Noir by Night by Atelier Des Ors

Described as ‘Perfume with Poetry,’ Atelier Des Ors was created by Jean-Philippe Clermont and launched in 2015. This exclusive fragrance house sought to create a range that captured the true heritage of French Haute Parfumerie, one which uses only the finest and most beautiful raw materials. Along with perfumer Marie Salamagne, they have built up a collection of truly exquisite scents which I was very happy to explore. There are currently six collections included in the range; The White Collection, Black Collection, Eaux Collection, Riviera Collection, Extrait Collection and Frivolite Collection. The Frivolite Collection recently launched in 2022, is a duo of fragrances that are inspired by frivolities, a celebration of unrestrained emotions and art de vivre (the art of living). After the past few tempestuous years, Atelier Des Ors were determined to create a range to bring forth some lightheartedness and reignite the joy of life once again. From this, the duo Pink Me Up and Noir by Night were born. Although both are spectacular in their own right, I gravitated towards the alluring Noir by Night.

The first thing you will notice about Atelier Des Ors is its breathtaking presentation. As you lift the bottle from its case, the design is very elegant and such a pleasure to handle. The brand’s sea horse emblem is imprinted in the golden cap which is weighty yet gracefully shaped. The vessel is backed by beautiful cut glass stunningly embellished in an elegant black ombre hue. Within the perfume are tiny flakes of gold that float majestically throughout, capturing any light that casts upon it and glimmering against the black abyss. The gold flakes however aren’t just for show, they also emphasise the brand’s concept of the noble raw ingredients used in their collection. It’s simply a joy to experience, even before you’ve spritzed it upon the skin.

From the moment you spray it onto the skin the word elegance immediately springs to mind. Its fine spray reveals the most distinguished nuances, one of which is Coriander which I immediately picked up on. Its vibrant, peppery and woody tones set the precedence for this interesting olfactory journey. Whispers of incense seem to billow in the background, its sweet, resinous and smoky tentacles lacing the air whilst delicately accentuating those woody aspects. I almost expected this fragrance to be extremely deep and devious, but like a crisp white shirt under a tailored tuxedo, there is this underlying freshness that undulates beneath the darkness. This unique slant allows the fragrance to be extremely versatile, one that could easily be worn at any time throughout the seasons.

Using headspace technology* Atelier Des Ors has managed to capture the luxurious note of Caviar which to my surprise is wonderfully addictive. As soon as I could sense its presence I could almost feel the black elegant mound of silky caviar popping in my mouth, revealing a lustrous streak of finesse tinged with saltiness. Its creamy texture can also be detected, like an expensive silk scarf caressing the skin there is this undeniable veil of smoothness. That velvety vibe perpetuates as it delves deeper to the richest and sultry base of Guiac Wood and Sandalwood. That initial hum of Coriander wains under the blanket of soft and seductive woods and amber. Like a flickering fire, this warming base is comforting yet still dances off of the skin with its undulating nuances.

For me, Noir by Night arouses images of illustrious evenings under glimmering chandeliers, where black tie suits saunter behind the bubbling golden hue of champagne. Like an expensive yet invisible scented accessory, it immediately makes you feel suave and polished. Despite this, there is also a sense of playfulness within its polished depths which I love. Imagine the soirée has ended and the after party has begun, where bow ties become unfastened and buttons are undone. There is freedom within its sensuality, a play between dark and light and different textures which makes this fragrance bold and unique. Noir by Night is an instant confidence booster and although it may lean more toward what we perceive as masculine, its seductive and discerning composition would suit anyone who wants to make a statement.

*a technique used to capture the odour of a substance using an apparatus which allows the perfumer to then mimic particular notes which do not lend themselves to extraction.

Blu Blazer Guy. Rating:
Presentation – 5/5
Sillage – 4/5
Longevity – 4/5

Perfume Concentration: Eau de Parfum 100ml
Available from Atelier Des Ors, Liberty London & Harvey Nics

(PR Sample – Views are all my own)

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