Frances Prescott – Multi-Tasking Skincare

I don’t know about you but sometimes I feel like life is going a hundred miles an hour. I am always on the lookout for time-saving tips and products that I can use in order to utilise my time. I recently discovered two skincare products that do exactly that; Tri-Balm and Tri-Spritz from Frances Prescott. Frances Prescott is a facialist and makeup artist within the film and fashion industry and after many years in this illustrious career, Frances wanted to create a product that would simplify everyone’s skincare routine. Joining forces with an international businesswoman and sister Pauline Prescott, they sought out to create a luxurious yet affordable multi-functional and natural product.  It was then Tri-Balm was born and before long their slick contemporary packaging started to appear all over social media (where it caught my attention) and into luxurious stores such as Liberty’s in London.


As its name suggests, Tri-Balm tackles three skincare tasks all in one product; cleansing, exfoliating and moisturising. The first thing that caught my eye was its small sleek packaging where with a simple twist reveals the beautiful ingredients inside. The balm comes in a solid form and as someone who loves to travel it’s the perfect product to throw into my toiletry case. Personally, knowing that I have just one product to cover a multitude of tasks and one that won’t spill in my bag is a fantastic selling point. 

On application its stunning fragrance was a pleasant surprise, this beautiful scent of essential oils such as Mandarin and Geranium exude a sense of calm. These are not only great for the skin but their scents combine to create a perfect uplifting aroma which immediately relaxes the senses. There are an abundance of skin-nourishing ingredients including Pumpkin Enzyme, English Oil Blend, Sunflower Oil, Wheatgerm Oil, Rice Bran Oil, Vitamin E, Carrot Tissue Oil, and Sweet almond Oil. This combination tackles issues in regard to skin tone and texture, sun and environmental damage and anti-ageing. Hyaluronic acid is also included which leaves the skin feeling plump, supple and moisturised and is great for boosting collagen in the skin.

The product can be applied directly onto the face or with your fingertips. I tend to use both techniques as my stubble area tends to collect too much of the product. With that in mind, I use my fingers over my stubble area and then apply it directly to the upper area of the face. Massaging the product onto my dry skin I take a moment to really breathe in and absorb all the aromas. Its texture is smooth and nurturing as it melts into the skin removing any impurities along the way. After I have fully massaged the balm I add a little water to the face and massage further, the product then turns into a milky residue which I then remove with a warm cloth.  For an extra dose of hydration and exfoliation I keep the product on the skin for 5-10 minutes,. This is fantastic during the winter months when the cold weather and indoor heating dries out my skin.


The latest product to be released is Tri-Spritz, a powerful facial mist that also adheres to the three in one approach. This product aims to repair, condition and protect the skin and of course work in harmony with the Tri-Balm. I have always been a huge fan of facial mists and often keep one on my desk at work for when my skin feels dry due to air conditioning or heating. Yet again this product has such a wonderful fragrance due to the addition of Orange Blossom Water, Rose Water and Verbena Extract which is also known for their relaxing and calming properties.

It may just look like a simple facial mist but this product is packed full of skin-loving ingredients for cellular repair and protection against pollution.  Its first notable ingredient is Chuffa Milk which is said to be one of the oldest cultivated plants. It not only helps protect against free radical damage but its also rich in fatty acids helping to moisturise the skin. Coconut water provides additional hydrating properties while Algae Extract and Natural Cellulose provide a protective shield for the skin, protecting it against pollution and environmental irritants.

This product has been developed to used in tandem with Tri-balm. After rinsing the balm and applying any additional products that I use, I then apply the mist all over the face. The aroma is truly relaxing and the immediate boost of hydration is both cooling and comforting, providing a healthy glow to my skin. Staying in a busy city I often worry about what my skin is exposed to during the day but the spritz protective layer gives me the confidence to go out knowing that it is fully guarded against any environmental damage. Additionally, I often use the spray during the day as an added layer of hydration or to energise the skin before an event. As if there weren’t enough benefits of this product, it also sets your make up in place, keeping it in fantastic condition until the end of the day.

Watch my videos over on IGTV where I show you how I use the products to keep my skin in great condition. Check out my other post where I chat to Frances Prescott herself and find out more about the brand and products.

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