Faîr Parfum – Faîr Royale

In 1888 perfumer Francis Charrier set out to create Faîr Parfum, a perfume house that would rebel against the industrialisation of the perfume industry. By paying fair wages to its workers and injecting profits into educating their workers’ children, this innovative fragrance house quickly made an impact within the circles of French high society. In 1895 Francis established Le Club 1888, the only place where individuals could purchase his exclusive high-quality fragrances. Francis’s grandson, Phillipe took the reins in 1988 and continued to uphold the values, quality and expertise that Faîr Parfum was renowned for. It wasn’t until 2020 when Faîr Parfum opened its doors to the world, revealing its exquisite and unique fragrances to everyone. Situated in Grasse, Faîr Perfums is the last remaining completely hand-crafted perfumery in the world with each of the perfume-making processes carried out by traditional methods. 

There are currently four hand-made fragrances from Faîr Parfum; Faîr Royale, Faîr Gallant, Dawn Rose and Bisou, each created using pure natural ingredients and boasting an impressive 25% concentration. With only 5000 bottles available in the world Faîr Parfum offers premium exclusive fragrances at a remarkable price by cutting out distributors and retailers. After receiving a sample of each, I leaned towards the stunning Faîr Royale which exuded the sophistication and refinement that I seek in a fragrance. Made by artisan glassblowers in Grasse, the fragrance is housed in a stylish blue bottle, hand-etched in gold writing and adorned with a round gold lid.

If you tend to not gravitate towards vanilla in a fragrance, you may automatically look at Faîr Royale’s notes and veer away from it. However, I implore you to give it a go. There is no doubt from the moment you spray it upon the skin that vanilla sets the tone of this fragrance. This vanilla exudes a stunning enveloping nuance and certainly not the cloying qualities that this ingredient can occasionally emit. Benzoin adds another rich layer to this distinguished fragrance and like its resinous nature, it almost ebbs over the skin, releasing its delicate spicy and woody nuances as the skin heats up. 

Just as I thought Faîr Royale couldn’t get any better it proceeded to take me by surprise, transforming into the most elegant and sumptuous aroma. A warm powdery sweetness ensues with an outstanding combination of Labdanum, Musk and Ambergris. This tenacious composition is brought together with intense lashings of Amber adding another level of richness and depth that makes it a truly addictive scent. The impressive set of powerful notes waver from the skin creating a woody, sweet and spicy aura that is sure to turn heads. Even though the notes are concentrated and intense, there is always an accompanying softness taming the fragrance whilst respecting it at the same time. A final comforting bed of Tonka beans envelopes the skin, releasing its creamy, honey-like tones right until the very end.

I will be honest and say that this fragrance house caught me off guard in a very unexpected way. From the presentation, the affordable price and high-quality, it is certainly on par with other prestigious fragrances in the market. I found the longevity of Faîr Royale particularly impressive, with only a few spritzes lasting a full day. I can genuinely say I am very happy to have stumbled upon this exclusive range and I looking forward to exploring more of what this lucrative fragrance house has to offer.

Top: Vanilla and Benzoin
Heart: Labdanum, Amber Accord, Musk and Ambergris
Base: Tonka Beans 

Blu Blazer Guy Rating:
Presentation 4/5
Sillage 4/5
Projection 4.5/5
Longevity 4.5/5

Fragrance Concentration: Natural Extrait de Parfum
Available from Faîr Perfume

10 thoughts on “Faîr Parfum – Faîr Royale

  1. Thank you for your review. I was searching Fair Royale reviews online and found this. I received Royale over the weekend, your review describes it to a tee. The smell is incredible and the lasting power is phenomenal, I had a quick spray to test it when I got it and 10 hours later I could still smell it. At work the compliments are flooding in.


  2. A very informative piece on a wonderful Perfume House. I have both Gallant & Royale. You articulated the sweetness that comes later from the labdanum, musk and ambergris perfectly. I was struggling to work out what was driving this. I hope you can review Gallant some time soon. The two are poles apart but both are exquisite and last such a long time.

    Great article Scott & well done for bringing attention to Fair!

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  3. I was sent a link to this blog by a friend. I don’t normally read fragrance blogs but this was a good read and very informative. I ended up buying Royale. My day to day fragrance is Chanel Bleu and for special occasions I wear Creed Aventus. For smell and lasting power Fair Royale beats both hands down. It also feels better on my skin, not sure why. At £75 this was a bargain.

    I have tried to find concentration levels for other fragrances but none of them disclose this information, as a consumer I should know what’s in my perfume. Thank you. Chris

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    1. Thanks Chris, I am glad that you enjoyed the post. As a fragrance enthusiast I’ve tried many fragrances and this certainly made an impression, hence why I had to share it on here. I’ve often been dissatisfied with the longevity of many of them but this one has great staying power for the price. Thanks again for reading.


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