Atelier Des Ors – Riviera Drive

Described as ‘Perfume with Poetry,’ Atelier Des Ors was created by Jean-Philippe Clermont and launched in 2015. This exclusive fragrance house sought out to create a range that captured the true heritage of French Haute Parfumerie, one which uses only the finest and most beautiful raw materials. Along with perfumer Marie Salamagne, they have built up a collection of truly exquisite scents of which I was very happy to explore. There are currently four collections included in the range; The White Collection, Black Collection, Eaux Collection and Riviera Collection. 

The first thing you will notice with Atelier Des Ors is its breathtaking presentation. As you lift the bottle from its case, the design is very elegant and such a pleasure to handle. The brands’ sea horse emblem is imprinted in the cap which is weighty yet gracefully shaped. The vessel is backed by a beautiful cut glass which differs in colour depending on which range the perfume is from. Within the perfume is tiny flakes of gold that float majestically throughout, capturing any light that casts upon it. The gold flakes however aren’t just for show, they also emphasise the brands’ concept of the noble raw ingredients used in their collection. Even before you have sprayed it onto the skin, It’s simply a joy to experience.

The Riviera Collection was launched in 2019 and is composed of a trio of fragrances that take inspiration from the landscape and old school glamour of the French Riviera. There are three fragrances in the Riviera Collection; Riviera Drive, Pomelo Riviera and Riviera Lazuli. Although all the fragrances are exceptional in their own right, I gravitated towards the stunning Riviera Drive. This particular scent was inspired by the mythical scenic drive along the coastline of the French Riviera captured in Hitchock’s ‘To Catch a Thief’. Differing from their Black, White & Eaux Collection, this vessel is a stunning vibrant blue, immediately conjuring up images of endless summer days and travels too distant shores, something that we could all do with these days.

With current international travel restrictions, the second I spray Riviera Drive i’m immediately transported to blue skies and sunshine, something that I have been craving so much. Imagine peeling the skin of a plump, fresh and vibrant lemon under the Mediterranean sun, the rays of light capturing the spray of its zesty oil as you further peel back its fleshy rind. The initial Lemon note is intense but not overwhelming, releasing a pleasurable effervescence like the bubbles from a chilled glass of fresh lemonade. It isn’t long before the subtle herbal nuances of Rosemary and Marjoram begin to seep through. It is almost as if the scent of these woody, aromatic herbs are being carried by the warm summer wind, lacing the air and combining perfectly with the bright sweetness of the lemon.

As the initial Lemon note fades, it allows the aromatic herbal aromas to come to life, enhanced further as a dash of Absinthe trickles its way into the mix. At first, when I heard that this note was present, it almost put me off due to my dislike of the well known alcoholic beverage. However, its herbal complexity and slight aniseed nuances really compliment the fragrance, adding a subtle fresh and spicy note that adds a sense of airiness. It is here I could almost envisage myself driving along that winding road on the French Riviera, the blue of the sea on one side and the lush green of conifers on the other. As the heat of the sun envelops the surrounding landscape it emanates its natural aromas. The ocean air intermingles with an assemblage of wood and pine-like overtones and my senses are caressed with all that nature has to offer.

Although not as prominent, the bright lemon note filters into the base allowing that underlying freshness to persist. Then it almost feels as if the sea fades away from view and the journey now takes me to the forest. Those resinous pine-like aromas intensify and my senses are momentarily taken over by a flurry of green. Just as I thought the journey was coming to an end Riviera Drive continues to reveal a depth that’s impressive for this kind of fragrance.  A blanket of Cashmeran and Musk softly diffuses the fragrance revealing a sophisticated and distinguished dry down. I must say, from sampling previous fragrances from this house, there was no doubt that I expected a good quality perfume but Riviera Drive pleasantly surprised me. So often these kinds of fresh scents make a brief appearance on the skin only to disappear into the ether, however this fragrance reveals the most unexpected depth and longevity. From the exquisite blue bottle to the stunning composition of natural ingredients, Riviera Drive will in no doubt be my go-to summer scent this season. Like the perfect summer day, I just didn’t want the fragrance to end. 

Fragrance Notes:

Head Notes: Lemon, Marjoram, Rosemary 
Heart Notes: Cedar Leaf, Absinthe, Patchouli 
Base Notes: Cashmeran, Cedar, Musk

Blu Blazer Guy Rating:
Presentation 4.5/5
Sillage 4/5
Projection 4/5
Longevity 4/5

Fragrance Concentration: Eau de Parfum
100ml £195 from Liberty London

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