Gladiator Oud by Electimuss London

Founded in 2015, contemporary luxury fragrance house Electimuss London has taken the perfumery world by storm. In such a crowded market, it takes a special brand to forge through the barrage of scents, but with such a strong identity it isn’t surprising to see why Electimuss is carving their way to the top. Electimuss, meaning “to choose the best” in Latin is a range of exquisite perfumes inspired by Ancient Rome and the myriad of myths and stories that weave through the empire’s history. Romans were known as the original perfume connoisseurs, seeking out the very finest perfume oils and ingredients from around the world. Continuing with the same ethos, Electimuss only uses the highest quality of ingredients blended meticulously to create its range of bold and opulent fragrances. There are five collections in their range including; Nero, Eternal, Consort, Lustrous and Emperor. The newest addition to the Emperor Collection is the impressive Gladiator Oud by renowned perfumer Julien Rasquinet.

When you open the deep purple presentation box, those Roman influences are unmistakably evident through the design of the bottle. The vessel is nestled in a suede like interior and is beautifully crafted, portraying a strong, tall and elegant style that is immediately striking. A heavily carved glass base in the most captivating amethyst hue is topped with a gold metal etched cap and cape echoing Roman architecture and symbolism. From the overall presentation to the sturdy design, you can feel and see all the scrupulous details that have gone into creating such a quality product and brand. This attention to detail doesn’t stop there of course, with the fragrance itself exuding that same level of superiority.  

They say Rome wasn’t built in a day and its certainly evident that time and effort has been invested in creating this beautiful fragrance. From the moment you spray the precious elixir imbued with rare resins and exquisite oils, it unleashes a perfumed shield of strength across the skin. Imagine that wrought iron gate of a colosseum lifting up and the first shards of sunshine piercing the dark cavern within, the warm rays illuminating the clipeus that encases the palpitating muscular torso. This bold and courageous perfume demands immediate attention, embodying the robust characteristics of the gladiators it was inspired by. Gladiator Oud opens up with the most enrapturing spiciness that tinkers between coolness and warmth, conjuring up images of light glistening against metal and skin. Permeated throughout this spicy warmth is an almost salty accord, as if evaporating from the perspiration that shimmers over firm engulfed muscles.

Dry earthy notes of Hay, Cumin and Vetiver encapsulate the perilous journey into the scorched arena, drenched by the ferocious midday sun. I envisage dust billowing ominously beneath their feet, a palpable energy filling the area as swirls of warm air whip against their skin. As I closed my eyes and took in this aroma I found it absolutely fascinating how Julien Rasquinet has faultlessly captured this moment. Underneath that perpetuating and unmistakable streak of power and strength, I was able to visualise the cracked baked earth and arid atmosphere with those cleverly composed notes. There is no denying that Oud is the main contender, and what better ingredient to utilise in order to represent nobility and stature. Oud oil with its smooth, rich and amber like nuances lace their way through the entirety of this fragrance, bringing an undisputed elegance that Electimuss London is renowned for. Once the Oud unfurls and reveals its opulent depth and alluring qualities it will have you coming back for more and more. From this particular Oud there is an initial animalic note that may be a tad dismaying to some, but combined with Cedarwood its animalistic tinge is blanketed in an addictive balsamic and woody undertone. Personally when I saw the name of this fragrance I thought it would be more animalic, to represent the ruthless battle between two opposing gladiators. Instead it is tenacious yet composed, only exuding its inner power when required to do so, a testament to the perfumer, the exquisite blend and the quality of ingredients used.

As the arduous battle ends and the gladiator raises his tarnished shield the fragrance culminates in the most stunning warming glow of triumph. A combination of exotic Saffron, Patchouli and Honey exude a sweet, warm and spicy veil that radiates from the skin. Although that initial strike of vigour subsides, there is continuous energy that perpetuates through the whole journey of this fragrance. Due to this that you will quickly become infatuated with it, a mist of instantaneous strength needed for those days when the world may test you. Just as I thought my interest of Oud had whittled away into the fragrance abyss, along came Electimuss to pull me right back out again. Gladiator Oud is both empowering and captivating with an impressive longevity that matches the true strength of its inspiration.

Blu Blazer Guy Rating:
Presentation – 5/5
Sillage – 5/5
Longevity – 5/5

Perfume Notes:
Top: Saffron Accord, Cumin Seed Oil
Heart: Honey Accord, Geranium Oil Egypt FOR LIFE LMR, Hay Abs LMR & Immortelle Abs Balkan LMR
Base: Oud Oil LMR, Patchouli Oil Indonesia FOR LIFE LMR, Ambre Gris Accord, Cedarwood Oil Atlas & Vetiver Haiti for Life LMR.

Perfume Concentration: Pure Parfum 30%

Available at Jovoy Mayfair, boutiques worldwide and Electimuss from 9th March 2023.

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