Faîr Parfum – Faîr Gallant

In 1888 perfumer Francis Charrier set out to create Faîr Parfum, a perfume house that would rebel against the industrialisation of the perfume industry. By paying fair wages to its workers and injecting profits into educating their workers’ children, this innovative fragrance house quickly made an impact within the circles of French high society. In 1895 Francis established Le Club 1888, the only place where individuals could purchase his exclusive high-quality fragrances. Francis’s grandson, Phillipe took the reins in 1988 and continued to uphold the values, quality and expertise that Faîr Parfum was renowned for. It wasn’t until 2020 when Faîr Parfum opened its doors to the world, revealing its exquisite and unique fragrances to everyone. Situated in Grasse, Faîr Parfum is the last remaining completely hand-crafted perfumery in the world with each of the perfume-making processes carried out by traditional methods.

There are currently four hand-made fragrances from Faîr Parfum; Faîr Royale, Faîr Gallant, Dawn Rose and Bisou, each created using pure natural ingredients and boasting an impressive 25% concentration. With only 5000 bottles available in the world Faîr Parfum offers premium exclusive fragrances at a remarkable price by cutting out distributors and retailers. After previously experiencing the impressive Faîr Royale, this time I delved into the world of Faîr Gallant. Made by artisan glassblowers in Grasse, the fragrance is housed in a slit glossy black bottle, hand-etched in gold writing and adorned with a round gold lid.

From the first spray of Faîr Gallant, the fragrance explodes with an uplifting profusion of fruity nuances. Initially, Bergamot comes to the forefront, releasing a burst of energy with its bitter citrusy vibes. As this energetic note dissipates, a juicy and sweet injection of pineapple unmasks its nectareous aromas. It almost conjures up an image of the golden juices that trickle from the fruits vibrant glistening flesh. Before its sweetness overtakes, a sharp hit of fresh apple combines with a garnishing of tart blackcurrant. This chosen collection of notes converge together to create the most distinguished combination, a stunning fruit cocktail that ebbs elegantly from the skin.

Although the fruity concoction continues to cascade in the background, it gradually begins to evolve and take on a new dimension. My attention immediately gravitates towards the aromatic and resinous characteristics of the Juniper berry. Its pine-like tones lift the scent and almost bring a slight cooling sensation to the skin. As it delves deeper and mingles with the Birch and Patchouli, a playful combination of fresh and spicy notes present themselves, delicately infused with a slight whisper of smoke. Although the floral notes of Rose and Jasmine are present, it is the Jasmine that makes more of an impression for me. Its soft, musky richness adds an unmistakable sensual intensity.

There is no doubt that the tenacious pineapple note weaves its way through the fragrance until the very end. However, its initial juicy distinctions are more subdued due to a blanket of rich woody nuances which start to manifest. Oakmoss adds an additional depth of sensuality furthered with lashings of addictive Musk and Ambergris. A slight hint of Vanilla adds a final dash of creamy warmth without being overly sweet.

Faîr Gallant’s impressive formulation and 25% concentration means you won’t be let down when it comes to longevity. On numerous occasions I have worn it and it has remained on the skin for upwards of six hours. This fragrance stylishly flirts between light and dark tones which makes it extremely versatile for all occasions and times of the year. There is no doubt there is an unmistakable masculine vibe when it comes to Faîr Gallant and like Faîr Royale it deserves a place in any fragrance collection.

Fragrance Notes
Top notes – bergamot, pineapple, apple and blackcurrant
Heart notes – Birch, Jasmine, Patchouli, Juniper Berry and Rose
Base Notes – Ambergris, Oakmoss, Vanilla and Musk

Blu Blazer Guy Rating:
Presentation 4/5
Sillage 4/5
Projection 4/5
Longevity 4/5
Fragrance Concentration: Natural Extrait de Parfum

Available to buy from Faîr Parfum

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