Patchouli Magnetik by Maison Crivelli

I first came across Maison Crivelli in 2019 whilst visiting Paris, its striking modern orange and white branding immediately lured me in. As I wandered around sampling each of their scents, I was instantly captivated, you could even say it was love at first smell. Founded by Parisian-born Thibaud Crivelli in 2018, this contemporary Haute parfumerie has gone from strength to strength and you will now notice it grace the shelves of many worldwide luxury stores. Working with renowned perfumers from around the world, Thibaud has created some stunning and very artistic fragrances, all inspired by real-life memorable experiences. From sandalwood found by an erupting volcano to the discovery of roses near the ocean, each of the fragrant interpretations is unique and like nothing like I have experienced before.

Recently launched in 2022 is the Maison’s second Extrait de Parfum, Patchouli Magnetik, created in partnership with renowned Perfumer Quentin Bisch. This new and exciting vegan collection draws inspiration from intense and surprising sensorial experiences. The outer packaging strays away from the Maison’s usual bright white exterior, instead, it takes on a darker anthracite facade. Differentiating the new range from the others, the Patchouli Magnetik vessel reveals a striking appearance, its glass lacquered in a dramatic amber hue. Crowning the bottle is the unique unpolished zamac cap, each one non-identical and embellished with the Maison Crivelli Monogram. Beyond the packaging, Maison Crivelli cleverly taps into our olfactory processes further by providing online images and sounds relating to the fragrance, allowing you to completely immerse yourself in its composition. 

Patchouli Magnetik takes its inspiration from a motorcycle ride through patchouli fields during a tropical storm in Indonesia . Just like an unexpected thunderbolt, the audacious opening of the fragrance is impactful and highly surprising. A few people may grapple to get passed this initial olfactory explosion but just as the name suggests it has a captivating magnetism that continues to lure you in. Even me, whose nostrils have inhaled a plethora of scents was taken aback by this, but stick with it and I promise you won’t be disappointed. The opening exudes what I can only describe as the intense smell you experience before an impending storm. Imagine tumultuous clouds that rumble in the distance, the nuances of warm soil and dense undergrowth permeating the static air. These intensely charged notes combine with dark ploughs of fuel-induced smoke, billowing from the motorbikes fuselage as it careers along narrow gravelled roads. Metallic-like nuances suspended in the humid air merge with a powerful punch of Patchouli. Dark and mysterious this patchouli is like nothing you have smelt before, exuding earthy, moist and woody notes with hints of spice and bitter chocolate.

Envisaging a surge of precipitation expelling from the sky, a deluge of droplets crash against the dense green patchouli, their rain-soaked leaves being illuminated by the lightning above. Although those dark and spicy notes continue to undulate from the skin, it’s almost as if the rain has cleared the air allowing the heady scent to ease revealing glimmers of tropical notes. Gardenia and white peach merge beautifully to create a subtly sweet and fruity combination with delicate hints of coconut. This perfect contrast with the patchouli uncovers a softness and slight gourmand slant to the fragrance. For me, this is when the fragrance becomes truly captivating. Notes of sandalwood, leather, benzoin and vanilla lavish the skin with a covering of the sweetest and seductive undertones. The creaminess is undeniably addictive with that continuous vein of musky spiciness from the patchouli never being too far away. Like a thick amber, it clings to the skin for the longest time, seductively daring and delicate at the same time.

Patchouli Magnetik is certainly a polarising fragrance, one that you will either love or hate. Whatever the choice, you cannot help but notice the work and creativity that has gone into creating such a unique scent. Thibaud’s ability to convey his experience to the perfumer and reimagine it in such an intricate fragrant form is what makes Maison Crivelli so special. This is a scent that demands to be noticed, a resilient redolence that flirts between bold and soft. Just like its predecessor, Hibiscus Mahajad, this fragrance has an impressive 33% concentration. So as you can imagine, only a little spray is needed to ignite this full Crivelli experience. I dare you to try it and let me know if you enjoy the atmospheric ride through a fragranced tropical storm. I certainly did!

Blu Blazer Guy Rating:
Presentation 4.5/5
Sillage 5/5
Projection 5/5
Longevity 5/5

Fragrance Concentration: Extrait De Parfum
Size: Available in 5ml and 50ml
Available to buy at Selfridges and Maison Crivelli

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