Parisian – Fragrance Du Bois

Crafted in France, Fragrance Du Bois is a range of niche luxury fragrances that specialise in the use of Oud. This exquisite natural ingredient is renowned for being an opulent addition to any fragrance, enhancing its longevity and adding a depth and complexity that is second to none. Fragrance Du Bois’s ethos is that it only uses the finest raw materials that are sustainably sourced, protecting our planet and giving back to rural communities. Each fragrance is created by an array of esteemed perfumers from around the world, adding their own unique stories, memories and creativity whilst maintaining that Fragrance Du Bois essence.

My first introduction to Fragrance Du Bois was with the impressive Oud Bleu Intense, a fresh and captivating scent from the Shades Du Bois collection. This time, however, I received the stunning Parisian from their exclusive Prive Collection. This collection is described by Fragrance du Bois as “The quintessence of luxury. Fragrance Du Bois Prive is a collection of our iconic fragrances created by our master perfumers allowing their imagination to recreate iconic places past or present”.

As always with this brand, the first thing I have to remark upon is their extremely beautiful presentation which highlights the fact that you have purchased a truly special product. The soft-touch black box embossed with the Fragrance Du Bois gold metal logo is lined with an opulent red material and on opening, it feels as if you’re opening a luxurious piece of fine jewellery or watch.

As with the other collections, the bottle also impresses with its solid and distinguished design, crowned with a gold top and encircled with a black jewel design. The style of the Prive Collection bottle is slightly elevated due to a large gold plaque adding that extra depth of luxury and proudly displaying the name of the fragrance. A certificate detailing the origins of the Oud, and an Oud chip from the plantation it was taken from, is also enclosed. This unique addition certainly adds to the whole experience and is something that I have never seen before from other fragrance houses.

Parisian by globally renowned perfumer Christian Provenzano exudes elegance and finesse from the second you spray it on to the skin. An instant and splendid freshness reverberates from the fragrance with a burst of juicy grapefruit. This bright but bitter hesperidic note is interjected with the spicy inclusion of pink pepper and cardamom. This combination perpetuates that initial freshness whilst an enveloping hint of soft and smooth almond comes into play. The sweet, spicy and bright opening is just the tip of the iceberg and gives you an immediate hint of the sophistication that this fragrance exudes.

The heart brings a fluttering myriad of floral notes of Rose Essence, White Jasmine and Geranium. For me, the most noticeable from this bouquet is the pronounced Rose note, emitting its deep and rich aromas. Whilst a whisper of fresh Geranium adds a delicate freshness the distinguishable sensual notes of Jasmine ensue. This musky, sweet and powdery rendition adds body and depth and is truly a pleasure to experience. Before the heart takes on a full floral composition it’s here where Fragrance du Bois quality Oud comes out into force. Although I say force, what I really mean is that it plays more of a supportive role, exuding its smooth and smoky characteristics quietly whilst still being an integral part of the fragrance. A stylish leather note combines well with Rose and Oud and adds a slight Middle Eastern tone to the scent.

These soft leather tones continue into the base taking on a more smoky affair as it amalgamates with a plethora of rich ingredients. Warm and complex Cistus Labdanum ebbs and flows with resinous Frankincense along with the Chypree accords of Patchouli and Moss. The scent tapers, leaving a warm trail of sweet and powdery amber and musk exuding the most exquisite nuances that billow from the skin for the longest time.

As the world opens up again, this fragrance would be perfect for wearing for special occasions, dinner dates and parties. Its opulent and exquisite composition is sure to garner many compliments and makes exceptional choice for any distinguished individual. There is no doubt that Parisian is a costly purchase for most, however, with its complex depth and classy aroma its a luxurious fragrance that has a deserving place in anyones fragrance collection. This perfume is an opulent elixir that blends eastern influences with Parisian chic and its this beguiling blend that has made it one of my most liked scents of 2021.

Fragrance Notes:

Top – Pink Pepper, Cardamom, Grapefruit, Almond
Middle – Rose Essence, Geranium, White Jasmine, 100% Pure Organic Vintage Oud, Leather
Base Notes – Frankincense, Moss, Cistus Labdanum, Sandalwood, Patchouli, Musk, Amber

Blu Blazer Guy Rating:
Presentation 5/5
Sillage 4.5/5
Projection 4/5
Longevity 4/5
Fragrance Concentration: Parfum

Price: £595 for 100ml from Fragrance Du Bois
Perfumer: Christian Provenzano

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