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Rome is known as the ‘eternal city’ and having visited it over ten years ago I was excited to take another trip back. I could talk about all the historical sites which are what makes this city amazing however I shall leave that to a later date. What I am extremely excited about is to share with you the delicious foods and drinks that were on offer whilst I wandered around this spectacular city.

If your only in Rome for a short stay you want to ensure you make the most of this intoxicating city. Luckily it is filled with an array of quick pitstops that serve delicious food and drink. Here are my Blublazerguy top picks:

 La Casa del Tazza d’Oro

Just a stone throw from the impressive Pantheon, you immediately smell the enticing aroma from this small coffee shop. Renowned for its delicious coffee, this establishment is often very busy, so expect queues on most occasions. This gives you the perfect time to decide on what delicious drink you wish to try from their extensive menu.

If you want a quiet coffee, then this may not be the place for you. As soon as you enter, you are immediately immersed in the rabble of chatter, the clatter of plates and the hissing of coffee machines. After you order and pay for your choice of coffee, ensure to grab a nice spot at the bar and hand the receipt to the nearest barista. These baristas know their stuff when it comes to whipping up a coffee, usually working on numerous orders at the same time, they tailor your order to suit you.

As there is no seating here, you are encouraged to do like the Italians do and stand, socialise and quickly drink your intensely flavoured coffee. This was by far my favourite place to visit and on most occasions, I would try the simple espresso! At only 1 Euro a shot this delicious coffee was truly worth it with the caffeine hit preparing you for your next walk around the eternal city. 

 Venchi 1878

We all know that Italy is renowned for its Gelato and with so many places to try it, it can become overwhelming. I discovered Venchi purely by chance whilst leaving a nearby coffee shop, and for those that know me, I never walk passed ice cream without trying it!

Venchi is a gourmet Gelateria and Chocolatier which celebrates its 140-year anniversary this year. With an array of delicious flavours, I am sure every individual will find something they would love. My absolute favourite was Cremino Venchi; the “frozen” version of their traditional Cremino 1878 recipe. It consists of a hazelnut base which is added to milk and some hazelnut paste and covered with an indulgent layer of dark chocolate cream. Their larger store on Via del Corso is more crowded however you do get the chance to see their impressive wall of dripping chocolate. I was excited to learn that Venchi also has four stores located in the City of London, now if only they would open one in Edinburgh.

 Forno Campo de’ Fiore

After wandering around the food markets in the quaint square of Campo de Fiori, it is of no surprise that you become peckish.

Luckily, just on the corner of the square is an amazing little bakery; Forno Campo de’ Fiore. Peer through their window into the kitchen and you can see numerous bakers hard at work, preparing and baking fresh bread, cakes and biscuits. The focaccia bread is to die for and is filled to the brim with an array of different fresh ingredients to choose from. I recommend their freshly toasted focaccia with courgette flowers, tomato and buffalo mozzarella. The salty crispy exterior of the bread and the freshness of the courgette flower go well with a deliciously thick slice of mozzarella which is beautifully creamy and melts in the mouth.

 Two Sizes

This is another little treasure that I stumbled upon by chance. This tiny bolt hole located near the Piazza Navona doesn’t look so impressive from the outside, but it’s what inside that truly counts here.

This small establishment is filled to the brim with the well-loved Italian dessert; Tiramisu. Available in ‘Two Sizes’, hence the name, they have an abundance of different flavours and I only now wish that I tried them all. The traditional coffee flavour was available along with Pistachio, Peanut Butter and Caramel.  I opted for the Caramel flavour which was sweet, creamy and deliciously smooth. Whilst in Rome, I have tried a number of tiramisu desserts and this was by far the best. My only regret was not getting the bigger size.  

Grand Plaza Hotel Roma

Enjoy luxurious surroundings and delicious cocktails in this beautiful hotel located off the main street of Via del Corso. Perhaps not a quick stop but after all that sightseeing its a great place to relax in the evening.

As you enter through its old wooden turnstile doors you are immediately transported to an opulent space. The lobby bar is extravagant in every way with oversized crystal chandeliers, intricate frescos on the ceiling and old-fashioned decadent furniture.

Although it can be quite quiet, this bar provides the perfect place to unwind from the chaotic streets outside. With soft music echoing in the background, ensure to order one of their delicious cocktails. I opted for my favourite iconic Italian cocktail; Negroni. 

 Do you have any favourite food and drink establishments in Rome, I’d be interested in hearing what they are?

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