Teeth Whitening – New Town Dental Care

As you all know I do love to smile in my photos, so for me oral healthcare is really important. I was recently invited by New Town Dental Care and their team of experienced professionals for a consultation.

Firstly I must tell you that I am petrified of the dentist and even the thought sends shivers down my spine. That being said, the staff at New Town Dental Care, which is located on the edge of Edinburgh’s prestigious New Town, have a fantastic ability to make you feel welcome and at ease. The spacious and professional waiting room has large chesterfield sofas that are perfect to relax upon before your consultation. After a while, I didn’t even feel like I was in a dentist surgery at all.

Comfortable Waiting Room

My consultation was with dentist and surgery partner, Derek Swan. Derek made me feel extremely at ease with his laid back yet professional manner. Due to my increased intake of coffee and my love for Indian food my teeth had become slightly discoloured, I longed for that bright white smile that I used to have. After a quick chat and examination, it wasn’t long before Derek came up with the perfect solution; Philips Zoom NiteWhite.

In the past, specialised teeth whitening would be done in the surgery but Philips Zoom NiteWhite allows you to experience the same results in the comfort of your own home. Derek firstly started the process by taking impressions of my teeth which were going to be used to make a customised teeth whitening trays that fit snuggly in the mouth. The benefit of this is that it can be worn comfortably during the night without any gel escaping and is completely bespoke to you.

A few photos were also taken so we could compare the results once my whitening treatment was complete. I was then supplied with my very own teeth whitening kit which consisted of three pre-filled syringes of 16% Carbamide Peroxide along with with my customised teeth whitening tray.

Teeth Whitening Kit

Each night before bed I filled the trays with teeth whitening solution. Using small lentil sized amounts from the syringe, I would place these around the guard, making sure not to overfill it.

I then placed this in the mouth before I fell asleep….simple as that! I must admit when I first saw the guard I thought to myself “I will never be able to get to sleep with this on”, however it was actually extremely comfortable and after a few days it didn’t even feel like I had anything on at all.

Wearing my mouth guard before bed.

After a week it was time for a follow up consultation with my dentist. I did experience some sensitivity which is completely normal with some patients and is not indicative of any damage to the teeth. This sensitivity was quickly counteracted with the use of desensitising toothpaste which I continued to use throughout the treatment. After only a week of usage, it was evident that my teeth were starting to whiten and as a result I was extremely happy, which only made me want to smile more!

I continued to use the treatment for a further week and starting to get compliments from other people as I began to see more impressive results. My teeth actually looked much brighter and white with a healthy lustre. After a further consultation with my dentist, he showed me the results by comparing my original photo and the change could be seen immediately. Below are the dentists before and after photos which have not been retouched or altered in anyway.


I was extremely impressed with my visits to New Town Dental Care. Their customer service was impeccable and it was very easy to schedule appointments (compared to my normal dentist anyway) around my hectic schedule. This teeth whitening treatment was perfect for me. I appreciated the fact that I could take it home and use it whenever it was convenient. The customised tray made it more comfortable compared to previous whitening treatments and it also gave me results in a quicker timescale.

At £350 a treatment would I try it again? This quick treatment has given back the white smile that I used to have and for me, that is exactly what I wanted. This is definitely something that I would recommend and use again. Meanwhile, I am going to lay off the black coffees and red wines! 🙂

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