Blu Blazer Guy chats with Nick Snow – Interior Designer

It has become evident in recent years that the people of Britain have become more and more interested in interior design. Like fashion, interior design changes with the seasons. When it comes to creating your own space at home, it can get a little confusing. Due to the increase in home TV shows, an array of specialised interior design websites and a growing popularity of social media we have been exposed to a vast catalogue of interior designers, trending styles and tantalising homeware products.

Successful use of these tools can help even the novice of all designers achieve their dream creations. These tools acting as a rescue from the immense labyrinth of trends, ideas and information which definitely helped me while doing my first interior design course.

Social media especially helps you connect with interior designers around the world. I found everyone I spoke with were extremely friendly and shared their experiences and knowledge.  Genuinely there is a great sense of community between them. It was here where I first came across up-and-coming interior designer Nick Snow.

Nick is a 23 year old from Hedge End. A few years ago he sat behind a desk in a complaints department wishing for something more. He dreamt of freeing himself from the constraints of a mundane job and unleashing his creativity to the world. Nick decided to leave his job and become an interior design student at Southampton University.

In a stroke of luck his posts on Twitter were noticed by the BBC Show; “Your Home In Their Hands”. He was approached by the programmes producers and eventually was able showcase his passion and skills in interior design, in one of their episodes.

After his success in the programme and the positive feedback received, Nick’s drive and determination to succeed in this business became deeper. His desire and talents have shone through so much so that he was recently been crowned Valspar’s Young Interior Designer of the Year 2015 and was recently included in an article in Living Etc. Magazine.

Living Etc Article

I caught up with Nick and asked him my #high5 questions with regards to his continuing success and future prospects.

When did you realise you had an eye for interior design?

I’d always had an interest in interior design and remember grand designs and 60 minute makeover being my favourite program when I was younger! So I clearly wasn’t a normal child! I began my journey wanting to have a career as an architect however after completing work experience with an architect firm, I ended up working with their interior designer and having the time of my life! That was the turning point!

What was your first successful design project?

I had done many designs for my home and for family and friends however the first time I was really able to show my talent was when I appeared on BBC interior design show “your home in their hands” where my bathroom design received a mass amount of positive feedback from viewers, the home owners and Celia Sawyer! That was a proud moment!

Nick’s Home
Your Home in Their Hands BBC
Your Home in Their Hands BBC
Your Home in Their Hands BBC
A drab waiting room transformed by Nick

What interior designers inspire you?

I love textures and natural interiors where the inspiration has clearly been taken from the outdoors! Bedrooms and bathrooms should be relaxing and a calming environment! Lounges and dining areas should be stylish yet sophisticated!

Coming from a retail stylist background I am all about how the eye sees design and what creates the ultimate visual….I am a strong believer in the rule of three as it creates a calming symmetrical image in the mind! Therefore I have a lot of respect for Kelly Hoppen’s designs! But there are so many designers I look up to and enjoy taking inspiration from!

Nick’s Inspiration, Kelly Hoppen MBE, Interior Designer
Kelly Hoppen Rule of Three

Any exciting new projects in the pipeline?

I’m currently working alongside one of the UKs top interior stylists, Marianne Cotterill with some exciting projects coming up!

Any advice for anyone who wishes to Pursue a career in interior design?

From my experience I would advise people to be true to themselves, stop comparing themselves to others but most importantly appreciate others talents and praise other designers when they have created a beautiful design! You never know if one day you may end up working with or for that designer!

Never give up! But realise that you always start of at the bottom of that ladder and work your way up to the top!

Check out Nick’s new website full of hints, tips, information and his up and coming online store.

One thought on “Blu Blazer Guy chats with Nick Snow – Interior Designer

  1. Best of luck with an amazing career in interior design Nick! I’ve been in this industry for nearly 30 years and have loved much of it. Stop by the blog,


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