Jo Loves Golden Gardenia

It is safe to say I was an instant fan of Jo Loves since walking into their London store on 42 Elizabeth Street . As I took in the scented air and cast my eye over the crisp white packaging embellished with that distinguishable red dot, I couldn’t wait to explore their range of fragrances, candles, bath and body products. Created by renowned fragrance connoisseur Jo Malone CBE the collection is inspired by special memories and moments of travel in her life. After selling Jo Malone London in 1999, Jo Malone’s passion for all things fragrance drew her back into this creative world and in 2011 Jo Loves was born. Being severely dyslexic Jo would give her seal of approval using a dot, rather than a signature. It was this combined with a bottle of Shanghai red nail polish that inspired their logo, allowing her products to be instantly noticeable.

Released in spring 2022 was Jo Loves new offering, a delightful creation named Golden Gardenia. The bottle deviates from the usual demure glass facade into a shimmering piece of art. Dappled with a gold leaf pattern, the vessel glistens beautifully like a sunset dancing on water. As soon as you expel the scented elixir upon your skin you’re welcomed with a rush of the most stunning aroma, the alluring redolence of Gardenia. This elegant white flower is no shrinking violet, a daring floral that’s aim is to seduce and beguile the senses. Imagine a garden of these succulent white flowers, their petals replenished with the pure vitality of the day’s golden sunlight. As night falls they revel in the warm summer evening, expelling their sweet potent perfume into the air which carries in the breeze. The initial spray is heady and sensual, a compelling creamy blanket of coconut and peach-like nuances that coat the skin. Please don’t dismay if you aren’t a floral person as this fragrance has so much more to reveal.

As the opulent and tantalising aroma continues to fill the air, a smooth and spicy note begins to ensue bringing an undeniable richness and smoothness. I imagine the flowers cut from their thick green stems, a voluminous display of foliage billowing from a crystal vase with a stick of incense burning in its presence, the delicate smoky trail winding through its white petals. A warm scattering of Cardamom and an injection of Elemi bring forth a resinous slither of spice and freshness. It has an almost church-like essence, that incense-filled air flecked with heady flowers. This unique facet transforms what could have been an old-fashioned fragrance into a surprising contemporary fusion. Golden Gardenia dries down to a sumptuously woody scent, one that continuously draws you in whilst the star of the show never strays too far away. That resilient Gardenia perpetuates, its velvety enticing tones whispering until the very end. For someone who has tried a lot of Jo Loves fragrances, this one deviates from the usual citrus creations that Jo Malone is renowned for. For me, I think it’s a welcomed departure, a robust release that will be sure to impress many wearers. I usually find that white floral fragrances induce headaches, however there just seems to be the perfect balance of floral, sweetness, smokiness and spice to counteract that. With its attractive presentation, bold notes and impressive longevity it’s one I will happily add to my ever-growing fragrance wardrobe.

Fragrance Concentration: Parfum
Size: 50ml, 100ml
Available from Jo Loves

Blu Blazer Guy Rating:
Presentation 4/5
Sillage 4/5
Projection 4/5
Longevity 4/5

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