Therapie Clinic – Environ Collagen Power Treatment

It’s that time of the year again, where I become another year older!  Although I do love any excuse for a little bit of cake and a party, I am not so keen on the impending demise of my youth. Okay, that is a tad dramatic but my younger years of laying in the sun, drinking the nights away and stresses of life have started to take its toll on my skin. This provides me with the perfect opportunity to seek out grooming products and innovative beauty treatments that help to slow this down. I only wish I was as obsessed with skincare back in my younger days as I am now, which could have avoided some of my current skin issues. I have been lucky enough to have experienced and trialled several amazing brands over the years, some of which I am still using today (and which I will include in upcoming posts). However, this hasn’t stopped me from searching for the next best thing.

Therapie Clinic is one of my favourite clinics to visit for their selection of state-of-the-art beauty treatments and procedures. It has branches located throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland and is voted Best Aesthetic Clinic of the Year 2018. Their fully regulated clinics provide affordable and highly effective beauty treatments for both men and woman. The Edinburgh branch is conveniently located on Lothian Road in the heart of the city centre making it very accessible.

They recently invited me along to try one of their new anti-ageing treatments; the Environ Collagen Power Advanced Treatment. This treatment promises to stimulate collagen, soften lines, improve skin elasticity, increase hydration and boost radiance.

The Environ Collagen Power Treatment

This treatment is based on the use of Vitamin A which depletes in the skin from around 4 years of age as this is when the skin becomes susceptible to damage from the sun, the environment and other external factors. When Vitamin A is reintroduced to the skin, our skin cells are able to remember how they are supposed to function, which means our skin can regenerate. High doses of vitamin A was first used by Dr Des Fernandes, who has been rated amongst the top five plastic surgeons in the world. After lots of research he discovered the high importance of Vitamin A with regards to skin health and sought out to create a skin care line hence leading to the birth of Environ.

The range of products from Environ.

Step One

In order to prepare the skin for treatment the first part of the process was a deep cleanse. A pre-cleansing oil was used which gently removed excess oils from the skin without stripping the skin of any essential oils. This was followed by a micro-exfoliation using Environ clay masque which again removed any excess oils, hence improving skin congestion and refine the texture of the skin.  A cleansing gel is the final step, removing any traces of the clay masque which left my skin feeling fresh and supple. A toner was then applied to my skin to prepare it for the next step, this contained glycolic acid, which is a known for its gentle exfoliating properties.

Step Two

Environ Sono Peptide Serum was then applied to the skin followed by the renowned Sonophoresis (a low-frequency ultrasound) pushing these products into the skin; 4000 times deeper than manual application.

The serum used contained numerous types of peptides such as Matrixyl 3000 which plump up the skin and improves its overall appearance. This was the first time I had experienced Sonophoresis, so I wasn’t sure what to expect, however the process was pain free and very relaxing. All I could hear was a gentle hum and saw a few small flashes of light as it glided past my orbital region. This part is completely normal, and my therapist had previously advised me of this sensation.

Sonophoresis is used to push the products into the skin.

Step Three

Vitamin A & C Serum was then applied to the skin and an alginate mask (a mask that solidifies) was gently brushed over my entire face. Now, here comes the exciting bit, Iontophoresis (a specifically pulsed electrical current) was used to help the ingredients penetrate the skin by a further 200%.  While the mask hardened (which takes around 20 minutes) I was treated to a lovely arm and hand massage. If you are a tad claustrophobic I would recommend leaving the mouth uncovered, however you can discuss this with your therapist before the mask is applied.

Environ is the pioneer in both the use of low-frequency Sonophoresis and its combination with pulses Iontophoresis within one treatment.

Step Four

The mask was then gently removed from my face and I must say that it’s the best sensation ever!

Environ C Quence Eye Gel and professional moisturiser and Environ RAD SPF were then applied to my skin.

The Environ Collagen Power Treatment really exceeded my expectations. The quality of the products and the way in which the procedure was carried out makes you feel like you are treating your skin to a luxurious experience that is backed by science. My knowledgeable therapist explained every part of the process making sure I was comfortable at every stage, ensuring my skin was left moisturised, radiant and plump. Following my treatment, I went travelling abroad, which usually leaves my skin dehydrated and tired. However, my skin continued to glow over the course of the week and I was pleasantly surprised by the radiant look. This treatment lasts around 90 minutes and costs only £85.00. This treatment is bespoke to your individual requirements. As the effects of the treatment progress for a week or so, it is perfect for any upcoming occasion or event where you want your skin to look radiant and youthful.

Skin is left radiant and youthful.

The staff in Therapie Clinic are extremely professional, knowledgeable and approachable. I was yet again blown away by the clinic’s exceptional customer service that they are in fact renowned. The clinic’s contemporary design was instantly welcoming, providing perfect ambience for a relaxing yet professional service.

Therapie Clinic – Edinburgh

Address: 77 Lothian Road, EH3 9AW

Phone: 08000 121 565


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