Kelly Hoppen MBE – Interior Designer

I have a great interest in Interior Design and nothing makes me smile more than walking into a room or building that has been beautifully designed. It may sound a tad materialistic but for me my mood is definitely affected by my surroundings and I believe that this is why I am so interested in this subject. We spend most of our free time at home, so why wouldn’t you want to make your surroundings as tranquil and calming as possible especially when the outside world is so hectic and chaotic sometimes.

After studying a diploma in Interior design a few years back, I gained more insight into the subject and it introduced me to an array of different interior designers throughout the world. Anyone that knows me will know I have a keen interest in Kelly Hoppen. Her style oozes sophistication and luxury and is a unique blend of East meets West. I especially love her ability to design something contemporary without making it cold and industrial looking, instead creating a statement space with a warm inviting environment . She is known for her love of Taupe which some may perceive as being rather plain but she manages to layer the colour in different shades, tones and textures which creates an amazing end result. She does go beyond taupe though and her Kelly Hoppen Home brand have introduced pops of colour in their furniture and home jewellery ranges which include burnt orange, dusky pinks and blues and striking red.


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A few times I have managed to visit the Kelly Hoppen Home store in Westfield’s London and on my first visit I was lucky enough to meet the lady herself. She had such an air of calm and sophistication about her and was very informative about her products and how they can be used to achieve the greatest effect. Its obvious to see why she has become such a leader in the interior design field and how her brand has expanded in such a competitive market. She was very kind enough to have a photograph with me and sign a copy of her informative book Design Masterclass.

Although there are too much to choose from, here are my #High5 of Kelly Hoppen Home Items;

#pinchedbowl I haven’t purchased this as of yet but it is definitely on my wish list. It is such a striking standalone piece with gorgeous fluidity as if almost pliable like you can reshape it yourself. The contemporary matt finish on the outside is married with a delectable grey glaze inside that glimmers and catches the light.


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#ariavase The simple and elegant Aria Vase is one of my favourites because of its beautiful flowing design and its affordability. I especially love the hint of the range of colours that coat the inside providing depth and interest yet not spoiling the overall effect of the piece.

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#scentone I have become addicted to Kelly Hoppen’s signature fragrance Scent One candle. It is the perfect balance between masculine and feminine. Unlike other scented candles that fail to release their fragrance into the air this one fills the space with its woody and spicy scent without being overpowering. The same scented candle is available in containers of different hues such as white, grey, off white, black, light taupe and dark taupe so there is no way that this candle wouldn’t fit into any interior space. If candles are not to your taste there are also diffusers and room sprays in the same scent and if spicy not your thing there is a whole range of delectable scent’s in her collection.

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#Ikatwallpaper Grey is a very popular colour at the moment and the Grey Ikat design wallpaper is a great way to make a fantastic statement in your home. Not only is the design bold and contemporary the feel of it is just pure luxury. This wallpaper is not flat and lifeless it has an intricate textural surface that provides depth and quality.

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#coral I am in love with Kelly’s range of resin coral pieces. Their life like appearance are a great addition to any room, immediately providing interest and texture and are great against metallic or wooden surfaces. Placed on their own or grouped with different objects they provide instant elegance to any room.


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I have chosen to place my coral against my metallic bedside lamp to reflect its form and another grouped with Kelly’s geometric vases to convey an array of different textures.

Coral used in my bedroom

I managed to contact Kelly’s team and ask what things make her happy in her life, here is Kelly’s #High5;






I can share your happiness with the Nespresso Machine Kelly!

Head over to now where you will find beautiful home items and a fantastic sale is now on!

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