Miller Harris – Perfumer London

“Miller Harris tells contemporary urban stories through complex fragrances. We start with nature – with distinct greens and woods, with carefully sourced floral notes, iris from Florence, French violet leaf, jasmine from Egypt, Tunisian orange flower – but we frame these precious botanicals in complex and unconventional ways.”

From their description above its evident that London perfumer Miller Harris sources only the best ingredients to create each and every one of their luxury fragrances and products.  Founded by Lyn Harris in 2000, after years of training in prestigious French perfume schools, the brand has grown from strength to strength creating over fifty fragrances so far, putting British perfumery firmly on the map.

I first discovered Miller Harris in a London airport while waiting on a connecting flight and was immediately drawn to their unique selection of fragrances. While I perused the extensive range, the Miller Harris ambassador recounted the story behind each of scents making them even more captivating, and it is from that moment that I was completely hooked.


I love how the packaging exudes a perfect balance between contemporary and classical – some bottles delicately dispersed with floral designs and others with a more modern twist. Having explained my adoration for unique fragrances in my previous post , Miller Harris is another brand that has certainly caught my eye. Their high quality, finely sourced ingredients are combined to create a beautiful range of scents most of which can be worn by all genders  – another important aspect that I love in a fragrance.

Étui Noir

The first fragrance I immediately fell in love with was Étui Noir. This scent is described “like a well-worn leather jacket” so you can imagine the depth of notes used in order to portray this description. Starting off with citrus and pepper notes, it soon melts into a luxuriously sweet and smoky combination with lasting impressions of leather.


This warming scent emanates opulence and is perfect for for those days when you want a rich and enveloping scent. One of the best things though is its longevity, allowing you to spray it on the body and truly experience it’s fascinating notes as it slowly radiates off the skin throughout the day.

Dance Amongst The Lace

If you are looking for the perfect unisex summer fragrance, look no further than ‘DANCE amongst the lace’ which has just launched in 2019. Part of the Forage Collection of perfumes, it centres itself around the uniquely fresh scent of cow parsley, otherwise known as Queen Anne’s lace. It combines a crisp and invigorating duo of minty notes blended with mouthwatering lime and zesty verbena, together with a lush base of vetiver and moss. Other notes include red berry, cardamom, spearmint, peppermint, bergamot, fennel, angelica root, geranium, blackcurrant, sandalwood, musk and myrrh.

This fragrance is like nothing I have smelt before, the initial citrusy explosion soon settles to reveal an unusual green earthy scent. For me the refreshing mint notes really shine through, radiating from the skin throughout the whole day. It has fantastic longevity and even on the recent warm days I could still smell the scent hours later. I am a huge fan of Miller Harris and always look forward to seeing what they come up with next. This is another winner from this fantastic British fragrance house.

Tea Tonique

Another firm favorite of mine is Tea Tonique which is inspired by a trip to a tea plantation. As soon as you spray this one onto the skin it has an immediate uplifting effect, perfect on days when you need that little boost of energy. Miller Harris describes this as “early morning mist rolling over rows of neatly planted shrubs, bringing with it a sparkling and refreshing zest from the crisp leaves. Tea Tonique captivates the senses, an infusion of Italian bergamot and floral earl grey, the earthy intensity of maté, and the smoky facets of birch. The cooling spice of nutmeg provides contrast to this delicate and uplifting perfume.” It comes in a whole range of additional products such as hand wash and lotion, a range that truly adds a spring to your step.


For more information and to check out their fantastic range visit

  • Étui Noir – from £75.00
  • DANCE amongst the lace – from £95.00
  • Tea Tonique – from £75.00
  • Tea Tonique Hand Lotion – £18.00
  • Tea Tonique Hand Wash – £18.00

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