course with the unique presentation box. Embellished with black and white dots and a distinctive logo, the fragrance name is cleverly displayed using a row of golden beads. The box opens up to reveal a matte black interior perfectly encasing the golden orb-shaped vessel. The bottle itself is a work of art, its spherical base magically balancing its round heavy top whilst reflecting the D’OTTO logo. This is one of those bottles that I want to have on display but also want to protect in its presentation box. It could have been style over substance, thankfully however as I took in my first spray of 1+7 I was immediately impressed and captivated.

When I originally looked at Pollock’s Number 31 it portrayed a tangle of black and white drips of paint on a large-scale canvas, so I expected the fragrance to be a rather chaotic concoction. However, what I got was something completely different, there is no denying that the moment the scent first caressed my skin, I smiled from ear to ear. After travelling to Italy on numerous occasions, this fragrance immediately ignited wonderful images and memories. Wandering under sun-kissed lemon groves, the sparkling fizz of grapefruit San Pellegrino over ice, glistening zesty sorbet next to the sea, tree-lined streets of orange blossoms and sweet shots of limoncello. Of course, there is nothing new to having citrus accords present in the top notes, but for me, Paolo has sourced the most beautiful Italian ingredients imparting a familiar uplifting opening but with a more stunning air of grace and elegance. Like a splash of refreshing cologne on a warm summer’s day, this effervescent blend perpetuates an unquestionable joyous quality providing an instantaneous boost for the soul. 

Usually fleeting those initial hespiredic notes continue to sparkle from the skin whilst the fragrance steers us towards an Italian winding country road. Imagine wandering through the Tuscan outdoors, golden sunshine blanketing the undulating rolling hills. You find a clearing to rest your weary legs and as you take a deep breath a perfumed canopy of herbaceous nuances fills your nose.  It’s almost as if a gentle breeze has picked up the scent of sage,  lavender and thyme, floating towards you in an aromatic swirl of spicy, earthy and delicately sweet tones. As you lay back under the sun, lush green leaves and foliage crush beneath you releasing their grounding scent.  It’s as if a truly blissful and harmonious moment has been perfectly captured in the bottle.  

Whilst the fragrance is warming there is an incessant freshness that ripples in the background, a clean slither of energy that persists until the very end. For me this is what gives this fougère a more contemporary edge, avoiding that traditional herbaceous shaving soap scent that I deviate from. As it reaches the base a stunning woodiness ensues, with a blend of Tahitian Vetiver, Sandalwood and Cambodian Oud. It billows from the skin, undulating between light and dark but never becoming too heavy.  The fragrance always swerves back to that remarkable ethereality, a light and carefree ambience that surrounds the wearer. Musk and Ambergris provide a powdered veil of softness assisting the notes that oscillate from the skin to last as long as possible. There is no denying that this fragrance will give you a wonderful olfactory journey, whether you experience a similar Italian vacation to mine or perceive one of Pollock’s famous art pieces. 

As we move into the winter months here in Scotland, I will be spraying this on days when I need a little bolster of vitality. Flirting between energy and subtlety I found this fragrance such a pleasure to wear and I look forward to seeing what other creations D’OTTO come up with in the future.

Fragrance Concentration: Extrait de Parfum
Size: 100ml
Available exclusively from Selfridges. All D’OTTO fragrances can be refilled for life at their in store fountain.

Blu Blazer Guy Rating:
Presentation 4.5/5
Sillage 4/5
Projection 4/5
Longevity 4/5

Top: Sicilian Grapefruit, Sorrento Lemon, Calabrian Bergamot, Basilicata Petitgrain
Heart: Orange Blossom, Sage, Lake Garda Lavender & Thyme
Base: Sandalwood, Tahitian Vetiver, Musk, Ambergris, Cambodian Oud

This was a PR Sample but all views are my own,.

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