Electimuss London Persephone’s Patchouli

Founded in 2015, contemporary luxury fragrance house Electimuss London has taken the perfumery world by storm. In such a crowded market, it takes a special brand to forge through the barrage of scents, but with such a strong identity it isn’t surprising to see why Electimuss is carving its way to the top. Electimuss, meaning “to choose the best” in Latin is a range of exquisite perfumes inspired by Ancient Rome and the myriad of myths and stories that weave through the empire’s history. Romans were known as the original perfume connoisseurs, seeking out the very finest perfume oils and ingredients from around the world. Carrying on that same ethos, Electimuss only uses the highest quality of ingredients blended meticulously to create its range of bold and opulent fragrances. There are five collections in the range including; Nero, Eternal, Consort, Lustrous and Emperor.

After making my way through samples of each of the collections I gravitated towards Persephone’s Patchouli from the Consort range. When you open the deep purple presentation box, those Roman influences are immediately evident through the design of the bottle. The vessel is beautifully crafted portraying a strong, tall and elegant style that demands attention. A heavily carved glass base in the most beautiful green is topped with a gold metal etched cap and cape echoing Roman architecture and symbolism. From the overall presentation to the sturdy feel of it in your hand, you can feel and see all the scrupulous details that have gone into creating such a quality product and brand. Persephone’s Patchouli is part of a duo of fragrances exploring the use of Patchouli, inspired by the story of Pluto and his queen Persephone. Persephone’s Patchouli concentrates on Persephone, queen of the underworld, and goddess of the seasons and vegetation. One of the notes listed relates to the story of when Persephone was offered six pomegranate seeds from Hades, which resulted in her having to return to the underworld for six months of the year.

As the fine mist cascades over the skin, there is a surprisingly instant aromatic freshness. It almost conjures up images of rain-soaked foliage, its verdant leaves revealing their natural aroma under a layer of translucency. Nuances of crushed mint and earthy undergrowth transport you momentarily to a place of nature and serenity. It’s both powerful yet delicate at the same time, its vivacious side immediately taking hold of you whilst a soft undercurrent tentatively engages with the senses. Out of the cloud of freshness, a fruity profusion begins to ensue with a stunning addition of plum. Imagine the fruit dropping to the ground, its plump purple carcass laid bare whilst warmed by the emerging sun. As its delicate skin bursts open, its juicy flesh is exposed excreting sticky nuances from its jam-like consistency. A beguiling sweetness is evident throughout but the addition of pomegranate with its bejewelled glistening seeds brings a welcome dose of acidity and tartness. Although this scent explores the use of Patchouli, the heart has been specifically used in this version to reveal a much cleaner rendition. Those usual earthy musky tones are certainly evident but at a more subdued level adding to that perpetuating lightness that you sense throughout the fragrance. As the delicate fruitiness simmers in the background it is accentuated by the floral accords of Bulgarian Rose. The heady and sultry characteristics of the rose take a back seat and by contrast, dew-covered petals reveal a softer fruity and spicy side. A white fluttering of Jasmine adds just the right amount of richness to continue that hum of seduction that whispers from beneath.

Just like a slither of sunlight that seeps between the branches of a lush forest, a note of golden honey weaves its way through the scent. Through the musky umbrella of Patchouli, the glistening elixir tentatively ebbs out, casting a vein of sweet and warming aromas across the skin. It’s not long though before I am transported back to that place of nature as if the forest floor has been disturbed and a myriad of woody nuances pepper the air. Even to the end, a freshness endures, allowing this beautiful symphony of undulating coolness and warmth. It all culminates with a soothing layer of Sandalwood, a creamy and comforting blanket that cocoons the skin beautifully. I must say that I am very happy I chose Persephone’s Patchouli for my first Electimuss fragrance. Although I am not a die-hard fan of Patchouli, this fragrance has allowed me to appreciate it in an entirely new way. If you are looking for a gentle introduction to Patchouli then this is one for you. From its first-class presentation to the high-quality ingredients and unique fragrance profiles there is no denying that Electimuss ticks many of the right boxes for all the fragrance enthusiasts out there.

Blu Blazer Guy Rating:
Presentation 5/5
Sillage 4/5
Projection 4/5
Longevity 4/5

Perfume Notes:
Top – Cardamom Guatemala, Plum, 6 Pomegranate Seeds
Heart – Patchouli, Jasmine Egypt, Bulgarian Rose
Base – Honey, Sandalwood, Cedar, Ambergris

Fragrance Concentration: Pure Parfum 25% – 30%
Perfumer: Christian Provenzano
Available in 10ml – 100ml at Electimuss London

This bottle was given as part of a PR Sample but all views are my own.

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