Dermapen Treatment – Therapie Clinic

In my last post with regards to Therapie Clinic, I experienced their fantastic Environ Collagen Power Treatment which provided my skin with a useful boost in time for travelling to Greece. After the recent festive season, my skin needed an extra boost, so I visited their fantastic clinic again but this time for their Dermapen Treatment. I have tried Derma Rolling at home and while I found it quite effective the Dermapen provides a more intense treatment.

Therapie Clinic, Edinburgh

The Dermapen contains sterile, disposable cartridges made up 12 small needles that when used, automatically penetrate deep into the skin. This creates tiny openings in the skin stimulating the healing process and increasing the production of new collagen. This process can be helpful in the reduction of scarring, and numerous skin problems but for me, it was those nasty fine lines and wrinkles that I wanted targeting.

Dermapen Treatment

My face was cleansed twice to remove any dirt, makeup or build-up of product on the skin.

My skin was then cleansed again with an antiseptic solution to make sure my skin was sterile in preparation for the needles entering the upper layers of the skin.

Due to the nature of the treatment, my skin was covered with a numbing cream which was left on the face for ten minutes before the treatment started.

The Dermapen was then pressed against my skin by the therapist and moved over different areas of my face in a circular motion. The intensity and depth of the needles are controlled by the therapist and this can be increased to a level that you are comfortable with. The forehead for me was the most sensitive but this was completely normal. There was a slight burning sensation as the needles passed over the skin and it almost felt like being sunburnt, again this is a normal part of the process.

As soon as the treatment was finished which took around 30-40 minutes a serum was then applied to the skin. As the needles have created little channels in the skin the ingredients of the serum are able to absorb into the skin much easier.

A cooling mask is then applied to the skin which was a wonderful relief. This contained hyaluronic acid, peptides and additional calming ingredients such as aloe vera.

At the end of the treatment an SPF 30 was then applied to the skin.

The treatment did leave my skin red and slightly stinging which again is completely normal. As soon as I got home however the redness of the skin began to fade and this then disappeared over the next few days.  As my skin had been punctured and was repairing itself, I had to cleanse my skin with using only tepid water and using an SPF of 30 or above on a daily basis. At no point was I able to use any harsh beauty products such as acids or Retinol.

After a few days the redness completely disappeared however the skin was left taught and slightly dry but by continuing to follow the simple beauty routine this soon subsided, and my skin condition began to return to normal. Although it is recommended that this treatment should be done over a few sessions, I did see some of the benefits after a few days. My skin became more plumped up and radiant and the condition of my pores and fine lines were less noticeable.

Therapie Clinic offers the Dermapen Treatment at an amazing £120 per session, three treatments for £349 or six treatments for £599.


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