Argentum Apothecary Skincare

Founded by Joy Issacs, Argentum Apothecary Skincare was born from a dream! From a young age, colloidal silver (tiny particles of silver suspended in a liquid) was used by her family as a highly effective way to treat and soothe skincare concerns. Several years later, after a vivid dream about using silver in skincare, Joy’s imagination was ignited and she set out to create a natural yet luxury skincare brand that utilised that exact ingredient. 

Argentum Apothecary skincare is created containing a range of products with a combination of Silver Hydrosol and DNA HP. Silver Hydrosol regulates skin flora with its natural antibacterial and anti-irritant properties and DNA HP; a natural marine sourced ingredient helps to promote cell regeneration and enables optimum hydration. Together they make a perfect union, helping to nurture the skin and make it looks its best. The range of products all come in black bespoke jars that have been created to block out light in order to protect and harness the precious ingredients inside. Not only do they look fantastic in your bathroom, they also serve an important purpose.

What first attracted me to Argentum wasn’t just its use of silver in its products but the unique deep meaning behind their brand. Joy’s interest in Tarot and the unconscious mind is woven into the creation of the brand, encapsulating the 12 archetype images in its design. Each Jar of the La Potion Infinite contains 1 of 12 archetype cards. This is to ensure the individual can draw energy in order to inspire balance and create harmony within, elevating the beauty product with a sense of fun and charm.

Argentum products are created to turn your normal skincare routine into a skincare meditation. They allow the consumer to sit back and pamper their skin with a luxurious product whilst appreciating mindfulness in a modern hectic world.

La Lune de Velours – Nourishing Oil Milk Cleanser – £98

5 - la lune de velours Box + Jar Lifestyle

Argentum’s newest product is the enticing La Lune de Velours. This product is a deluxe nourishing oil milk cleanser designed to remove makeup and grime whilst keeping the skin deeply hydrated. As well as including their renowned Silver Hydrosol & DNA HP it also includes natural skin-loving ingredients such as Argan Oil, Sweet Almond Oil and Vitamin E. All these ingredients makes La Lune de Velours very nourishing, luxurious and comforting.

2 - la lune de velours Jar Whip

The product also includes a beautiful fina silk sea sponge, hand-picked from the Mediterranean sea. By massaging the sponge into the skin, it turns the oil into a soothing milk that cleanses the skin without stripping it of moisture.

6 - la lune de velours + fina silk sea sponge

I adore this product, from its very classy packaging to its melt in the skin texture and its ability to cleanse yet keep the skin really supple. It’s a product that you may want to keep for special occasions but it’s so lovely that you then use it every day. Don’t worry guys, even though it states that it removes makeup, this is a great cleanser for you too. It will remove that build of city dirt and grime that has accumulated during the day. 

La Potion Infinie – Restorative Day and Night Cream – From £36-£158

5 - la potion infinie Box + Jar

La Potion Infinie is their renowned and award-winning moisturiser, again with added benefits of the Silver Hydrosol and DNA HP. This cream is fantastic as its designed to provide intense hydration without any of the dreaded shine that can sometimes occur when using some thick textured anti-ageing facial creams. The cream is designed to cover numerous concerns such as oxidative stress, blemishes and wrinkles. La Potion Infinie really is an all encompassing addition to anyone’s skincare regime. The cream itself has a fantastic texture that is immediately absorbed and there is an instant tightening and firming of the skin. I love to use this before a night out or an event to awaken my complexion.

2 - la potion infinie Open Jar

Being a fragrance fanatic I especially love the scent of this product which was specially created in Grasse, a town in France renowned in the fragrance world. This calming non gender-specific scent is an uplifting aroma of citrus, rosewood and geranium leaves with a rich heart of spices and creamy musky base of sandalwood and patchouli.  The combination of the unique fragrance, bespoke packaging and a range of products containing highly effective ingredients make this skincare collection very luxurious and unique.  

To see how I use the product why not watch my associated video here.


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