BoConcept – Danish Lifestyle Brand

Most people probably know by now that I have a huge passion for interior design. After completing a diploma in the subject a few years ago it has continued to be a prominent interest of mine. Favouring more of a contemporary flair I have always gravitated towards the simple yet chic “scandi” style due to its practicality along with its pleasing aesthetic design. One of my favourite places to visit is BoConcept; a premium retail lifestyle brand that was created in Denmark in 1952. Not only does it sell a spectacular range of modern furniture, accessories and lighting, they also provide an interior design service, perfect for creating your dream home. You usually find me wandering around the stores, perusing the array of products and consulting theirs in-store interior consultants who are passionate, professional and extremely helpful.


BoConcept provides such a magnificent range, therefore I thought I would share my top Blu Blazer Guy favourites:


Before starting my course in Interior Design,  I hadn’t appreciated the in-depth thought process of buying the perfect sofa. When I bought my first sofa I didn’t even consider the size, colour and texture, which is an interior designer faux pas, so I ended up with an oversized and uncomfortable piece of furniture.

BoConcept have such a fantastic range to suit all styles, rooms, spaces and with the help of their consultants, it’s so simple to find the perfect one for you! My favourite is the Osaka Sofa which perfectly blends both masculine and feminine characteristics with a slight nod to the1960’s. Although there is an abundance of choices when it comes to colour, material and legs for this sofa, I especially admire the blue Napoli fabric (below) which adds a touch of colour and texture whilst the warm tones of the brushed brass legs add an elegant contrast.




A bed whether we like it or not is the main focal point of any bedroom, so I always love to choose one that has a high headboard to give maximum impact. If you’re me and you have an apartment that has limited space, then choosing a bed that has adequate storage space really helps. That’s why I adore the Logano bed which gives me all that and more. To keep my apartment looking as light and spacious as possible I have kept my walls relatively simple, therefore the beautiful grey tones of this bed provide a stunning contrast against the

minimalism of the walls. 






Storage can be a problem in some modern apartments, so it’s important to find different solutions in order to tackle this. That’s why I simply love this grey (can you see a colour theme here) Como wall system which can hold all your books, accessories, lamps etc all in one place. I am a huge collector of resin corals as I love their texture and ability to fit in with both traditional and contemporary design. This unit would be the perfect space to display these, their vibrant white would be highlighted against the darker colour of this cabinet. If you aren’t a fan of this grey then you can choose from two lighter shades.






I adore this elegant Paris side table due to its minimalistic design and its mixture of matte black metal and marble-look top. It’s the perfect space saver due to the extra shelf underneath and the addition of a magazine/book rack. I can imagine a whole array of lamps and accessories that I can place on this.





Accessories along with lighting are for me the most important part of any room design because they add a certain depth, character and interest to the room. Even though the room can be filled with the most stunning furniture, without the right accessories it can appear lifeless and dull. BoConcept have it down to an art when it comes to stunningly visual accessories. One of my favourites are these cushions for their contemporary prints which provide a touch of femininity to the space, think art for your sofa!  (From right to left, Hydranges, Dark & Autumn).



Mirrors are another great accessory to have in any space, not only do they provide additional light to the room and the illusion of space, but they can also function as a piece of art on the wall. I love the design of this Eclectic wall mirror due to its modular shape.

These are just a handful of the many fantastic products available at BoConcept. Why not check out their furniture stores in Glasgow located at both Princes Square and Buchanan Galleries.

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