Orlov Paris – Out of the Box

Created by husband and wife duo Thomas and Ruth Méaulle, is the Parisian based perfume house Orlov. Graduating from HRD Antwerp, Europe’s leading authority in grading diamonds, Ruth has always had a huge passion for precious gems. After a misplaced diamond of hers turned up under one of her many perfume boxes (she is a fragrance fanatic like me) it ignited an idea to combine the two. Along with Thomas’s business background and Ruth’s precious gem know-how, they set out to create their fragrance line. Joining forces with an array of talented perfumers around the world, Orlov was born. Orlov refers to the legendary diamond that was encrusted into the imperial Sceptre of Russian Empress, Catherine the Great.

Each of the fragrances created in the Orlov range are inspired by various gemstones. Their notes are cleverly composed to exude the unique healing energy and characteristics that gems are said to harness. This theme is carried into the presentation of the sophisticated glass bottles, each mirroring the shapes and lines of an elegant cut gem. There are currently three collections in the Orlov range; Diamond, Place Vendome and By Orlov. I was kindly sent a selection of luxury travel sprays from their recently released By Orlov collection, which is the perfect way to explore the full range. Although each of them was stunning in their own right, I gravitated towards Sun Drop (review here) and the sensually sweet Out of the Box.

Taking inspiration from the precious Ruby, Out Of The Box is another personal favourite from the By Orlov range. Even though I believe most fragrances today to be genderless as I perused the list of notes I immediately thought it would lean more towards a more feminine aroma. However, when I sprayed Out of The Box and it developed over time it began to evolve into something so sensual and captivating that I couldn’t help but fall in love with it. I say forget about the notes and if you enjoy it, wear it!

The initial spray emanates a flurry of Peony notes that flirt intently with the sensuality of Jasmine. These two oriental flowers entwine together to bring forth an instantaneous ethereal floral facet. From these floral notes, a delicate sweetness ensues interjected by a spicy infusion of Pink Pepper which brings a bright yet warm addition that almost tingles on the nose.

The heart continues its floral story with the rich heady notes of Bulgarian Rose and along with Amber and Caramel a complete transformation occurs. It almost conjures up images of walking into a candy store, its shelves displaying bowlfuls of powdery squares of Turkish delight and deliciously smooth caramels. I am not a fan of overly sweet fragrances but somehow this one isn’t cloying, perhaps due to the inclusion of Pink Pepper which lifts the scent and adds that spicy radiant aspect.

In the base is a velvety ménage à trois of Incense oil, Vanilla and White Musks which blend to create the most seductive combination. The Vanilla cradles the delicate florals, coating them in a sumptuously creamy sweetness whilst still allowing their subtle notes to seep through. The fragrance trails off leaving a soft profusion of White Musk that covers the skin in a powdery shroud. The fresh tones of White Musk flutter back and forth in between those warm enveloping and smoky swirls of Incense, making its presence known until the very end.

Out of the Box is a full-on fragrant floral bouquet drenched in a blanket of sweetness. Simply put, an oriental floral that straddles on the edge of gourmand. Its addictive, sensual and sophisticated notes delicately permeate the air around you, turning heads of intrigued passer-byes. What I especially loved about this scent is its impressive longevity that lasted well into the day and with an affordable price point, you really can’t beat this new addition to the Orlov range.

Blu Blazer Guy Rating:
Presentation 4/5
Sillage 4/5
Projection 4/5
Longevity 4/5

Fragrance Concentration: Eau de Parfum
70ml €95,00 – Available from Orlov Paris

*This review is from a PR Sample

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