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Let’s be honest, this year hasn’t been that much fun has it? Between lockdown, travel bans and countless other restrictions, we’ve all had to think outside the box to keep ourselves happy and motivated. I don’t know about you but fragrance has become an important vessel in transporting me from the walls of my home to my favourite places around the globe.  There is no better fragrance connoisseur that manages to combine the world of perfume and travel than Jo Malone CBE. Her fantastic brand Jo Loves, is an innovative new scent, bath, body and candle collection that is inspired by special memories and moments of travel.

I recently visited their 42 Elizabeth Street store in London and was guided through all the stunning fragrances on offer. I thought it would be a good idea to share my favourite Jo Loves products with you.


Green Orange and Coriander

This is the first fragrance that I tried from the Jo Loves brand, it immediately captivated me with its warm, aromatic and spicy notes. It’s a fragrance that for me is both uplifting but enveloping at the same time. Jo Malone created this fragrance with memories of New York, where she would be having Sunday brunch with a large glass of wine in front of a roaring fire. I think she has embodied this in the fragrance perfectly.  Head to the video below to explore the notes and fragrance further.

Red Truffle 21

This is one of the most recent fragrances that I have tried from the range and I wish I had discovered it sooner. This is a full on fig fragrance, but the additional notes add a depth and complexity that is literally like wrapping a warm scarf around your neck on a cold day. It is comforting, nourishing and relaxing, and is perfect for this time of the year. Head to the video below to explore the notes and fragrance further.

Mango Thai Lime

If you want to be transported to the shores of Thailand then this is your fragrance. Even the colour of the fragrance exudes that juicy hue of golden mango. This is no doubt a fruity composition and I was worried that it would be overly sweet, but the addition of lime and mint leaves really cuts through it bringing a supplementary level of uplifting energy. There is also a hint of black pepper which laces the scent with a slight spice. This scent wavers between warming and cool accords which I imagine to represent that ocean breeze as you walk along the Thai beach. An immediate boost of summer whenever you need it, which is perfect as we go into winter! Head to the video below to explore the notes and fragrance further.

Pink Vetiver

This is my most recent purchase after my visit to the London store. I immediately gravitated to it because of its stunning combination of notes. This scent plays with that warm but fresh theme, the spicy notes of cardamom, crushed pink pepper and ginger all intertwined with a stunning earthy vetiver. It is an addictive scent and when I wear it I literally cannot stop smelling my wrists. It’s now up there in my top fragrance choices.  Head to the video below to explore the notes and fragrance further.


White Rose and Lemon Leaves

The candles from Jo Loves are simply stunning and really fill the air with their unique and beautifully thought out aromas. They are all hand poured in England and contained in a simple yet contemporary designed hand-blown glass with its very own silver lid to protect the wax. This fragrance is such a impressive rendition of rose. It is elegant, radiant and light yet still packs a punch with that rose accord. The combination with the lemon leaves adds an airy and ethereal aura and when I burn this, it instantly revives my day. Head to the video below to explore the notes and candle further.

Hand Wash and Hand Lotion 

Eucalyptus and Cedar Woods

We are all having to wash our hands so often these days, so why not pick a protective range of lotions and washes which include those signature Jo Loves scents. Eucalyptus and Cedar Woods is an uplifting combination that is perfect for this time of year. The cooling effect of the eucalyptus is balanced perfectly with the warming tones of the cedar wood. The addition of incense adds a hint of sweet smokiness that envelopes the skin. Head to the video below to explore the notes and skin care further.

Don’t forget to check out my conversation with Jo Loves Head of Education and Customer Service Experiences, Adam Ellis.

*Red Truffle 21 and Mango Thai Lime are PR Samples

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  1. I loved reading this as you give such an educated and descriptive view. It really makes me want to visit and tick off on my Christmas list. Perfect gifts 🎁


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