Blu Blazer Guy chats with Maurizio Pellizzoni – London Interior Designer

A few months ago I came across this very talented Interior architect. As soon as I saw his designs and portfolio, I immediately fell in love with his luxurious sense of style. 

Every day when he posts his #PicOfTheDay on social media showing images of his different creations and projects, I couldn’t help but notice how he always gets it right! Having previously worked for Ralph Lauren Home, the Italian born and bred Maurizio Pellizzoni decided to start his own business called Maurizio Pellizoni Ltd in the Chelsea Design Quarter of London.

From new builds to period buildings, he applies his skills and talent to design a range of residential and commercial projects. There is no signature style for Maurizio and yet looking at each project, it is immediately evident that it is he who has cast this magic. His designs exude quality, luxury and detail and it’s obvious that he has taken into consideration his clients’ every needs instead of imposing them with a signature look.

I caught up with Maurizio to ask a few questions about himself and his business;

Who and what inspired you to start up your own interior design business?

I have always loved design. I grew up in one of the most beautiful places in the world, Lake Como, and I am lucky to say that design is part of my DNA. I’ve know since when I was little that I wanted to be a designer. When I moved to London, nearly 20 years ago I was lucky enough to work for Ralph Lauren, starting in Sale’s, then moving into Window Displays and working with the Home Collection. From here, I learnt the meaning of luxury and attention to detail – which are my strongest skills. After spending my first years in London to learn English and to build a new life, I went to university (London Metropolitan university) to study Interior Architecture. This, in combination with the excellent training I received at Ralph Lauren, have made me the person and designer I am today.

Can you remember your first big project and how did it go? 

My first project was ‘Riverside View’, straight after my job at Ralph Lauren where I was the Home Collection Co-ordinator for Europe. I was very excited to work on something which would help me to fulfil my dream of having my own interior design firm. The project went very well, I was very lucky as my client was lovely, in fact we are still in contact and became very good friends. A few years ago, for the same family, I helped their son with the design and decoration at his wedding at the Arts Club in Mayfair.

Riverside View Project

What has been your favourite project and why?

I don’t think I have a favourite project, somehow I love all my projects. Each one of them unique and is a different milestone in my career. I can say that each project is my favourite for a different reason. In all my projects, I always try to give all myself to create something unique, but most importantly to deliver the dream home for my clients.

What piece of advice would you give to anyone wishing to have a career in interior design?

Interior design as any other career has its ups and downs, to be able to be a good designer you need to learn to be patient, listen and understand each clients request, after all they employ you to design their home!

Maurizio has many projects under his belt in the UK and further afield and I had the difficult task sifting through them to find my favourite designs and it wasn’t easy! Every project radiates perfection with a balance of colour, style and accessories. His style of mixing old with new works flawlessly and creates a timeless and sophisticated look. I can honestly say there was nothing that I saw that I didn’t like but here are my top #high5 designs;


I absolutely adore this property because of its open plan composition yet it still manages to retain a cosy and comfortable atmosphere. Its light neutral colours on the walls are balanced perfectly with the dark hue of the furniture. The use of natural materials such as Coir Matting and Linens and the white shutters and plants echoes the Caribbean style. My favourite is the bedroom with its dark grand carved bed cascaded in textures of animal print and crisp white linen, I would find it difficult to prise myself away from this.


I love this open plan apartment with hints of chinoiserie such as the blue and white vases and black glossy furnishings. Like every design it has to be versatile and Maurizio has managed this by using white linens in the summer and sumptuous fabrics in decadent colours of gold’s, purples and blues in the winter to provide the space with warmth and depth.


This design makes me smile as it reminds me of my favourite style, Georgian, showcased in some of the buildings in my city, Edinburgh. With its high ceilings, large windows, panelled walls and sense of symmetry it radiates elegance and refinement. The oversized coffee table full of gorgeous publications and the array of different art work really provides interest around the room. I adore the grand book cases filling the space in between each window and how their design and pattern emulate the cornicing above them. I love the contrast of the dark masculine bedroom with its deep blues and chocolates compared to the femininity of the other with light damask wallpaper and floral marquetry furniture. And the closet…. if I had a closet like that I would have stayed in it all my life!


Maurizio has done a great job  creating a relaxed but very stylish property. I especially love how he has created different areas for relaxing, entertaining and working. The finish is very simple yet the deep purple of the chair and cushions provide warmth. I especially like the green wall art that brings out an unexpected but complimentary colour to the space. The Ralph Lauren accessories and cushions from De Le Cuona bring the whole look together softening the edges of this classic and luxurious design.


This design interest me because of its mixture of glamour and masculinity. The large entrance way with crystal statement lighting welcomes you into the property. The chunky pieces of furniture again carry the masculine feel through the home yet they are softened by draped fabrics, cushions and accessories. The bedrooms are themed and reminiscent of a boutique hotel with their own unique look – bold but relaxing at the same time. I particularly like the wall adorned with black and white photography finished off with a contemporary Eames chair and stool. The large globed bronze lighting above the dining table is a fantastic statement.

I’m sure you will agree that the end results are are amazing, So what’s in the pipeline for Maurizio and his business?

We are currently working on several projects in London, each one of them is exciting, unique and different from each other. I have also just returned from a trip to the USA, where I went for a holiday, but also to photograph my first USA project in Portland Oregon. A stunning riverside view family home. Unfortunately we cannot disclose the images yet, but after seeing the final selection, I can clearly say that it will be another style to add to my portfolio (#comingsoon).

(All images courtesy of Maurizio Pellizzoni) 

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