Perris Monte Carlo – Italy Collection

Based in the opulent surroundings of Monte Carlo is the renowned fragrance house: Perris Monte Carlo, headed by creative director, Gian Luca Perris. Gian is the second generation of the Perris family to delve into the world of luxury perfumes.

Gian took a more thoughtful approach when creating Perris Monte Carlo and wanted to explore the core values of the fragrance industry. He was successful in this by constructing a range of fragrances that focused more on the scents themselves rather than the marketing of the brand name. This approach allowed them to seek out the most premium raw materials from around the world and create a collection of perfumes that are both unique and luxurious. By combining methods of extraction that respected the traditional elements of scents, together with modern innovation, Perris Monte Carlo are truly bringing back the art of perfumery.


From the first moment I discovered this brand, I was immediately enthralled by their use of finely sourced natural materials. Their black collection manages to take you on a whirlwind tour of the world with just a single spray. Within this collection, my favourite is Cacao Azteque fragrance. This is the perfect scent to allow you to escape the cold winter days of Scotland.  With a spicy opening of black pepper, pink pepper and cardamom the senses become truly heightened. Before long it takes you on a sweet and delicious journey, transforming into a rich and delectable aroma that drifts of the skin.

Photo by Anna Gianuzzi & Stefano Marino

Before I drift off completely, I am here to talk about their newest collection – The Italy Collection which pays tribute to the citrus essences of Southern Italy. These three new fragrances manage to encapsulate this part of the world by creatively capturing the warmth of the sun, the characteristics of citrus and natural ingredients from the Italian countryside in every bottle.

Mandarino di Sicilia

Imagine pulling a mandarin fresh from the tree and peeling its skin as the oil of the zest spritz into the air and envelopes your senses. This is what I get when I first spray this fragrance. Usually, I am not keen on fragrances that are overly fruity but the citrus and green qualities of the bitter orange and petitgrain help to balance out the fruitiness of the mandarin. The addition of floral notes at its core brings this fragrance to a whole new level, striking a perfect balance between masculine and feminine. This highly energetic infusion was my favorite in the collection, due to the complex notes derived from different varieties of mandarin.

Bergamotto Di Calabria

Bergamot is the main composition of this fragrance giving it an immediate spicy yet sweet beginning and Perris uses a particular type of bergamot from the Calabria region of Italy. In order to capture its essence, Perris manually remove the pulp from the fruit, leaving the rind to be compressed on a natural sponge. Due to its persistent and energetic character, the combination of bitter orange and lemon notes of this essence make this a common top note ingredient for many fragrances. Perris has managed to enrich this ingredient by delicately combining it with orange blossom, neroli and jasmine, adding a delicate floral touch. The addition of sandalwood and musk means that it settles to a lovely creamy and woody scent. I especially enjoyed this in the morning as the Bergamot was very uplifting and I particularly loved the addition of neroli as it’s one of my favorite notes in any fragrance.

Cedro di Diamante

The Diamante citron (Cedro di Diamante) is a large citrus fruit named after the Calabrian town of Diamante where most of the cultivation of this fruit takes place. Perris Monte Carlo encapsulates the sparkling zesty nature of this, creating a scent that is infused with a mix of citrus, floral and spices. Here I feel Perris Monte Carlo have created a multifaceted fragrance which develops into a more masculine aroma.

I usually tend to stay away from citrus based fragrances due to their short longevity and simple characteristics. However, Perris Monte Carlo have managed to develop a new collection that adds a more complex and intricate dimension to these natural citrus characteristics. Their use of high quality and luxury ingredients have created a group of fragrances that are truly uplifting and luxurious; a perfect addition to anyone’s fragrance collection!

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