Blu Blazer Guy chats with Dr Nestor

There is no doubt that grooming has become more popular with men. I often get asked for my advise for the occasional guy that is still a tad dubious when it comes visiting spas or clinics for skincare and cosmetic treatments.  Speaking to a number of friends, colleagues and followers, most responses towards men’s skincare is that some men feel judged and/or aren’t confident enough to approach the clinic and some feel that those type of establishments are directed more towards the ladies. I used to be one of those guys, hiding in my bathroom with the latest facemask! What I have come to learn is that these preconceptions are completely false and that there are so many places that can provide men with excellent treatments to bring out the best in their appearance. Luckily for me there is one right on my doorstep!

Situated in the heart of Edinburgh’s New Town is the renowned Dr Nestor Medical and Cosmetic Centre. Dr Nestor is one of Scotland’s leading cosmetic doctors and his city clinic provides a space where you can delve into the world of skin health, anti-ageing, Botox, Fillers and hair loss for both men and woman. I recently visited the clinic for a one to one consultation with Dr Nestor to discuss my specific skin concerns. 

I was greeted by the welcoming Georgia who checked me in and provided me with some simple forms to complete before my first consultation. The clinic itself is a stylish and sophisticated space which is definitely not the image I conjured up when thinking about the word ‘clinic’.

Its contemporary design of black and white in a traditional Edinburgh building makes it feel as if you are almost in someone’s chic lounge. It’s this unique style that provides a laid back and welcoming vibe allowing you to fully relax before your initial consultation.

I was then met by the talented Dr Nestor who after looking over my forms wanted to discuss my concerns further. As my most prominent concern was ageing, Dr Nestor was able to give me an in-depth but easy to understand guide on the ageing process. He also highlighted the main differences between male and female ageing alongside numerous before and after photos of clients that had received different treatments. The results were astounding and it really managed to dispel some of the myths around certain procedures that I had initially had.

What I like about Dr Nestor is that he is both open, honest and will only advise on a treatment if you genuinely need it. The consultation is free and there is no pressure or obligation which gives you time to go away and think about whether you want to go forward with a treatment. I opted for one of their carbon laser treatments which is said to improve texture, pigmentation issues, pores and fine lines. 

I will discuss this treatment in a future post, however in the meantime I asked Dr Nestor my five BluBlazerGuy questions:

1. How long have you been working in this field and how did you first become interested in it?

About 9 years. I was fascinated by what can be achieved in a non surgical way. My back ground is in trauma and orthopaedic surgery, so my brain very much works along the lines of ‘there a mechanical problem, how do we fix it’. This is what has attracted me to procedures like the liquid lift and and the one stitch lift. It’s incredible what we can do these days.

2. What is it about Edinburgh that made you choose it as a base for your Medical & Cosmetic Centre?

I love Edinburgh. I completed both my medical and bachelors degrees here as well as my junior doctor years. It will always be like home for me.

3. Do you think more men are opening up to the world of cosmetic and skin procedures?

Absolutely. When I first started Aesthetic Medicine, roughly 5% of my patients were men. Now it’s closer to 25%. As men, we are collectively wanting to age well. Most men have caught on that treatments aren’t intended to make you look plastic or ‘done’, but just soften some of the features that make us look more tired or harsher than we’d like. Nothing more.

4. In your opinion, what are the most common causes of ageing?

Sun damage. Sun damage. Sun damage. It has been said that 50% of the damage to our skin happens by the age of 18! Smoking and poor diet will also cause a lot of both internal and external features of ageing.

5. What is the most popular treatment that your clinic offers and why? 

Helping people to look that bit fresher. There isn’t one treatment that will do it. It’s down to the individual. We specialise in identifying what is holding someone back from looking incredible for their years and address that. We aren’t looking to make anyone 10 years younger. We want to replace some youthful features we’ve lost to freshen up and quietly enhance the face. 

Thank you Dr Nestor for answering my five BluBlazerGuy questions. For an update on my carbon laser skin treatment, stay tuned for a future post. In the meantime get applying that sunscreen, even on a cloudy day.

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