Gaucho – Edinburgh

The exciting regeneration of Edinburgh’s St Andrews Square has brought a hub of exceptional culinary establishments , with the addition of Dishoom and The Ivy on the Square. The newest contender is the famous Argentinian steak restaurant Gaucho. Having been to their London branch, I was excited to hear that Gaucho decided to open their first Scottish restaurant here in Edinburgh!

Gaucho Exterior

As you enter from St Andrews Square, you are greeted with a sumptuous bar of dark greys and blacks. This is a perfect opportunity to enjoy their amazing selection of cocktails whilst you wait for your table. Their cocktail menu is extensive and the bar tender will tailor your drink to your choice. Please don’t let the small façade of the upstairs fool you. As you’re led downstairs by one of their delightful hosts, it opens up into a large, sophisticated and contemporary eating area.

Interior – Photo by Gaucho

Grey wood sculpts it’s way around mirrored walls with sumptuous dark grey seating. Glass and metal surfaces all add to the intricate details of this restaurants interior. Sometimes the word contemporary conjures up cold and sparse but this establishment exudes a warm and welcoming atmosphere. .

The staff all dressed smartly in black, provided a service that was second to none. Their knowledge of the Gaucho brand and the menu was impeccable. A board filled with different cuts of fresh beef were presented to me. One by one, each individual steak cut was described with regards to their individual texture and taste.

Meat board – Photo by Gaucho

Being two of us, we decided to share the Cinta de Ancho; 800g of delicious Argentinian meat, spiral cut, slow grilled and  marinated in chimmichuri. Understandably this large cut of meat takes 25 minutes to cook, but this allowed ample time to absorb the chilled out atmostphere, have a few drinks and enjoy the delicious selection of bread and chimmichuri that is served before your meal.

As the steak came, the smell of it’s delicious aroma tantalised my nostrils. Our waitress Gemma delicately cut into the Argentinian meat in front of me, the deep juices trickling from its succulent centre. A selection of delicious sauces were provided with side dishes of fresh green salad and thick cut chips. As my teeth sunk into the steak, my tastebuds were pounded with different vibrant yet delicate flavours. First the Smokey flavour of the outside, then the tender sweet middle and finally the complex flavours of the chimmichuri.

Cinta De Ancho Steak

The beautiful flavour really didn’t need the addition of any of the sauces, however these condiments gave yet another taste experience. I very rarely order steak, however Gaucho has definitely changed my mind. With its delicate texture and explosion of flavour, I would dare to call Guacho the best place for steak in Edinburgh. I very much appreciated Guacho’s level of service. Knowing I was celebrating an important event, Nicola the host, Gemma the waitress and Mike the manger all brought a very personal touch to the evening which made it feel very special.

Succulent and full of flavour

An 800g Argentinian steak ensured I was well fed. Therefore, unfortunately I wasn’t able to try out any of their desserts. However, this only gives me the excuse to return to this exceptional restaurant. It’s luxurious interior, impeccable staff and high quality food is something I feel that Edinburgh has needed for a long time. There is definitely no style over substance here. This is the whole package, so go and visit Gaucho.


4a St Andrew Square,


0131 278 3410


Sunday to Thursday: 12 Noon to 11 PM
Friday & Saturday: 12 noon till 11.30pm

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