Benigna Parfums – Absolute Celebration

I was recently introduced to Benigna Parfums, a luxurious perfume house with a collection of eco-friendly and sustainable unisex fragrances devised by owner and creative director, Benigna Ajuogu. Benigna, an aerospace engineer and pilot, has channelled her life experiences, memories and dreams into Benigna Parfums and this unparalleled passion is undeniably evident in each of the fragrances created. As an admirer of everything luxury with a specific focus on attention to detail, my inner magpie was immediately tempted with the alluring images of glistening flacons and amber-hued perfume. Benigna’s debut Floral Trio Collection includes three exquisite perfumes formulated by world-renowned perfumer, Cecile Zarokian. Absolute Celebration, Premier Amour and Escape Velocity embody Benigna’s love of flowers, their graceful presence delicately portrayed throughout each of the scents. It wasn’t long before one of these exclusive fragrances, Absolute Celebration dropped on my doorstep and let’s just say, I was not disappointed.

I’ve said it before and I will say it again, first impressions count and it is immediately evident from Benigna Parfums’ exceptional aesthetically pleasing packaging, to the vessel the fragrance is housed in. A white glossy box embellished with gold fixings and logo opens up to reveal a stunning crystal flacon cocooned in a bed of satin. This refillable diamond-shaped bottle is elegantly crowned with a unique bottle top, encircled with a 24k gold-plated neck. The gold neck is further embellished with 7 pieces of Swarovski crystals, which is said to represent perfection and completeness. Nuances of Benigna’s personal story have made an appearance within this design, where the bottle top is geometrically designed to mimic an aeroplane wing.

At first, I was a tad worried that it may be a case of style over substance and I was initially a little disheartened as I first sprayed it on the skin. However, to my surprise, the quote “good things come to those who wait” couldn’t be any truer. Like an expertly written book, Absolute Celebration reveals itself tentatively, holding the interest of the wearer as it uncovers its multitude of fragrant layers. As the first delicate mist of scent cascades over the skin, the initial sprightly aroma is bright and unexpected. A burst of citrus sparkles from skin delicately laced with the undertones of sunbaked green leaves, classic attributes of one of my favourite notes in perfumery, Neroli.

As its bitter nuances subside, a subtle infusion of peach makes itself known. I can almost envisage its nectar bursting from its flesh, revealing a delicate sweetness as it cascades over its fuzzy textured coating. As it continues to develop, a stunning aroma fluctuates from the skin, adorning the air with the most beautiful scent. It is here where Bulgarian Rose truly becomes prevalent as if the morning sun has just appeared and its elegant pink petals begin to unfold. Nuances of honey, raspberry and apricot ensue, their soft floral attributes encompassing the juicy peach to create the most alluring composition.

As the heady notes of rose temper off into a more subtle dew, the fragrance begins to swathe the skin in the most exquisite powdery blanket. A creamy sweetness ebbs to the surface, a warming temptress alluring your nose to take in all its sumptuous aromas. The rose which is still detectable continues to reveal itself from within, delicately softened under a refined veil of Musk, Sandalwood, Orris and Oud. Entwined, their subtleties quietly undulate from the skin, perpetuating a captivating elegance to the very end.

Described as a “bright, fruity-floral designed to celebrate driving ambition, optimism, and the supreme victory of achievement”, you can’t help sense that Benigna Parfums have embodied those aspects impeccably. Even the first glance of the colourful elixir through the bottle is an indication of just how beautifully crafted this fragrance is; being full of richness, depth and complexity. This blend of soft yet compelling notes perfectly complements each other, whilst respectfully making themselves known at precisely the right moment. Absolute Celebration exudes a remarkable subtle power that truly took me by surprise and it’s not often that you come across such perfumes these days. It may veer towards the more expensive side, but if you are a fragrance enthusiast or you simply want to purchase a fragrance for that special someone then this is a perfect choice.

Keep your eyes peeled for my review on their other perfume from the collection, Escape Velocity.

Fragrance Notes:

Bulgarian Rose, Orris, Ambergris, Fresh Peach, Neroli Essence, Vanilla, Crystalline Musk, Sandalwood and Agarwood (oud)

Blu Blazer Guy Rating:
Presentation 5/5
Sillage 4/5
Projection 4/5
Longevity 4/5

Absolute Celebration is available from Benigna Parfums
15ml – £85.00
75ml – £365.00
(Please be aware that import taxes are not included in the price)

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