Maison Francis Kurkdjian Paris – Luxury Perfume House

My first experience of Maison Francis Kurkdjian was in one of London’s prestigious department stores. This range of fragrances immediately caught my eye as their vessels exuded an alluring understated luxury. With a vast range to choose from, I soon worked my way through them, treating my senses to a complex range of undeniably beautiful scents that I hadn’t experienced before. I immediately sought to increase my knowledge of this brand and the people behind the collection. I was surprised to learn that Francis Kurkdjian had been involved in some of the most renowned fragrances for numerous houses such as Acqua di Parma, Elie Saab and Burberry to name but a few.

Maison Francis Kurkdjian was co-created in 2009 by perfumer Francis Kurkdjian and businessman Marc Chaya, with the sole aim of bringing back the genuine creativity of the perfumer to the forefront. Under their vision, it has gained precedence in the luxury fragrance world where they have now showcased a superior range of perfumes in an astounding 300 locations worldwide.

From the age of thirteen, Francis Kurkdjian recognised his profound interest in the fragrance world and in 1990 he entered the International Perfumery School in France. With his first fragrance creation being the well-known Le Male by Jean Paul Gaultier, he soon became one of the worlds most renowned perfumers. In 2001 he opened his own made-to-order bespoke perfume workshop atelier before co-creating the infamous Maison Francis Kurkdjian with Marc Chaya.

CEO and Co-Creator Marc Chaya had a diverse business background due to his education in economics and business. While working for Ernest and Young he met Francis Kurkdjian by chance and it was here that a special friendship was struck. He was immediately captivated by the true talent of Francis Kurkdjian and it was this attraction that sparked the idea of a new luxury Parisian fragrance house and Maison Francis Kurkdjian was born.

With such an extensive range to choose from it is very difficult to pinpoint my favourite however, here is Blublazerguy’s top five recommendations that truly showcase this luxurious fragrance house;

Aqua Universalis

This was the first fragrance that I purchased from MFK range and it continues to be my absolute favourite. For me, it immediately evokes the memory of a relaxing walk on the island of Mykonos, where residents would hang freshly laundered sheets high above the small white cobbled streets. As the sun shines down and the wind blows from the Aegean Sea the smell of freshly washed linen wafts through the streets immediately uplifting my spirit. This fragrance is like a breath of fresh air, with every spray being a unique and addictive experience.


Notes:  Bergamot from Calabria, Lemon from Sicily, Lily of the Valley, Mock Orange Blossom and light Musky Woods.

Petit Matin

Inspired by an early morning walk through the streets of Paris, this fragrance has a beautifully refreshing incandescent beginning. I Imagine myself stopping to enjoy a flaky pastry sitting al fresco outside a beautiful corner café with delicate flowers spilling majestically from the windowsills. The coolness of the morning dissipates, and the early sun begins to rise, slowly warming the air and releasing the delicate blend of floral and sweetness all around.  This is without a doubt a refreshing yet warming fragrance that truly allows you to feel like you can embrace the day.

Notes: Litsea Cubeba from Indonesia, Lemon from Calabria, Hawthorn and Lavandin from Provence with musky Amber notes.

Grand Soir

Francis Kurkdjian created this fragrance to be reminiscent of a night in the city of Light and I truly believe that he has captured this perfectly. Paris is one of my favourite cities and for me exudes a luxury that you can’t find anywhere else in the world. Grand Soir instantly transports me to those memories of elegant evenings in Paris, a fragrance that is refined and distinguished yet contains a hidden element of excitement. After the initial top notes dissipate the fragrance transcends into a sweet, deep and mesmerising scent that you will truly be infatuated with.


Notes: Benzoin from Siam, Tonka Bean from Brazil and Cistus Labdanum from Spain.

Masculin Pluriel

Masculin Pluriel reminds me of a classic men’s cologne with a unique and contemporary twist.  This woody aromatic blend conveys an abundance of masculine notes, the highlight being the classic Fougère (fern-like) accord. I feel this fragrance compliments a tailored suit and a crisp white shirt. A suave and classy fragrance that is perfect for any modern gentlemen with an all year-round versatility.

Notes: Lavender absolute from Provence, Cedar Wood from Virginia, Patchouli from Indonesia and Vetiver from Haiti.

Amyris Homme

This alluring fragrance has an underlying gentle energy that permeates from the skin throughout the day. With one spray, this scent instantly lifts my spirits with the warmth of a tranquil sunset filled with natural empowerment enveloping me in aura of calmness. I especially enjoy the dry down which has a beautifully creamy warmth to it. If you love a woody, aromatic and fresh fragrance then this is for you.


Notes: Rosemary from Morocco, Mandarin from Sicily, Amyris from Jamaica, Iris from Florence and Tonka Bean absolute from Brazil.

Maison Francis Kurkdjian are truly an outstanding brand. The depth in which they go in order to create an exquisite fragrance is both impressive and artistic. The quality of ingredients, the longevity and their ability to create a complex wardrobe of fragrances is truly admirable. The below quote from Marc Chaya resonates well with me and I look forward to enjoying many more of their future creations.

“Our Vision is to be the most luxurious contemporary fragrance house, where luxury lies in the extraordinary: extraordinary creativity, extraordinary craft and extraordinary customer experience. Our mission is to bring joy to our customers by creating an uplifting journey through fragrances.”

Marc Chaya, CEO and co-creator

For more fragrances, their luxurious candles and other products in the range visit Maison Francis Kurkdjian


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