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Lumen Vitae is a beautiful range of skincare products lovingly created by brother and sister duo Coline and Raphaël Giroud. After much research, they have cleverly created a range of  highly effective products that not only respect the health of your skin but also the environment. Their packaging uses as little plastic as possible, the boxes are recyclable and the ingredients are both natural and ethically sourced.

I have been trialling four products in the range; Radiant glow, Ray of Light, Primal Light and Moonlight. As you can see from the name of the brand and each of the products, they are very much inspired by light. The range of products has been specifically created to give your skin a lovely healthy glow.

Radiant Glow 

Radiant Glow is an illuminating serum filled with Vitamin C which you all know is one of my favourite ingredients. In addition to this, it also contains pomegranate stem cells which work alongside Vitamin C to increase that healthy glow.

The serum also helps with an array of other issues such as pores, blemishes and scars on the skin; a fantastic all-encompassing start to this Skincare regime. I specifically enjoyed its light velvety texture that sank beautifully into my skin. Without even applying the other products, this serum alone transformed my skin, giving it an immediate healthy-looking glow.

Ray of Light

Ray of Light (cue Madonna song) is Lumen Vitae’s day cream and is designed to be used over the Radiant Glow serum. This cream has a luxuriously rich texture but doesn’t leave any oily greasy residue on the skin. Ray of Light is filled with brown and red algae’s which has anti-ageing benefits that improve the elasticity of the skin and help with collagen production.

Skincare superstar hyaluronic acid is also included due to its moisture maintaining properties. This is fantastic if you are suffering from dehydrated skin, especially for those who are working in a busy city. In addition to this, the cream also contains a multitude of caring natural oils which combine to create a most beautiful scent.

Primal Light 

Primal Light is their global eye contour treatment. I don’t know about you but this is one area that I suffer from the most. My busy lifestyle and poor sleep can sometimes causes me to have puffy eyes and dark circles, this formulation has been created to counteract these issues.

It also contains ingredients to stimulate collagen production, so helps with ageing issues such as fine line and wrinkles. Its soothing texture was immediately cooling on my skin and continued to keep my under eye area moisturised throughout the day.


Moonlight is the aptly named night cream which contains a high level of glycolic acid. Glycolic acid is a great ingredient that lightly exfoliates the skin, removing any dead skin cells to reveal a fresh and radiant appearance.

This product has a thick and luxurious texture and really feels like you are giving your skin a treat before bed.

I caught up with Skincare enthusiasts and creators of Lumen Vitae, Coline and Raphaël, to find out more about the brand.

What motivated you to create a range of beauty products? 

Since our teenage years, we tried many different skincare products, without ever being completely satisfied. After a long chat with our family, sharing our own experiences, the idea of creating our very own skincare range popped up in our minds!

What inspired the name Lumen Vitae and the individual names for each of the products?

Both terms are Latin, Lumen means Light and Vitae is Life.  Lumen Vitae is literally the light of life, the light that makes us alive. So when we designed Lumen Vitae skincare, we thought about products that would enlighten life with a light of positivity and a range that would take care of everyone’s skin. For each product, we thought about powerful names that related to light.

From fruition to completion how difficult was it to have a range of products that you were entirely happy with?

We had to determine what we wanted for our products in terms of results AND also what we didn’t want. We gained lots of inspiration from many successful brands that achieved great results but most of them had a detrimental impact on our health and/or our planet.

So with that in mind, we decided exactly what we wanted in our formulas and then worked with a Pharmaceutical doctor, Veronique, to find out what was achievable. When buying specific ingredients, for example, Chlorella, there is a wide variety to choose from. Some Chlorella contains different preservatives, some use Parabens but we made sure that we picked one that was Ecocert certified and Cosmos approved.

In Europe, there are very strict tests and rules that our products have to abide, each product was subjected to a range of mandatory tests. After 4/5 prototypes (depending on the products), we finally managed to come up with products that were non-toxic, well-preserved and that provided outstanding results!

What makes Lumen Vitae stand out from other products out there?

We carefully designed each of our products with the help of Veronique. After thoroughly handpicking each ingredient, we made sure that we designed products that are highly effective whilst respecting our health and our beautiful planet. Our true value resides in all the love and care we put into our products.

Are there any plans to expand on the range?

Our next step is to design a cleanser that would fit into our Protocol.

Head to for more information or to buy their fantastic range of products.

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