Carbon Laser Peel – Dr Nestor Medical & Cosmetic Centre

When it comes to facials, the words ‘laser’ and ‘peel’ in the same sentence seem to conjure up a range of dubious connotations. I was both hesitant and intrigued when I was recently asked by Dr Nestor to try their new Carbon Laser Peel in Edinburgh. I hadn’t heard of this type of facial before so I started to do my research. I found out that this type of treatment is actually used by numerous celebrities to achieve a fresh and glowing complexion before events. Due to this, it is also known as “The Hollywood Peel”. So I thought to myself, if the stars are using it before red carpet events, then surely Blu Blazer Guy can use it?

I have spoken previously about the fantastically renowned Dr Nestor Medical & Cosmetic Centre in my last post, so no matter what my reservations were, I knew I was in good hands. I signed up for three treatments which is the recommended amount to see optimal results. 

Prior to my first treatment, I sat down with the very talented Skin Therapist Helen Cowan, who explained the process in more detail. As I was a little unsure  of what to expect, Helen took me through the sensations and sounds that I would feel during the treatment. This immediately made me feel more at ease and dispelled any doubts and anxiety that I had.

Helen Cowan, Skin Specialist

In a nutshell

Carbon paste is applied to the skin which penetrates deep into the pores absorbing any excess oils, impurities and dead skin cells. A laser which is highly attracted to the carbon particles is used to blast them away from the skin, hence removing any of the contaminants that the paste lifted from the pores. The treatment is very exfoliating, renewing and is fantastic for stimulating collagen production which in turn helps with fine lines, pigmentation and skin firmness.

The Treatment

In the very chic surroundings of the clinic, I lay back in the chair whilst my skin was cleansed using an alcoholic solution ensuring that any products I had used throughout the day were removed. A thick carbon paste was then applied to my entire face and left to dry into the skin. Lastly eye guards were placed to shield my eyes against the laser.

Luckily for me, Helen had given me prior warning regarding the loud sound of the laser as it passed over the skin, so after a few moments, I soon forgot about it. The laser is highly attracted to the carbon particles, therefore as it moved around my face it began to blast away the carbon paste sending a burning smell into the air. This was a normal part of the process and strangely therapeutic. Helen carefully advised that the laser can be a tad uncomfortable around the more sensitive areas of the face, however I felt nothing but a warming tingle on the skin.

After around ten minutes the whole procedure was complete and any excess carbon was cleansed from my skin. The therapist used a combination of two Zo Skin Health products after the treatment. These consisted of growth factor serum to reduce inflammation and stimulate collagen and Daily Power Defence which includes retinol, enzymes and antioxidants.

The Results

Following my first session, I definitely felt my skin was thoroughly refreshed and felt much softer to the touch with a lovely healthy glow. The pigmentation that I was concerned about did darken but the skin therapist did advise that this would happen after each treatment. After my second treatment, I did notice a reduction in the blackheads on my nose and over the proceeding days, the clarity and texture of my skin seemed to improve. The final treatment really took me by surprise as I saw a vast improvement in the pigmentation on my left cheek and forehead which had lightened significantly. (Below is a photo before and after three sessions and I just realised I have the same outfit on!)


Does it get the Blu Blazer Guy approval?

Definitely!!! Being only ten minutes long, this is the perfect facial to fit in to your busy schedule. After only three sessions I have seen some steady results and I can only imagine that they get better over time. What I loved the most was that healthy and rejuvenated glow after each treatment, making it a great choice the day before a special event/night out. The added benefit was that there is absolutely no redness, peeling or downtime making the Carbon Laser Peel the perfect winning combination.

 Whats the cost?

A course of 3 is £360.

Dr Nestor Medical & Cosmetic Centre
53 Dundas Street,
Edinburgh, EH3 6RS
0131 467 1450
07533 00 6004


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