Parfums de Marly Haltane

Chateau de Marly, built between 1679 and 1683 was a former French royal residence of Louis XIV who was known to party there with his favourite courtiers. Masked gala balls, concerts and exuberant meals were the norm providing an elegant and refined gathering for only the chosen few. These celebrations also held a scented history, the court of the King being infatuated with fragrance. Gloves, fans, pouches and even the fountains were saturated in perfume, filling the air with elegant aromas. Parfums de Marly is a renowned fragrance house that took inspiration from this, encapsulating the splendour and lifestyle of this residence that was exclusively used for pleasure and celebration. Created by Julien Sprecher, Parfum de Marly’s 28 distinguished fragrances marry traditional and contemporary aspects, blending French finesse with daring compositions.

I recently discovered their newest release Haltane, originally an exclusive for Harrods, but now available at several other outlets. With this particular release, you can’t help but notice the stunning Harrod’s racing green packaging, which only gives you a hint of the elegant perfume inside. Like all Parfums de Marly bottles, Haltane’s radiates an air of sophistication, luxury and opulence. The dark green vessel is embellished with the emblem emulating the Chateau de Marly horse sculptures that remain outside the grounds to this day. Crowned with a solid etched golden top and adorned with gold writing, there is no doubting that the fragrance is something truly special.

From the moment you spritz the skin with the sophisticated elixir of Haltane, you immediately experience an impressive profusion of vibrancy. It almost has hints of traditional cologne, uplifting and citric but with an added underlying density. Bergamot with its spicy zestful undertone awakens the senses, its rough skin ripped open to reveal its energetic juice. It evokes memories of walking into a traditional barber shop when I was younger, that fresh masculine scent peppering the air as the sound of razors buzzed in the background. Tones of lavender soon come to the forefront, undulating from the skin with waves of herbal sweetness. Imagine the sun shining on a field of purple buds, a soft breeze gliding through their aromatic foliage to release a delicate scent. Usually fleeting, the top notes of Haltane persevere, determined to reveal every facet of themselves. This is a true testament to the high-quality ingredients used. From the very beginning, Haltane has this undeniable vigour paired with a fresh and light gracefulness. This is a contrast that continues throughout the journey of the perfume.

As the initial freshness eases it begins to exude the richness you would expect from a Parfums de Marly scent. Haltane embarks on a suave and opulent journey, treating the wearer to an addictively smooth, sweet and woody combination. Resinous Cedarwood reveals its soothing nuances, acting as a warm anchor between the freshness of the top notes and what is yet to come. A lavishing of praline coats the skin, its bubbling caramelised sugar bringing an unmistakable sweetness that somehow never becomes too cloying. Saffron lays bare its honey-like subtleties, a soft interjection of additional warmth and sweetness. Slowly but surely it unfolds further to unveil its delicate leather nuances perfectly timed to support the ensuing base notes.

Earthy and woody notes intensify with the unravelling of vetiver and mythical Agarwood (Oud) sustaining that ever-present light and shade. As a huge fan of Oud, to not destroy my love of this beautiful ingredient I have tended to avoid it recently. There seemed to be a point where it inundated the market. But Haltane has lured me back in with its undeniable magnetism, reigniting my love once more. The Oud adds weight and richness to this fragrance, its smoky entrails teasing out the very best of its accompanying notes. Additionally, like a warm horse saddle baking in the sunshine, nuances of smooth leather rise and fall in the air. Combined with the saffron it unmasks a lighter facet of the leather, soft and suede-like with sweet undertones. Haltane has an indisputable longevity, a resplendent suaveness that covers the skin with a blanket of pure decadence. With just a few sprays of this alluring fragrance it unleashes a billowing cloud of addictive and sensual nuances. There is no doubt that Haltane is a costly purchase for most, however, with its complex depth and superior aroma it’s a luxurious fragrance that has a deserving place in anyone’s fragrance collection.

Blu Blazer Guy Rating:
Presentation 4.5/5
Sillage 4/5
Projection 4/5
Longevity 4/5

Fragrance Concentration: Eau de Parfum
Size: Available in 125ml
Available to buy in numerous stores and Parfum de Marly website.

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