Sweet Eats around Edinburgh

Over the years Edinburgh has rapidly increased in its stand out places to drink and eat and it sure doesn’t disappointment when it comes to sweet treats and I am not talking about deep fried mars bars (Yes they do exist). On every street there seems to be a new delight to tantalise your taste buds. Usually, I would be talking about eating healthy but what makes you smile more than biting into that lovely piece of cake or sharing a coffee with your friends at your favourite café.

City of Edinburgh

Here is my #HighFive of places to enjoy some delectable treats in Edinburgh.

#Macarons Mademoiselle Macaron is a beautiful little business located near the famous Usher Hall. Its creative and artistic window display draws you in to its Parisian/Scottish inspired design. As you walk in you are greeted with a smile from the staff and then you are hit with an array of colourful macarons. You can opt for some French inspired flavours such as Lavender and Fleur de Orange or choose some of the more British inspired flavours such as Innes and Gunn beer, Earl Grey or even ready salted crisps. You can enjoy these little treats sitting inside under a small replica of the Eiffel tower or these can be gift boxed to take away for that special gift. My personal favourite flavours were the Earl Grey and Chocolate Peppermint, if however you want something a little different they have also created a fusion of the cookie and macaroon (Macarookie).


#Patisseries Patisserie Madeleine is a small establishment tucked away in the heart of Stockbridge selling items such as Coffee, Macarons and French patisseries. Having been to Paris a few times it has been my quest to find somewhere in Edinburgh that can replicate the delicious patisseries that they create there. I must say Madeleine gets quite close and you just need to walk past their window to see their display of little artistic and colourful delights. They thankfully avoid the British and American take on French patisseries which are usually oversized and lack finesse instead they create perfect sized delights that are full of flavour and Parisian charm.

#Gelato – It took me a while to visit this place but when I did I wasn’t disappointment. Mary’s Milk Bar is situated in the Grassmarket of Edinburgh overlooking the Castle, this small café sells some of the best gelato I have ever tasted in Edinburgh. From unusual flavours such as White Chocolate and Black Olive and Baked Pear and Dark Chocolate there is an array of ever changing delights for you to try. I went for the safe bet though and tried both the Peanut Butter and the Coconut. As soon as I tasted the gelato I was transported back to Italy where I thought only true gelato existed. The peanut butter was smooth, creamy and subtly flavoured and the coconut fresh and clean to taste. There is nothing artificial about these flavours and with a fantastic view of the castle why wouldn’t you want to visit this place. It has been so popular in this year’s festival period that there has been a constant queue to taste this amazing gelato.

#Cupcakes I am a frequent visitor to the amazing Cuckoos Bakery who are famous for their cupcakes, so much so that they have been voted two years running for the best cake in Scotland award. Situated on Dundas Street the original cuckoos bakery is always buzzing with customers, its simple and calming interior with its striking blue signage and central chandelier is all part of Cuckoos charm. They are mostly famous for the delicious cupcakes and I have tasted a few (just a few). Their signature cupcake and what keeps on getting them awards is their white chocolate and raspberry flavour which is delectably creamy and subtle. Cupcakes have had a revival of late all over the country but cuckoos will always be the place to go in Edinburgh if you want unique flavours, soft fluffy sponge and luscious creamy frosting. I can’t give you my favourite as there is too much to choose from but I definitely recommend their sticky toffee pudding and black bottom flavours. Not only should you try their massive range of ever changing cupcakes I highly recommend their Chocolate Coconut Brownies. Gooey, scrumptious and tasty like biting into a melting bounty bar!

White Chocolate & Raspberry Cupcake (image courtesy of cuckoos)
Selection of summer cupcakes (Image courtesy of cuckoos)
Chocolate coconut brownie (image courtesy of cuckoos)
Egg and chips anyone ?

#AfternoonTea Prestonfield House is beautiful white historic building located only ten minutes from the city centre yet when you arrive you feel like you have been transported into the country. This white historic building stands proud against the backdrop of Arthur’s seat. Also a hotel its interior exudes a luxurious and opulent feel with thick carpets,  chandeliers, deep warm colours and cosy dark corners. The Afternoon tea is in the tapestry room filled with beautiful paintings, lighting and of course tapestry. The service is impeccable and before you know it your table is filled with an array of delicious sweet and savoury goods.

Afternoon Tea in the Tapestry Room


Rhubarb Restaurant
Exterior and Me

2 thoughts on “Sweet Eats around Edinburgh

  1. Scott, your delicious descriptions and gorgeous photography has me drooling….
    That bounty-esque brownie and peanut butter gelato..
    I will happily eat everything you’ve mentioned and then take a long walk up Arthur’s seat to burn some of it off (and gobble a few macaroons there while appreciating the views).
    I love reading your blog, everything you post truly does make me smile!

    Liked by 1 person

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