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When it comes to fragrances, I am always looking for something unique and one that stands out from the crowd. So when I first discovered JUSBOX Perfumes a few years ago, I was immediately captivated by their concept of combining perfume and music, both of which strike a cord with our emotions.

JUSBOX is a range of conceptual fragrances inspired by the different genres of music and specific music icons from around the world. Their notes have been cleverly constructed to exude the particular vibe and personality of the music or icon it has been named after. To enhance the experience, each fragrance is housed in a beautiful square bottle, paying homage to the first phonograph. The lid resembles a vinyl disc and each bottle holds 78ml, paying homage to the old 78ml rpm records. Think of each bottle like a fragrance playlist, the notes taking you on a thought provoking musical journey.

Photo By JUSBOX Perfumes

To celebrate its latest release called Night Flow, I have picked out my five favourites from JUSBOX Perfumes to share with you.

Night Flow – Icons Collection – DJ Disco Wiz & Grandmaster Caz (Hip Hop DJ Crew)
Released: September 2020

Perfumer: Julien Rasquinet
Oriental Fruit 

Night Flow – Photo by JUSBOX Perfumes

Just as I thought the fragrance world had explored every leather interpretation, Night Flow came along and ignited my interest once more. Inspired by the Hip-Hop group Mighty Force Crew with American DJ Disco Wiz and Grandmaster Caz, this new offering shows an intriguing rendition on leather. Instead of leather being the prominent note, it takes an impatient back seat whilst allowing all the other sensual notes to make there impression. From the initial spray pink pepper and saffron provide the opening of this beautiful scent, the spicy accords are intricately embellished with a dose of sweet raspberry goodness. A full on floral heart of osmanthus and jasmine sambac provide a delicate softness before it delves deep into a sweet leather base of smoky and woody tones. Definitely one for the autumn/winter and great for an evening.

Top Notes: Saffron, Raspberry, Pink Pepper LMR 
Middle Notes: Osmanthus LMR, Davana essential oil, Jasmine Sambac LMR
Base Notes: Ambergris accord, Indonesian Patchouli Oil, Leather Accord, Tolu Balsam. 

Cheeky Smile – Genre Collection – 80’s Acid House
Released August 2018

Perfumer: Dominique Moellhausen
Woody Amber

Cheeky Smile – Photo by JUSBOX Perfumes

Cheeky Smile is inspired by Acid House Music and we can all know how lively and energetic that genre was. The first thing that attracted me to this was the name, as it immediately emanated a fun element, which we are currently in need of in our life. This fragrance has an intense dose of Iso E Super which if you don’t already know, is a synthetic note that transmits a dry and woody smell which I fortunately adore. This same synthetic note also benefits the longevity of the fragrance and Cheeky Smile is a powerhouse when it comes to this. The fragrance definitely surprised me with its warm and soft projection. I completely expected the opposite due to its inspiration, however it turned out to be one of my favourites. To add to the experience, this fragrance has the first fluorescent packaging in history, therefore really going out its way to encapsulate this genre to its full potential.

Top Notes: Iso E Super, Ambrocenide 
Middle Notes: Ambroxan, Ambercore 
Base Notes: Cashmeran, Amber Extreme 

Micro Love – Icons Collection – 90’s U2
Released: 2016

Perfumer: Dominique Ropion
Ozonic Woody

Micro Love – Photo by JUSBOX Perfumes

If you like a fresh fragrance with a hint of warmth then you cannot go wrong with Micro Love. Although it offers nothing new in terms of a ozonic woody fragrance, its combination of notes are beautiful and uplifting nonetheless. For me the notes are reminiscent of that clean post shower smell or a glacial walk by the ocean and taking in the salty air. After a crisp and energetic start, the fragrance soon softens to a smooth creamy and powdery base comparable to that of a traditional mens cologne. The reason why I made the decision to choose this as one of my favourites is due to it being perfect for every day use and has a combination of vibrant notes that would attract a variety of people.

Top Notes: Ozonic Accord, Crisp Apple, Neroli
Middle notes: Cinnamon, Violet, Clary Sage
Base Notes: White Cedarwood, Suede, Grey Amber

Feather Supreme – Icons Collection – Aretha Franklyn
Released: 2017

Perfumer: Dominique Ropion
Floral Chypre

Feather Supreme – Photo by JUSBOX Perfumes

Inspired by 60’s gospel, this fragrance takes you on a deliciously sweet, graceful and sophisticated scent journey. Although perhaps on the more feminine side (even though I hate to use that term when describing fragrance) I still enjoyed its intriguing wavering notes. Whilst wearing this fragrance, one thing that really struck me is it’s wonderful projection and longevity. Throughout the day, its notes would emanate playfully from the skin, flirting continuously between fruity, floral and sweet. It’s this nature that JUSBOX managed to capture perfectly, its notes representing the elegant dance of a feather in the air. It strays far from what I would usually pick in a fragrance so I am surprised that I gravitated towards it. It has such an uplifting and airy presence that you can’t help but feel good whilst wearing it.

Top Notes: Mandarin, Bergamot, Apple
Middle Notes: Rose, Ylang-Ylang, Jasmine & Tuberose
Base Notes: Patchouli Heart, Labdanum Resinoid, Musk

Green Bubble – Genre Collection – Reggae 
Released 2018

Perfumer: Julien Rasquinet
Woody Oriental

Green Bubble – Photo by JUSBOX Perfumes

Green by name, green by nature, from the bottle to the notes everything about this fragrance is green. At first when I received I was a tad dubious by the inclusion of Marijuana notes as it isn’t something that I thought would smell nice in anyway. However after wearing it, I was pleasantly surprised and it quickly became one of my favourites, hence why it made it into my top five. The main cannabis smell comes from the top note of Marijuana Accord, but to me, along with the other top notes, smells more like freshly cut grass and is not unpleasant at all. This note slowly diminishes to reveal a warming , woody and dare I say addictive scent. In the end, the creamy sandalwood and dry amber really take precedence and its this particular part of the fragrance journey that I really enjoyed. This is a bold green fragrance with an unusual composition but if you are looking for something different and unique, Green Bubble is the one for you.

Top Notes: Grapefruit, Marijuana Accord, Wormwood
Middle Notes: Saffron, Honey, Cedarwood
Base Notes: Labdanum, Patchouli, Sandalwood, Dry Amber 

JUSBOX fragrances are available online at Selfridges and on the JUSBOX website.

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