Brioni – Eau de Parfum

Founded in Rome in 1945, duo Nazareno Fonitcoli and business partner Gaetano Savini came together to create the epitome of Roman-style tailoring for men, Brioni. Combing their skills of master tailor and entrepreneurship, Brioni’s reputation grew exponentially and it wasn’t long before societies elite were lining up to be dressed by them. After sealing its reputation in 1952 by hosting the first-ever men’s fashion show, you could say the rest is history. To this day, Brioni remains synonymous with exemplary luxury bespoke tailoring and excellent craftsmanship. After tantalising the world with previously limited edition fragrances, they have done it again with their latest release. Launched in 2021 and created in collaboration with esteemed perfumer, Michael Almairac, Brioni Eau De Parfum continues the evolution of this esteemed fashion house.

As an admirer of men’s tailoring and a wearer of blazers (hence the name BluBlazerGuy), I was very excited to try this latest release. In true Blu Blazer Guy fashion, my eyes lit up when I saw the fragrances distinguished blue packaging. The Italian glass bottle exudes the same shade of blue as the box and is cleverly shaped to emulate Brioni’s navy blue tailored suits. The front of the bottle is embellished with a satin label of black and gold, evocative of the ones that grace the inside of a Brioni Suit. Crowned with a black magnetic top and engraved with the fashion houses’ iconic B logo, it opens up to reveal an elegant gold atomiser adorned with the same symbol. I was initially concerned that the fragrance may exude the typical cologne-like nuances, which aren’t to my personal taste, however as soon as I experienced it I was tremendously impressed.

Just like Brioni’s garments, the fragrance has been perfectly constructed to exude refinement and elegance, and this is evident from the moment you spray it. Immediately the energetic, vibrant and fresh note of Pink Peppercorn sparkles from the skin. Its warm, vivacious and nose-tingling characteristics instantly had me smiling from ear to ear. This cheerful beginning only gets better with a shimmering profusion of ozonic notes. I almost sense the Italian sunlight delicately bouncing off the blue waves as fresh salty aromas caress the air. This freshness continues in the form of Green Apple, its crisp, juicy and green elements teetering in the background and contributing to that clean and energetic start.

Although those fresh notes continue to waver from the skin the fragrance begins to take on a soft and enveloping quality. This airy and powdery vibe comes from an exquisite and prominent violet note backed by an uplifting green undercurrent of violet leaf. I have previously found that violet is usually fleeting and transient but its pairing with Ambroxan is sheer perfection, allowing the violet to persist whilst merging with those velvety, sweet and musky tones. For me, the aroma evokes images of a freshly laundered crisp white shirt delicately wafting in the sun, the breeze carrying a myriad of gentle and subtle nuances.

Those musky undertones continue in the base, as the fragrance casts a blanket of the most alluring aromas across the wearer. Musk and Tonka Bean keep the scent close to the skin occasionally wandering in the air as a gentle and sophisticated reminder of its presence. Whilst the fragrance continues to exude a warm and encompassing nature, there is an undeniable clean attribute that remains throughout the journey of the scent. The welcoming murmur of Cedar, introduces its aromatic, woody and pine-line nuances, maintaining those fresh accords until the very end. Although I haven’t had the privilege to wear a Brioni garment yet, this fragrance takes me one step closer and allows me to delve into its refined sartorial world. The Brioni scent is the epitome of understated elegance, its distinguished facets enticing me to don my blazer and prepare me for whatever the day may bring.

Blu Blazer Guy Rating:
Presentation 4/5
Sillage 4/5
Projection 4/5
Longevity 4/5

Fragrance Notes:
Top – Ozonic Notes, Pink Peppercorn and Green Apple
Middle – Violet and Ambroxan
Base – Cedar, Tonka Bean and Musk

100ml £95.00 from
Fragrance Concentration: Eau de Parfum

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