Blu Blazer Guy chats with Jason Carter – TV Personality

Being from the UK I only became aware of Jason Carter whilst watching popular American TV show RuPaul’s drag race. Jason graced our screens in all his glory as a member of the infamous pit crew. It wasn’t until I started following his social media channels that I became more aware of his lustrous career and the path he took to get to where he is today.

Originally from New Mexico’s largest city Albuquerque, Jason landed his first job at 15, hosting seven seasons of teen dance show “Dance, Dance, Dance, It’s A Teen thing!” for FOX. He then allowed his personality to shine through a different avenue in the world of radio, where he became an instant success. In 2006 he relocated to Los Angeles where he made his mark as a world class TV personality, working with numerous networks such as VH1, NBC and LOGOTV. It wasn’t until 2010 where he was cast as a member of the pit crew and immersed in the ‘sickening’ world and backstage drama of RuPauls Drag Race.


His engaging personality and his positive and witty attitude captures the attention of thousands of followers all over the world. I was lucky enough  to find out more about the guy behind that infectious smile. Here is my BluBlazerGuy Interview with Jason Carter:

Firstly thank you for taking the time to answer these questions Jason. You lead a very busy life, not only are you as a host, producer, journalist, television personality, you also appear on the iconic programme RuPaul’s Drag Race. Do you ever get time to just relax? If so, what truly relaxes you?

Relaxation is something that is a little rare for me! But when I do get the opportunity to relax I love to just stay home and either binge watch Netflix or hit the gym. I’m a simple guy and it doesn’t take much for me to unwind. I do love a good shower though lol

Your regular appearances as a member of the Pit Crew on RuPaul’s Drag Race means you are in front of the camera in all your glory. How do you keep yourself in such good shape, especially when having such a busy schedule?

It really comes down to diet and consistency. I try to watch what I eat and stay active. Sometimes it is easier said than done but it all comes down to consistency and awareness. But I work out three days a week. Sometimes four .

RuPaul’s Drag Race, Season 10 Finale.

Being Pride month, LGBTQ equality is a talking point for everyone.  Albeit we have come so far, I feel there is more than can be done. What advice would you give to a young person who wishes to ‘come-out’?

I get this question all the time. I would say to a young person that is wanting to be open with their sexuality to first , find people who will support and be a healthy and positive influence. You are not alone and are loved and there are people who are in you corner and will be a safe place. Secondly, I would say to take your time and do what feels right for you. Not one person’s experience or story is the same. Do what feels right and is comfortable for you. Period.

Like myself, you are a keen traveller and you have visited some stunning destinations. Do you have a particular favourite place to visit and why?

You know, I have visited some beautiful places and I have to say the most breath-taking place I have been to is Greece. Mykonos is so peaceful . Overlooking the Mediterranean, it is Nirvana. I can’t agree with you more, Greece is one of my favourites. 

Being such a prominent public figure you always keep yourself perfectly groomed and styled. What are your top tips for that camera ready look?

Ahh thank you ! I love fashion and most definitely a fan of men’s lifestyle and grooming. I just know what works for me. I am a huge advocate for skincare and believe in always using sunscreen. I get a fresh cut on a weekly basis because my hair grows like weeds haha. And always moisturise!!!!! Keeps the wrinkles away.

Serving Polka Dots.

As far as my style, being a Libran I like to experiment with different looks. Depending on my mood is normally how I’ll dress, and I never ever leave the house without a scent. I’m obsessed with fragrance and simply cannot live without it. Instant mood lifter.

On that note, I’m such a fragrance fanatic! I can’t resist but ask you what your favourite fragrance is and why?

Ahh you got me Scottie! I own over thirty five bottles of fragrance and I have never been able to say that I have a favourite. But one that I simply cannot live without is Guerlain L’ Homme Ideal Cologne. It is simply divine. Almonds; Vetiver; Citrus and Pink Pepper. Intoxicating!


You once said “work is work, don’t get caught up in the perks, get caught up in your craft and keep doing great work”. How do you manage to stay so grounded in such an industry?

I come from humble beginnings. I have only known hard work, so I work like it can all go away instantly. Whether or not that is a healthy way to exist is a whole other conversation but just staying present and being grateful always centres me.

I have found that you have such a positive and charismatic personality. This is evident both online and on camera, what is your secret?

Thank you for the kind words. I just be who I am . Of course training and being on television since the age of sixteen helps but mainly just being authentically myself is the key. We always trying to be what others want us to be and found that when I let go of that negative behaviour I was able to just be authentically Jason. And that’s who comes across on camera.

On set with ET Live.

I’ve heard through the grapevine that one of your biggest icons is Mariah Carey (preach), are there any other people that inspire you? 

I am inspired everyday by people. Famous or not. My mother’s strength inspires me. My husband’s work ethic inspires me. My twin brother’s kindness inspires me. I am inspired by so much. Everyday.

Being a fellow Libran (we share the same birthday btw) we are always striving to find ways to achieve balance and harmony in my life. How do you find ways in order to strike a healthy balance in your life?

Who says I do?? No, in all seriousness I am always trying to find balance in all aspects of my life. Does it happen? Never. But it’s the little things that help along the way. Like self-care and being mindful of my own wellbeing. Balance is being able to be prepared for what life throws at you.

Thank you so much Jason for taking the time to answer my questions and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for you.

Watch Jason as a Host on Entertainment Tonight / ET Live
Or on his social media channels;
Twitter: @jjcforever

Photos by Jason Carter.




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