Over the past few years I have been exploring the health benefits of Cannabidiol (CBD). CBD is a compound found in the Cannabis plant, however it does not contain the psychoactive chemical (THC) that gives you a ‘high’.  Recently there has been a dramatic increase in the market and different products can be found everywhere you turn. Most of the CBD products that I have tried had been within a carrier oil which was applied under the tongue. Unfortunately I found the taste and texture a tad unpleasant. 

I recently discovered MEDAHUMAN who have released a range of CBD drinks. From the moment I viewed their products online I was drawn in by their contemporary branding; which unlike other CBD products didn’t contain the stereotypical cannabis leaf symbol which can sometimes be off putting. Their marketing and website was full of facts and information backed by scientific research which was impressive for an extreme fact checker like me. MEDA uses Liposomal CBD which is described as “minute, stable particles, encased in liposomes”, this allows the CBD to pass straight into the cells, thus working faster than normal CBD. In addition, the CBD is derived from plants that are organic, pesticide free and non-GMO.

MEDAHUMAN were kind enough to send me a few cans and I must say that I was pleasantly surprised. The drinks are divided up into different health-boosting categories: CALM to de-stress, GLOW to nourish skin, RECOVER to reduce inflammation, DEFENCE to help balance your immunise system and the self explanatory SLEEP and FOCUS. Therefore not only do you get 15mg of Liposomal CBD you also get the added health benefits of other natural ingredients that you may require. What surprised me the most was the beautiful flavour combinations of each drink, where none disappointed. That being said, my favourite flavour has to be CALM, with delicate tones of Lavender and Chamomile. It really does help me to wind down and relax especially on days where I am feeling overwhelmed. 

I spoke with creator Adam Feldheim to find out more information on the brand and the products;

Adam, you created MEDAHUMAN, what inspired you to produce these impressive CBD drinks?

I am from LA, ground zero for CBD and wellness, I started taking CBD a couple years ago for anxiety and stress management and I recognised the opportunity to develop an interesting consumer business in Europe. I wanted to be a first mover, which I am.

There are many CBD products on the market, how do MEDAHUMAN CBD drinks differ from them?

MEDA is a nutraceutical health focused drink, ie CBD + adaptogens and nootropics that have a synergistic functional benefit. Most of the other products in the market are carbonated and sugary. We are also different from a brand positioning standpoint, as we are looking to de-stigmatise CBD, as is evident the branding is modern and clean with no association with marijuana imagery, which a lot of my competitors are more focused on.

CBD has many known benefits, especially for anxiety but who else can benefit from these CBD products?

There are wide ranging benefits of CBD, as described on our website. CBD helps with focus, immunity, inflammation, sleep, skin, sexual health, etc.

I especially like how each of the CBD drinks have been cleverly separated into different health-boosting categories, was it a difficult task to create these diverse combinations and flavours?

I worked with nutritionists to carefully select the ingredients in all of the drinks. It was important to me that we were credible from a health standpoint, as so I avoided using things like agave as a sweetener substitute to be true to these health claims. I will continue to develop and refine recipes to offer the best experience to my consumers.

Are the beneficial effects felt immediately after the drink is consumed or do they need to be consumed over a period of time?

In general CBD should be consumed slowly and regularly. Part of the reason I went with the smaller 150ml can was to encourage daily intake (ie, taking your medicine). Everyone reacts differently to CBD, but on average you can feel the benefits within 5 minutes of taking it.

Are there any plans to increase the range in future?

Yes, I am already developing a range of MEDA Mixers that will provide a low calorie/sugar alternative to many popular cocktail recipes, adding CBD and the other nutritional ingredients.

Thank you Adam, we look forward to seeing many more MEDA products.


Medahuman Instagram

1 box – £18 (one off purchase), £16.50 (recurring order).

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