Emma Hardie Skincare

Renowned facialist, Emma Hardie is well known for her revolutionary approach to facials due to the specialised lifting and sculpting massage technique she uses. This became so popular that she naturally created a range of products that reflected her holistic approach to skincare. After lots of research, Emma Hardie skincare was born and it has become a prominent name in the world of skincare. The brand truly takes prides in creating products using a range of cruelty-free and natural ingredients. 

The launch of its first product, Moringa Cleansing Balm in 2009 became an instant success, gaining precedence and winning countless awards. Although the range has grown dramatically it has never lost its core value of producing products using only natural botanicals. Each well crafted product is proudly made in Britain, containing no synthetic formulations and crammed full of natural power-packed botanical ingredients. 

The star ingredient of the Emma Hardie Skincare range is called Moringa, a plant that has been nicknamed ‘the miracle tree’. Every part of the plant can be used for the skin, hair and body and is  said to be one of the most anti-oxidant plants in the world, helping with purifying the skin and promoting collagen. 

I first discovered Emma Hardie three years ago when I purchased the Moringa Cleansing Balm and  my only regret was that I wished to have discovered it sooner. This year, Emma Hardie skincare is celebrating its 10 year anniversary and I thought it would be great to highlight some of the Emma Hardie Skincare products I have been using.

Moringa Cleansing Balm

This cleansing balm was Emma Hardie inaugural skincare range product and is one that has really changed the way I think about cleansing. It has transformed my routine from a quick wash to a really nurturing and relaxing regime. The balm contains the skin loving ingredients of Moringa Seed extract, Wild Sea Fennel, Vitamin E and essential oils of Orange, Neroli, Mandarin, Jasmine and Rose. The great thing about this product is that you only need a small amount, so it really does go a long way. 

Using a hazelnut size piece of the balm you massage the product all over the face, it can even be used over the eyes. The first thing you notice is the beautiful fragrant smell produced by the natural essential oils which I find truly uplifting. Once fully massaged, you then apply water to the face and the oil transforms into a gorgeous milky texture. Supplied with The Moringa Balm is Dual-Action Cleansing Cloth, with a gentle microfibre side and an exfoliating muslin side. The gentle microfibre is used to remove the product from the skin and the muslin polishes the skin to give it that extra exfoliation. The balm can also be used on the lips, cuticles, to treat dry skin patches over the body as well as a face mask

Previous cleansers used to make my skin feel tight and dry but The Moringa Balm really nurtures my skin and doesn’t strip it of any moisture. My skin is always left feeling smooth, supple and glowing after every use.

Emma Hardie has released a fantastic 10th anniversary limited edition 200ml jar with separate container of Rosehip seeds. These can be blended with the Moringa Balm to create an effective exfoliating treatment. I absolutely love this idea as yet again it adds another dimension to product. Not only does this leave my skin with a natural glow, it really helps to prepare my skin for the other products. 

Exfoliating Brightening Tonic 

The new addition to the Emma Hardie Skincare family is the Exfoliating Brightening Tonic. Unlike some exfoliating toners, this product is gentle enough to be used morning and evening. It helps to brighten and even the skin tone and texture as well as improving skin clarity and increasing elasticity. The key ingredients in this fantastic tonic are Pomegranate enzymes, Aloe Vera, Nettle extract and the intriguing yet strange sounding Sytenol A and Tego Cosmo C250. The Pomegranate enzymes act as a gentle exfoliant and remove trapped bacteria and dead skin cells. The Aloe Vera soothes and hydrates while the Nettle extract helps to tone and tighten the pores. Sytenol A is a natural alternative to retinol offering similar benefits and Tego Cosmo C250 is a natural ingredient that helps brighten, tone and clarify the skin. 

I only recently started using this product in place of my normal toner and I must say I was immediately impressed. My previous toner almost felt as if it was stripping the skin and making it feel tight and uncomfortable where this product has the opposite effect. It was as If I had moisturised my skin because it felt supple and smooth. Most importantly, I love the fact that I can use it both morning and night without it being harsh on my skin. 

Moisture Boost Vitamin C Cream

I am a huge believer in using Vitamin C in my skincare regime. I hate to admit it but I was an avid user of the sunbed, something which I wish I could go back and change. Due to this, I am now starting to get some pigmentation on my skin and Vitamin C is a great ingredient to help with this. This cream is like a little pot of gold as it not only contains Vitamin C but also a pure blend of Vitamin B3 hence helping to increase collagen and brightening up the skin. Red Algae extract is also used which has a reversing effect on UV damage. There is also the added benefits of Pumpkin enzymes, Shea Butter and Grapeseed Oil which can help with cellular renewal and regeneration of the skin. 

I use this product as my day time cream together with the brightening tonic. The texture of the cream is thick and luxurious which melts into the skin upon application and doesn’t leave any shiny residue; just a healthy looking glow. I especially admire the fragrance which is invigorating and citrus like. 

Emma Hardie’s Skincare range has a prominent place on my bathroom shelf as I have been extremely impressed with the products that I have used so far. Not only do I adore the packaging, I especially love the fragrance of the products and their use of natural ingredients. My personal preference is definitely the cleansing balm, it’s a true all encompassing product that genuinely works and takes care of my skin and I can’t wait to see what new products Emma Hardie has in store. Check out my latest IGTV video where I talk about the products and show you how I use them.


Moringa Cleansing Balm 100ml – £47
Moringa Cleansing Balm 200ml inc Rosehip Seeds – £68
Exfoliating Brightening Tonic 100ml – £28
Moisture Boost Vitamin C Cream – £49



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