Winter Skincare

Winter is well and truly here and with the combinations of cold weather, bad diets and dry indoor heating it brings numerous skin care issues. From breakouts, dry patches and tightness, I have experienced them all.  I have discovered some amazing products that have contributed greatly to my skin health, especially during the winter season. So much so that I wanted to share them with you, therefore here are my Blublazerguy affordable winter skincare saviours:

Vitness – Raspberry Glow Collagen Skin Health

For those who have read my previous blogs, I am obsessed with Vitness products and have previously vlogged about this product and other items in their range. I feel people usually concentrate on nourishing their skin from the outside however they should also concentrate on improving the skin from within. This collagen powder is a great skin boosting supplement containing Collagen, super antioxidants, Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamins E & C. I have been using this product for several months and alongside my skin care routine, the quality of my skin is more radiant and has a natural glow to it. This product is easy to consume as you can use it in smoothies or sprinkled on food, but my preference is to dilute it in some water turning it into a refreshing drink.

Get it here for £24.99 and receive £5 off using discount code ENJOY100 at checkout.

Embryollise – Lait-Crème Concentré

Known by makeup artists and dermatologists around the world, this luxuriously indulgent cream has been a cult favourite since the 1950s. Rich in essential fatty acids and vitamins this lotion is the perfect multi-tasker. I regularly use this lotion and I find that its moisturising and nourishing ingredients leave my skin supple, smooth and soft. With continuous use, my skin feels less dry and has a healthy glow without feeling overly greasy. For extra nutrition and comfort, I also use a thick layer of this cream as a mask.

Get it here from £12.99.

Lait-crème Concentré – Image by Embryollise

Pixi Skintreats – Retinol Tonic

We all know the importance of using Retinol in your skincare routine, however, some products can be highly aggressive on the skin. Not only does this tonic contain time-release retinol there is also the added benefit of Jasmine flower which helps to balance and heal the skin, the perfect solution for those who have skin sensitivity issues. I have used a number of Retinol products which have left my skin dry and uncomfortable but this seems to be a more gentle product. I use this every evening before my moisturiser and facial oil providing my skin with extra antioxidants. Along with the collagen boosting properties which are renowned to help with fine lines and wrinkles I find this product highly effective.

Get it here for £10.00.

Retinol Tonic – Image by Pixi Beauty

Mario Badescu – Orange Cleansing Soap

In winter my face usually gets very dry, therefore the last thing I wanted to use was a face cleanser that dries out the skin even more.   I have found the perfect solution to this being the Orange cleansing soap by Mario Badescu. I love this cleanser because of its extremely creamy texture which feels like you are applying a comforting moisturiser. The added ingredient of orange peel gently exfoliates the skin without stripping the skin and leaving it tight and uncomfortable. I use this morning and night before my other products and it always leaves my skin feeling rejuvenated and fresh. In addition to this, I often use their spray toners which provide added moisturisation throughout the day.

Get it here from £12.00

Orange Cleansing Cream – Image by Mario Badescu

Deciem – Rose Hip Seed Oil

Deciem is one of my favourite brands as I have used a variety of their simple yet highly effective products. For additional moisture and protection against ageing, I apply their organic and cold-pressed rose hip oil. Being cold pressed ensures that all the important and beneficial qualities of the oil aren’t lost. Although this oil doesn’t particularly have a pleasant scent (which is completely natural) I find it extremely comforting and just a few drops on top of my normal moisturiser replenishes my skin overnight and I always feel my face is more rested and glowing when I wake.

Get it here for £9.00

Rose Hip Seed Oil – Image by Deciem


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