Acqua di Parma – Italian Fragrance

As a lover of travel, Italy has always held a special place in my heart. From the first moment I stepped into this country I was immediately enchanted by it. The Italian culture, food, people, as well as its stunning natural Italian beauty captivated me. When I discovered the luxury Italian fragrance house; Acqua di Parma, it wasn’t surprising that I instantaneously felt a connection to it. Their fragrances seem to capture the very essence of what this country is about, evoking special memories for me.

The story of Acqua di Parma began in 1916 in the old heart of Parma where skilled perfumers created a unique fragrance. Here the very first Italian cologne was born – Colonia Acqua di Parma. With its contemporary scent and classic bottle, it no surprise that they caught the attention of elite individuals around the world and quickly became recognised as an iconic fragrance. Hollywood actors and international celebrities discovered this sophisticated scent whilst purchasing custom-made suits by Italian tailors where this scent was delicately sprayed inside the garments.

Despite ever-changing trends, Aqua di Parma’s renowned reputation, unique history and quality of its fragrances have ensured that it still stands out as an icon within an extremely crowded market. Over the years they have added to their extensive range, tailoring it to the more modern audience, yet still harnessing their traditional charm.

Not only have they added new interpretations of their traditional Colonia, they have also introduced a Blu Mediterraneo Range, which is inspired by exclusive and natural locations along the Italian Mediterranean. Furthermore, Aqua di Parma also venture outside Italy to source international ingredients and scents hence launching their exotic Ingredient Collection.

From all Aqua di Parma’s ranges I have chosen my favourite scents. Here are my Blublazerguy recommendations:

Colonia Collection

Colonia Assoluta

You cannot help but fall in love with the original Colonia and certainly understand why it became so prevalent. Colonia Assoluta is a different interpretation with the same classic undertones. Although it still contains citrus notes, this fragrance tends to lean towards floral with the addition of orange blossom and jasmine. The ingredients seem to blend beautifully together to create a vibrant, yet balanced fragrance as the dry down softens into a lovely warm and woody aroma.

Colonia Pura

I do love a crisp, clean fragrance and Colonia Pura certainly has these attributes. This interpretation is a fresher approach that lifts the classic Colonia into a more contemporary genre. Again, it opens with the typical citrus accord but on a much lighter level. The introduction of coriander brings a cool sharpness to it before the beautiful floral notes of jasmine and narcissus kick in. As soon as it settles the patchouli and musk provide a sensual masculinity that emit softly from the skin.

Blu Mediterraneo Collection

Fico di Amalfi

With just one spritz of this scent I feel like I am instantly transported to the shores of the Amalfi Coast. It immediately conjures up images of looking out towards the azure sea under a sun-drenched fig tree, whilst a soft summer breeze delicately passes through its leaves, cascading its aroma all around. For me this fragrance immediately brings a sense of calm and tranquillity. Its warm, sweet and woody scent radiates off the skin throughout the day providing gentle reminders of sun-soaked days on this stunning area of the Italian coast.

Cedro di Taormina

Taormina is a quaint hillside town in Sicily with spectacular views across the Ionian Sea. This fragrance encompasses the essence of this beautiful area combining the lush nature, rugged coast and the volcanic rock formations of nearby Mount Etna. For me this fragrance incorporates all that I love in a scent. When sprayed, it has an immediate invigorating aroma, full of energy and sunshine presumably from inclusion cedar and petit grain in its top notes. Although it also contains basil in its top notes, its green and spicy aroma lingers allowing it to intertwine skilfully with lavender and black pepper, delicately settling into a soft spicy scent.

Ingredient Collection

Colonia Oud

I have been obsessed with the exotic scent of Oud ever since I visited the middle east. Its soft, smoky and alluring scent would trail the atmosphere. Some people may find Oud to be overpowering when added to fragrances, however Acqua di Parma has managed to strike a lovely balance between its original Colonia with the addition of the Agarwood. This fragrance is very refined, masculine and elegant. Although I would usually wear oud fragrances in the evening, the addition of citrus notes means I have the versatility of wearing this fragrance at any time.

Acqua Di Parma is much more than a simple fragrance brand, it is the true spirit of Italy captured in a bottle. A timeless classic that has stood the test of time with each new additional fragrance forging the brand forward yet still managing to hold on to its traditional core. The brand now has a presence in thirty-nine countries across the world, with its characteristic yellow boxes dominating the fragrance shelves of the most luxurious department stores. All these scents are a fantastic addition to anyone’s fragrance collection, and I cannot wait to see what Acqua di Parma release in the future.



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